Funny Find: Troll and Toad Fail

Take a close look at this picture…


Notice anything that’s a little off? Yeah, that Black Kyurem EX is not the correct one! In fact, it’s not even a real card; it’s actually a fake card made by a fan. Whoever used this image at Troll and Toad has to feel a little silly now. Props for trying to cater to the competitive crowd, but maybe a little more research would be better next time. After all, you guys don’t even have this card in stock.

If you want to see the image of the card, the site is here.


2 responses to “Funny Find: Troll and Toad Fail”

  1. Jacob Dudzik


  2. Eugene Schubert

    interesting type symbol. 150 HP is also a curious amount for an EX. the artwork is pretty sweet though.