Plasma Freeze Cards Revealed!

Looks like there will be tons of interesting cards coming out in the next set, Plasma Freeze. Below are the images of the cards that have been revealed so far!

What do you think about the new cards? Leave your thoughts down in the comments!


39 responses to “Plasma Freeze Cards Revealed!”

  1. Showsni

    I wonder if Exeggcute will get played just to fuel Ultra Ball/Pokémon Communication/Computer Search? Of course, you run the risk of starting with it, which would be pretty bad…

    1. Brandon

      Exeggcute will get played with Electrode and Weavile just to be generally annoying.

  2. Alex Croxton

    Amazing! Wooooooooooo!

  3. Alex Croxton

    Hey Kyle what do ya think of Chandelure’s Flare Navigation Ability?

    1. Jacob Dudzik

      chandy/phlosion is the new reshi/phlosion hooray

      1. Micah Tate

        Or Reshi/Lure?

  4. Mykel Battaglia

    I’m waiting to donk someone’s 180HP ex with tornadus ex’s jet blast.

  5. Pokemandudeguy

    I can’t wait for Darkari/Deoxys. My Darkari with a plasma badge and four Deoxys on the bench and an Areodactile after Lasering and Virbanking dose 170 damage. (said with a snooty voice)

    1. Pokemandudeguy

      Plus Thirty to the bench.

    2. RogueChomp

      Then they kill your Darkrai and you can’t set up another one so you lose.

    3. Piplup_isPimp

      Read my comment on garbador with landorus ex and mewtwo :).

    4. Jacob Dudzik

      you do realize that deoxyss ability only works on only plasma pokemon making you lose your option of adding more damage.

      1. Micah Tate

        #Plasma badge

        1. Jacob Dudzik

          i forgot to read his entire comment :(

  6. Ben Clark

    Megalo Cannon > Plasma Freeze. An exciting format is coming.

    1. Piplup_isPimp

      Plasma badge+Virizion ex+benched Genesect ex with g-booster and the turn one emerald slash (grass/colres machine)=BDIF

  7. Zeebz

    Ghetsis is a rare.

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      As it should be! It seems strange to me that all of the full art Supporters we have so far are uncommons.

      1. Zander Bennett

        How consistent do you think Ghetsis will be. Yes, it’s very good in the early game, just getting rid of everything, but it almost is saying,”If you have a Juniper, play it and get your trainers back.”

        1. Hugo Rousseau

          Seeing from the Meta game in japan, people will try it and it wont make their final cut. I myself dont see it being very good except if you play against a Darkrai deck who you know will have items in his hand after a junk hunt

          1. Zander Bennett

            But against decks other then Darkrai, items are a staple.

          2. Jacob Dudzik

            hey zander its me jake i got my invite i guess ill see you at regionals or cities in georgia or texas

    2. Jacob Dudzik

      WHAT!!! not the base set all over again. what i mean is back in the older sets sometimes their will be a trainer card in the rare part of the pack. but seriously ghetsis is a rare

  8. Moot

    Yaaay, let’s make a card that many people will want 4 of a rare. That way more people buy packs and the price of the card goes up!

    1. Piplup_isPimp

      My main point was to watch out for garbodor next set. But, prices wont be that high on float stone. So unless you’re too cheap to dish out 2-3 bucks for a tool then don’t run the deck. Besides, that’s what happens with good cards for good decks. So don’t hate and be happy if you pull one.

      1. Gabriel Quiroz

        I dont think he was talking about your deck but about the fact that Ghetsis is a Rare.

        1. Piplup_isPimp

          Then why would he be replying to me, i don’t know.

          1. Moot

            Erm, I didn’t…

          2. Piplup_isPimp

            Funny it showed up as a reply. None the less, my apologies.

  9. Piplup_isPimp

    Everyone is talking about Thunderus Deoxys Lugia (becuase turn two plasma gale is boss) and most people don’t realize the threat of garbador and float stone. Look at it this way, how do you catcher stall a garbador or landorus ex (it happens) when they both have free retreat?

    1. Zander Bennett

      Not only is it bad against Garbodor, but also against PlasmaKlang. Cobalion-EX can hit for 60 because of weakness for 1 energy, and get rid of one of your special energies. Yes, I know that you want specials in the discard pile so that you can Raiden Knuckle them onto Kyurem, but once Kyruem is powered up, you don’t wanna have to send out Thundurus again.

      1. Piplup_isPimp

        Who said I was running kyurem? Starting Kyurem may seem like a good idea at first, but it isn’t. Trust me i’ve been testing this deck for nearly 2 weeks now, and i’d prefer a turn one raiden knuckle to support my lugia’s energy acceleration (which means turn two plasma gale for 3 prizes assuming its an ex), than a 30 30 turn one espically since i waste less recources getting the raiden knuckle than frost spear.

  10. Nicholas Franco

    # Tornadus EX,4 colress machineDONK

  11. Jeremiah Vile-kin Nitzschke

    I want that rock guard for my scolipede deck lol. It is for fun anyway, and what could be more fun than making the opponent take 120 damage just for attacking you?

  12. Jack Stensrud

    Rock Guard+Lucario NXD = Epic Win. “Oh, you attacked me? 80 right back!”

    1. Aaron Wang

      except no one will run lucario lol

      1. Jack Stensrud

        Bad Deck Monday?

    2. Jeremiah Vile-kin Nitzschke

      You are forgetting about the greatest bad deck of all: Scolipede! Virbank out with a scolipede and they attack you, take 60 damage, get poisoned for 30, leaving the end of turn total at 90…GOING INTO YOUR TURN. Going out of your turn will mean that they took 120 damage JUST FOR ATTACKING YOU, let alone any damage you do.

      1. Jack Stensrud

        Heck, if we’re making a bad deck, why not put them both in, and have a Sableye to get the Rock Guard back?