Pooka (Klinklang) vs. TheyCallMeAngel (Landorus/Mewtwo)

3 responses to “Pooka (Klinklang) vs. TheyCallMeAngel (Landorus/Mewtwo)”

  1. Piplup_isPimp

    I feel that plasma-klang needs more setup. You need both the BLW klinklang and the plasma-klang out at the same time. I’ve considered darkrai, but registeel is much better as we just witnessed. I like that pooka ran escape rope+switch+keldeo for maximum protection against catcher stalling.

  2. coolestman22

    I’m convinced that PlasmaKlang will make an impact on the metagame. However, I don’t think it’s something worth teching against because the deck is slow anyways.

    Also, how do you get it to work without Tropical Beach?

  3. Chaz

    Where can we find your Klinglang build?