New Jynx Evolution?

Check out this new picture that may reveal Jynx’s evolution in the next generation!


What do you guys think? Will it be the same type? What’s the name? Let the speculation begin…


9 responses to “New Jynx Evolution?”

  1. Carson St Denis


  2. Damian-Winters

    This is fan made…not a bad fan made pokemon at all looks fairly real, still oh well we are just gonna have to wait longer for any new X and Y news…

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Ah, they took advantage of my ignorance and willingness to believe anything with Japanese writing is real…

      1. Damian-Winters

        It happens to the best of us^^

      2. keldeo7777

        hey pooka back at battle roads you said joel moskcow played a darkrai deck and won but you also said he meant to play golf. what is that. do you mean the sport or a deck and if so what cards are in it. i asked you liked months ago and i didnt get a response. i am begging you what is golf

        1. Kyle Sucevich

          Wow, that was a long time ago… He was supposed to go golfing (like the sport), but his plans got canceled. So he showed up to the Battle Road instead and won.

    2. Pokemonguy

      That is CoroCoro right?

      If so it is not fake.

      1. Damian-Winters

        No it is not from CoroCoro, the font and text style is not that of CoroCoro, its been busted, shame though.

  3. DrunkSpinda

    If it’s real, it looks like Nicki Minaj…urgh