PokePuzzle #1: Winners

Congrats to PTCGO users AbsoluteMonarch and Showsni for winning the first PokePuzzle and claiming their prizes. AbsoluteMonarch was the first person to send in a possible solution and chose to receive 10 Plasma Packs. For second place, Showsni picked a mix of 10 Boundaries Crossed and 10 Dark Explorers packs.




3 responses to “PokePuzzle #1: Winners”

  1. coolestman22

    Your trade is complete! Check out your new cards!

  2. Showsni

    Nothing great in the Dark Explorers packs, but I got Celebi EX, secret rare Terrakion and secret rare Rocky Helmet in the Boundaries Packs! Thanks again!

  3. Hunter Hawkins

    Wow Drew
    Nice Purloin