Pram’s Thoughts

I sometimes think to myself about the current state of the game.  Sometimes that leads into things such as this.

Has anyone built Lugia?

It looks pretty sweet, too.

Good or Amazing?

I really like the deck and think that it has a lot of potential.  Perhaps not right now, but in the future.  When Deoxys ex comes in the next set, it will compliment Lugia ex transforming the deck from mediocre to insane.  Imagine this situation.  Turn one or two Lugia ex active, four Deoxys ex on the bench with one bench spot to do whatever you like with.  That is a base 160 damage with a Lugia.  Throw in a few PlusPowers and that’s three prizes on a ex.  If that is not the epitome of perfect, I am not sure we will ever get there.  So tell me what you all think.  Is Super Lugia too cool to be good or is it just broken?

Are ex’s too good?


I can attack too!

It may be just me, but I think ex’s are just too good.  It has reached a level where you play ex based decks or you go home.  Maybe this is what the R&D team in Japan wants, but I dislike it.  There might be something wrong when playing evolutions as attackers causes you to be at a severe disadvantage.  Evolutions have taken a backseat to Basic Pokémon within the past year and as a result, sped the game pace up from chess to Vin Diesel.


I have noticed a lot of complaints about the new code policy.  Personally it makes sense to me for them to do it like this.  The old way made it so someone could sit back on 20000 codes and never have to buy cards from Pokémon ever again.  This way, if you want Plasma Storm cards, you have to get Plasma Storm codes.  This ensures people actually buy packs and also makes it much easier for them to gauge how many players are buying packs.  This is a good thing because they keep saying that casuals (basically only go to league or non players) are main pack consumers.  However if they notice a huge chunk of their pack sales are being translated into codes, then it might show that competitive players are also buying packs.

Let me hear what you guys think about these topics.

– Pram

9 responses to “Pram’s Thoughts”

  1. CarlosPero

    Thanks for saying so about the new code policy. It makes business sense, and isn’t totally unfair for players.

    As for Lugia EX, I’m trying to figure out how to best sweep the last 3 prizes with it. I think that’s where it fits in the format today…with Scramble Switch ideally of course, to finish off a damaged EX.

  2. John Roberts II

    It’s good to see someone actually agree with me about the new code system. I think it is good for the game and I have no complaints, regardless of the short-term inconvenience. After this season, we may see more prize support because of the increased pack sales.

  3. Kyle Sucevich

    For those wondering, yes, this is a normal Pram train of thought. “If I get a Lugia with 4 Energy, 4 Deoxys EX on the bench, and 2 PlusPowers, I can take THREE prizes on the first turn! Maybe the second turn if I’m unlucky.”

  4. Alex Olijar

    I think that early, cheap spreaders with a lugia behind could become a thing, although i havent really bothered to think about what i’d use with it.

  5. Michael Pramawat

    Two prizes on the first turn if you are really unlucky! :-p

  6. Chase Moloney

    I definately agree that ex’s are too good, it feels like the stage 2’s are about the same as during diamond and pearl, but the ex’s are way stronger than they were during the old ex era. Even big basics like reshiram and zekrom have become obsolete compared to mewtwo and darkrai. They’ve halved the time it takes to play a game, meaning theres less room for comebacks and giving the player who draws better early a larger advantage. I would really like to see X and Y bring an end to the ex’s and a reversal of the first turn rule, but I doubt it. When it comes to lugia I think it will definately have some sort of impact. It’s an easier to power easier to get out RDL, so it certainly has potential.

  7. Peckas9

    Right on every point!

  8. Aaron Minjoot

    Definitely agree with the new codes system. Also would love to see Stage 1 or Stage 2 decks return. Big basics are just too linear to play. We really need something like a Vileplume UD of some sort, or perhaps much more efficient Stage 1/2 attackers rather than supports and accelerators.

  9. DarkShedinja

    I don´t think Lugia based decks will be good, even with Deoxys EX out, since Lugia is weak to Lightning, so Thundurus EX is constantly 2shotting it, starting T1.