Worst PTCGO Hands

A lot of people have wondered about the shuffling algorithm that PTCGO uses. Sometimes it seems like your hand clumps up with multiple copies of a card more than it should. What are some of your worst hands?

Looks like no Blastoise for me this game.

Looks like no Blastoise for me this game.

Post some screenshots down in the comments. It should be fun to see what other people experience.


15 responses to “Worst PTCGO Hands”

  1. Rafael Mario Martinez Ortiz

    4 Juniper 3 Catcher, 7 Energy, 1 Juniper 4 Hypnotoxic Laser

    1. Micah Tate

      How did you even get a hand size that big? 0_0

      1. Showsni

        I think he’s talking about three different bad hands he’s had.

        1. Micah Tate

          Oh, haha, I didn’t see the lack of commas =S

  2. Mark Kah
  3. Giorgio d'Agostino

    Every hand with 3+ Juniper and no other supporter/energy should do the trick.

  4. Chris Cobalt Arroyo

    Zero card hand (after a lucky Hooligans flip) no Squirtle, no Energy in play, No Keldeo EX in play, just a Kyurem asleep that’s 10 away from being KO’d due to Laser+Bank. Top deck a Blastoise. Ummm… *cries*

  5. Brave Vesperia

    Let’s put it this way: Any time I have a Juniper, you can pretty much guarantee that I’ll have something I don’t want to discard, or I’ll have a bunch of good cards that I’m forced to get rid of.

  6. NM2

    9 out of 10 times I play Juniper, I end up with three-of-a-kind of something.

  7. Marco Spataro

    6 energy, squirtle. After 5 turns my hand was like this: 6 energy, super rod, super scoop up, rare candy.

    1. Marco Spataro

      P.S. I drew 2 more energy card which i put on the squirtle.

  8. thekerv

    These past Regionals my every first hand of my first match; Draw 3 juniper and my top deck was a juniper -_- discarded 4 juniper in one hand. It doesn’t get worse than that

  9. Carson St Denis

    playing on novice with kb Squirtle 6 energy I go first against a 60hp tepig draw a rare candy attach pass. my opponent does the same attach water and flip HEADS I WIN what clumpage

  10. Devin Bragg

    hand of trainers no energy no pokemon

  11. Daniel 'Doryon' Fermo

    http://img845.imageshack.us/img845/1867/7mulls.png Seven mulligans from my opponent and I get that hand going first. Turn one setup without even using call for family… Props to him for not conceding though!