Is Klinklang too clunky?

Pram approves!

So I played a few games over the weekend with Klinklang.  It was surprisingly much better than I thought it was going to be.  I think it might be the “if this sets up it doesn’t lose” deck.  Though that is easily stopped by random fire pokemon such as v-create Victini.  The Blastoise match up seems pretty solid as both decks are trying to set up.  But then, Blastoise is forced to attack with non-desirable attackers.  Then versus Darkrai, the entire deck can’t do anything vs plasma klinklang.  It is litterally forced to use Hypnotoxic Laser all day.  Eventually they will run out of Sableyes and then you just win.  So has anyone else had similar experiences?


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  1. Carson St Denis

    I play against a freind while i am playing speed lugia. but It is a great deck because it beat my blastoise I approve!

  2. Mykel Battaglia

    I find even when darkrai is forced to laser all day, they still win. Unless you get KK turn 2 after going first and they don’t get T1 nightspear.

  3. Kyle Sucevich

    I’ve had an extremely difficult time beating Darkrai with Klinklang. Your attackers are just slow to set up, and they can keep using Catcher + Laser on your Klinklang until you miss a Switch (which probably happens at some point). Once that goes down, you need another one ASAP or else you lose. I’m not really a big fan of the deck overall.

    1. John Orgel

      Kyle, I ran mine with a heavy max potion count and counter stadiums. That seems to help with the lasers. And the fact that plasma klinklang just one shots sableye is pretty good.

      1. Andrew Wester

        If you’re running 2-2 split Klinklang (which I’m assuming you are if you’re playing max potion and attacking with PlasmaKlang), you’re going to be too slow against Darkrai.

        1. John Orgel

          If you are playing KK as a speed deck then you are playing it all wrong.

    2. coolestman22

      I’ve been playing Darkrai/Keldeo to prevent that. Max Potions are also helpful.

  4. Showsni

    I’m still finding it really good; lack of energy is a problem sometimes, but generally getting both Klinklangs out means a win is pretty much guaranteed. Killing Sableye is a priority in the Darkrai matchup; but once they run out of Catchers and/or Lasers, unless they’re running Hammers you should be able to eke it out. I do run the full complement of Max Potions, and Switch/Escape Rope/Keldeo become important to avoid the Laser damage. It’s probably worth running Skyarrow to improve the Keldeo Rush In/Retreat and kill Virbank, though I haven’t tested it…

    Victini is cool, but I actually had much bigger problems against a Rayeels deck that was teching in Moltres. Victini’s low HP means it can easily be Catcher KO’ed; there’s nothing in the Klinklang deck that can one shot Moltres, except Keldeo or a lucky double heads on Shift Gear Klinklang.And Keldeo can then be taken out by Rayquaza. It also doesn’t need a full bench, and only needs one fire energy to attack.

    I guess the main plus point is that some people are simply unprepared for it, and against them you autowin. It’s like running Shedinja in the real game. It can easily be stopped, but ony if you’re prepared for it. And the mere prescence of it in the format means people are going to have to make alterations to decks, possibly making them worse, just in case they face it.

  5. Professor Clay

    I am using Victini Ex (w/ Victory Piece) as sacrificial lamb to set up 1 or 2 regular cobalions. I am finding iron breaker to be a great attack against everything right now, especially non-ex pokemon…but like all the kling versions I am seeing, set up of the Klinklang can be a problem. Basic cobalion only surrenders 1 prize, forces a switch of active pokemon (frequently ex which cannot hit back), they burn thru their options quickly. In a long game you tend to win. I have tried BW KK in the deck but found it unneeded if things go correctly. Also gives you the heavy advantage in the mirror match.

    Sky Arrow bridge has become a friend to give victini and 1 retreat cost klings free retreat and 4 switch cards help you survive Laser wars. I have also added Bicycle to the mix and found it very helpful.

    Not a perfect deck by any means, but can work…expecially if some people who are better builders than myself put their mind to it

  6. Andrew Wester

    Yeah, I’m 6 for 6 against KKK with my Darkrai deck. If you go first, it’s really easy to knock out Klinks before they can get set up. If you don’t go first, simply spam Sableye. They’ll run out of resources before you do.

  7. Raen (Ian Asplund)

    Klinklang is only good if people aren’t prepared for it. Against very straight forward, standard lists then yes, Klinklang is pretty good. But all decks have to do it tech a little bit and it starts losing a LOT of it’s power. Blastoise could run a non-EX Keldeo. Darkrai can run Crushing Hammers or a non-EX attacker (like Bouffalant or Terrakion). Eels can easily tech a V-Create Victini, or any other non-ex attacker like Zekrom or regular Rayquaza. Klinklang is very good against Landorus, I suppose, but that might be the only deck that can’t easily tech for the matchup. And even then, a Bouffalant taking out your Cobalion EX and getting rid of your energy will really ruin your day. I feel like the deck is just too fragile to do well.

  8. Zach Elliott

    I have played Darkrai vs Klinklang a good bit on both ends. One game I managed to set up 2 Plasmaklangs T2. “wow, game over” i thought. Wrong. Darkrai can stream Sableyes like no tomorrow. A dark clawed Sableye with lasers and virbank gym 2HKOs any pokemon in that deck. Take a second to wrap your head around that. Even Cobalion EX will go down after 2 measly Confuse Rays. This is plan B, assuming you can’t lock Klinklang in the active spot. Eventually they run out of Switches and then Darkrai can do its thing. I don’t know; I may be doing it wrong, but I can’t see this deck performing too well.

  9. Patrick Den Boer

    ok guys ill give u the secrets to klinklang 😉

    run escape rope AND switch AND dowsing machine i have 7 switch posibillitys in my deck 3 rope 3 switch and a dowsing.
    Setup is awsome becouse of heavy ball !
    The only thing i still don’t know for shure is the 2-2 or 3-1 split. I like the 2-2 so i can spread my energy around the board.
    Tropical beach is a must !

    1. John Orgel

      I run 3 switch 2 escape rope, trop beach and pokecenter and dowsing machine.