PokePuzzle #1: Beat Pooka

Seeing as how I have a ton of extra pre-Plasma PTCGO codes, I have devised this hopefully fun game to give some away. Below you will find a very strange game scenario. In order to win the codes, you have to guide my deck to victory over the despicable Pookaveli. The first person to send me a possible solution will get their choice of either 10 PTCGO Plasma Packs or 20 PTCGO packs from an older set. Second place will get whatever the winner did not choose. Winners will be traded their prizes on PTCGO. If all goes well, I will continue to post scenarios somewhat regularly until I am out of pre-Plasma packs.

There are a few additional stipulations to the game, but before I get into them let me present you with the board:


Kyle’s active is a Darkrai with three Darkness Energy and a Dark Claw attached. Kyle’s bench is also a Darkrai with three Darkness Energy and a Dark Claw attached.

My active is a Ditto with a Fighting/Lightning/Water/Metal Blend Energy attached. My bench is a Ditto with a Plasma Energy attached, Lunatone, Chansey with a Double Colorless Energy attached and a Ditto.

My hand is a Virbank City Gym, Skyla, Ultra Ball, Ultra Ball, Level Ball, Fighting/Lightning/Water/Metal Blend Energy and a Plasma Energy.

My Discard pile consists of the following cards:



Metal Energy, Pokemon Catcher, Scramble Switch, Professor Juniper, Tool Scrapper, Metal Energy, Plasma Energy, Fighting Energy, Mewtwo, Double Colorless, Double Colorless, Professor Juniper, Pokemon Catcher, Heavy Ball, Switch and Ultra Ball.

The Stipulations:

It is my turn in the game and I must win on my next turn. In other words, the turn order will be me, Kyle and then me again. Kyle will be able to win any game that lasts longer. In the current turn, I have not attached an energy or played a supporter yet. Additionally, none of my Pokemon were knocked out from damage on the previous turn.

There are three big rules for the scenario. First, assume any flipped coin will result in tails. Also, no draw cards are left in either deck. This means neither Kyle or myself will be playing any Professor Juniper, N, Bianca, etc. Finally, there are no healing cards in either deck. No Max Potion, Potion, Super Scoop Up, etc. will be played.

Kyle is being pretty readable this game (as usual), so you know for certain what he is going to do on his next turn. He has a Hypnotoxic Laser in his hand (guy dropped it on the table like a scrub) and will attack your active for 140 damage, due to Dark Claw and Poison. You can also safely assume that he will retreat his active Darkrai if it gets damaged.

As far as my deck is concerned, any legal Pokemon or Trainer card is fair game for search effects. That’s right, my deck is magical and I have the ability to take any legal Pokemon or Trainer card.

The reason for this is I want to inspire creativity. While the scenario was designed with a specific route to victory in mind, I want to see what other people can think up. I feel like if I provide a “bank” of possible cards left in my deck, the scenario becomes too easy to solve. Since this is the first time, I have tried to make the scenario a bit difficult to test your boundaries. In doing so, I might have made things too difficult though, so please critique the game in the comments section. It is also entirely possible that I overlooked an obvious solution and the game is too easy. I will not find out until the solutions start coming in.

One final note about the game: you know your topdeck next turn will be a Skyla. Thanks Lunatone!

If you wish to participate in the game you must email your solution to thetopcutpokemon@gmail.com. DO NOT post your answer in the comments section. However, as stated above, feel free to discuss the concept so I have an idea as to how to improve for the next version of the game. If it turns out no one likes trying to beat Pooka then I will devise a new way to give out my extra PTCGO packs.

After I receive two correct solution emails, I will make a blog post with the correct answer(s). Have fun everyone!

9 responses to “PokePuzzle #1: Beat Pooka”

  1. Richard Forrest

    If you use Lunatone, what are the top two cards?

    1. Micah Tate

      Along with this, if we use a search card like level ball, will our next topdeck still be skyla?

  2. Robbie Ector

    Another thing I don’t know if you pointed out is that there can be no ace specs in your deck due to scramble switch already being in the discard. It is a bit obvious but not every one may catch that.

  3. Conndor

    Think I got it

  4. Showsni

    So how hard was it to get your game into the right state in PTCGO to get the images? :)

    Think I got an answer, but it relies a little on something that wasn’t completely clear. Now, let’s try and think of alternates… (So, if you put his Dakrai to sleep the always tails rule means he can’t wake up, right?)

    1. Pokymans

      the always tails rule means that you can’t get heads to put him to sleep…

      1. pokymans

        oh nvm, i thought you meant hypnotoxic laser.

  5. Rokman

    That was a little easy 😉

  6. John Orgel

    Got it

    That was pretty cool.