PokePuzzle #1: Lugia Ex Solutions

Wow, great turnout for the first PokePuzzle! Since I have already received a bunch of emails with correct solutions I am going to go ahead and call the contest. The winner has been notified and asked to pick their prize. Second place was also notified and will receive the prize that first does not want. Both first and second had the same solution, but as I expected there was more than one correct answer. I am writing this past my bedtime, so I apologize if parts are incomprehensible.

Below I am going to share some of the correct answers I received along with some of the more common incorrect ones. If I actually end up being wrong on one of the incorrect answers, rest assured that first and second place were clearly the winners. Their answers were received before any of the incorrect ones I mention.

For reference here is the play area:


Most answers involved Lugia Ex or Terrakion as the attacker of choice. I will post the Lugia Ex answers today and the Terrakion ones tomorrow.

The actual answer that I had in mind while developing the puzzle involved Excadrill. I feel the winner laid it out perfectly so I will just copy and paste from their email:

1. Skyla for a Heavy Ball.
2. Heavy Ball for an Excadrill.
3. Level Ball for a Drilbur.
4. Transform active Ditto to Drilbur, evolve to Excadrill.
5. Attach Blend energy to active.
6. Dig Uppercut for 100 damage and putting Scramble Switch back into my hand.

Pooka’s turn, he, being so predictable, retreats, plays Hypnotoxic Laser and Night Spears, KO’ing Excadrill and dropping 30 damage anywhere on my field.

7. Promote Chansey.
8. Draw Skyla.
9. Ultra Ball, discarding 2nd Ultra Ball and Virbank for a Lugia EX.
10. Transform bench Ditto with Plasma energy into Lugia EX.
11. Scramble Switch, moving the DCE off Chansey onto Lugia EX and promoting it.
12. Attaching Plasma Energy to Lugia EX.
13. Skyla for a Catcher.
14. Catcher damaged Dakrai EX.
15. Plasma Gale for 3 prizes.

I had intended Scramble Switch to be the only possible way to power up Lugia Ex, but of course I forgot about Colress Machine. Most responses involving Colress Machine were incorrect due to Kyle’s ability to retreat his damaged Darkrai Ex, but I did receive couple that were possible.

First the most common incorrect answer:

1. Ultra Ball discarding the second Ultra Ball and Virbank for Lugia Ex.
2. Play Lugia Ex on the Ditto with Plasma Energy.
3. Retreat Ditto for Chansey and attach Blend to it.
4. Skyla for Colress Machine and attach the Plasma to Lugia.
5. Attack Darkrai Ex for 60, doing 30 to Chansey.

Pooka Night Spears KO’ing Chansey and does 30 damage anywhere. Promote Lugia Ex.

6. Draw Skyla.
7. Skyla for Colress Machine and use it to attach Plasma to Lugia Ex
8. Attach Plasma in hand to Lugia Ex and Plasma Gale for 3 prizes.

This answer is one card away from being correct. It fails to take into account that Kyle will retreat the damaged Darkrai Ex. If you use both Skyla for Colress Machine you cannot grab the necessary Pokemon Catcher to bring the damaged Darkrai Ex back active. Unfortunately you cannot power up Lugia Ex and also keep the damaged Darkrai Ex active.

Another variation of this answer was to Level Ball for a Pokemon that does damage for one energy. This way you can transform the active Ditto and attack the active Darkrai Ex without committing another energy attachment to the active. This allows you to power up the Lugia Ex with only one Colress Machine and frees up the second Skyla for the game clenching Pokemon Catcher. Unfortunately all the answers I received with this answer did not do enough damage to knock out a Darkrai Ex. No Basic Pokemon mentioned did the necessary sixty damage to setup the Darkrai Ex for a Lugia Ex knock out. I would not be surprised if there ended up being basic that can do sixty for one, especially considering Darkrai Ex’s weakness to fighting, but no one picked it.

One version of this answer was correct though.

1. Level Ball for a Basic with an attack that either auto-sleeps or prevents retreat for one energy (Sandile and Togepi were given).
2. Tranform Ditto into that Pokemon.
3. Attach Plasma to the benched Ditto with a Plasma attached.
4. Skyla for Hypnotoxic Laser and play it.
5. Attack, poison does 30 damage to Darkrai.

Pooka either Night Spears KO’ing the active or has to pass because he flips tails on sleep. Darkrai takes another 30 from Poison.

6. Draw Skyla.
7. Skyla for Colress Machine and use it to attach Plasma to Lugia Ex.
8. Attach Blend in hand to Lugia Ex and Plasma Gale for 3 prizes.

This solution works because Kyle cannot retreat the active Darkrai. Note that while Chansey has an auto-sleep attack, his retreat cost is too beefy to be able to also attack with Lugia Ex.

I hope everyone had fun figuring out the puzzle and I will be back with the Terrakion answers tomorrow!

8 responses to “PokePuzzle #1: Lugia Ex Solutions”

  1. Kevin Baxter

    I took your prompt to mean that the Skyla was on top of your deck at the time of the screenshot. When you use any of the search cards (Ultra Ball, Level Ball), the deck gets shuffled. You could check again with Lunatone after doing all the searching and hope that there’s a Skyla there still, but it wouldn’t be guaranteed (unless you just meant there’s gonna be one there no matter what).

  2. John Roberts II

    I didn’t win!?!? I got it right with the Excadrill play, but was too late I guess.

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Sorry, John! Two people got it before you, but you did get the correct answer.

  3. thatguy

    He said assume your topdeck is a Skyla, not assume the top card is a Skyla so yeah that’s what he meant, also I bought about drillbur/excadrill and lugia ex but didn’t bother sending an answer, now I see I shouldve

    1. thatguyagain


  4. Kyle Sucevich

    Your Poison variation doesn’t take into account that Pooka drops his Keldeo EX, uses Rush In, retreats, and laughs at your failed plan.

  5. FirestormXVI

    The most common incorrect answer also has the issue of trying to use Colress Machine twice when there’s only one Plasma Energy left in the deck. You have one in hand, one is attached to Ditto, and the third is in the discard pile.

  6. fuggnutz

    I don’t think the Scramble Switch play in the first solution would work because the Energy has to be on the old active to switch it to the new active.