PTCGO March Community Update

Recently Pokémon TCG Online has undergone a lot of changes, and we’re seeing the program finally implement some things we’ve all been waiting for. Let’s take a look at the new updates coming up courtesy of Mike Liesik!

Greetings Trainers!

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted a community update. Though a lot has happened in that time, I thought you’d be more interested in a look at the future, rather than a recap of the past. With that in mind, let me tell you about April!

The Dev team has been working on some big projects for a few months now. Though there’s still work to be done before they’re ready to be introduced, we believe these projects will be ready in time for the mid-April game update. Here’s a quick overview of the major projects that we’re planning to introduce next month.


Tournaments allow players to compete against each other in a series of matches, with prizes going to the players with the best record. We plan to roll out the Alpha version of this feature in April. With your help, we hope to do extensive testing on the core functionality of Tournaments over the next few months.

We will initially limit tournaments to Scheduled Tournaments. This will allow us to focus testing into smaller windows, allowing us to more easily identify areas for improvement and bugs to fix. Tournaments will be scheduled at a regular cadence to ensure that players around the world have an opportunity to participate.

Players will temporarily receive an allotment of Tournament Keys, which must be redeemed to unlock entry to a tournament. These Tournament Keys will be untradeable and will be removed from each players’ account when the testing period is complete.

Tournaments will temporarily include Tournament Keys as a participation prize. The number of Tournament Keys awarded will be equal to the number required for entry into that tournament. These Tournament Keys will be untradeable and will be removed from each players’ account when the testing period is complete.

We’ll provide more information on future Tournament functionality and how to acquire Tournament Keys in upcoming community updates.

Avatar Creator

The Avatar Creator is slated to make its return in the next game update. All of your favorite items make a comeback and any items that a player unlocked in the previous version of the game are still in the player’s collection, waiting to be worn again! The long, slow process of migrating the Avatar Creator between the old and new versions of the game has left us with the framework necessary to add new items with relative ease. Look for more awesome opportunities to customize your Avatar in the coming months!

New Decks for Computer-Controlled Opponents

Every opponent in the Trainer Challenge and Practice Battle will be receiving a new core deck, which consists solely of cards from the Pokémon TCG: Black & White series. These core decks will play an important role in the new difficulty settings for both game modes. At the lowest setting, computer-controlled opponents will be limited to the core deck. At higher difficulties, cards from the core deck are swapped out for better cards, including Pokémon-EX!

You’re also likely to start noticing some new faces on the Mod staff next month. Please be patience with them as we train them up on our systems, procedures and policies. Once they’re up to speed, we’ll be relying on them to help increase our response times and improve our ability to help in the community.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this month’s update. I hope you found it worth the wait!

For the full post, check out the official post here.

What do you guys think? Tournaments are coming at last! Surely this is some exciting news. Leave your feedback in the comments below!


3 responses to “PTCGO March Community Update”

  1. Jason K

    Great to hear, thanks for sharing…just wished the code redemption process for PS going forward wasn’t changed…

  2. Calum

    Tournaments definitely sound like a positive idea, and I like the possibility of better AI decks finally coming into play. I think they could do a bit more with it, such as just allowing you to give the AI a deck to use, but for now it’s a very positive step.

    However, they REALLY should find a permanent fix for the heaps stuff before they focus too heavily on tournaments. Because I can see many games being lost due to heaps in the middle of a match. It can definitely happen, and people would probably stop playing in tournaments if they lost a big match because of it. They HAVE improved it, but I still heaped twice in my streaming last night (one of which was during a game), and that isn’t good…

  3. Christopher David

    How about support for windows 8?