Wisconsin States Top 8 – Adam Vernola vs. Ryan Grant

One response to “Wisconsin States Top 8 – Adam Vernola vs. Ryan Grant”

  1. poet larsen

    I think that the sleeping part of laser is really really BAD for the format. I mean Adam was really hurt around 7:30 seconds because of the sleep. When I was at states, in top 8, I got a T1 night spear (which i was super happy to get XD) and was then put to sleep for 3 turns in a row. I would have won if I got one heads out of 5. And then the last turn of game 3 was if my opponent got a heads on asleep, he wins, and if he gets tails, i win, and he got heads.

    I just think that the section of laser that puts them to sleep is really bad for the format. I don’t really know what would be good to weaken this, but the sleep is just too unpredictable.