New Mewtwo Form?


What do you guys think?


11 responses to “New Mewtwo Form?”

  1. Matthew Verive

    Everything is pointing to new Pokémon.

  2. Biffster PKMN


  3. Jordan Bamford

    Its been confirmed :(

  4. Michael Martin

    Infected by an Alien, obviously

  5. Joshua Jacob Prince

    its frezia!

    1. Piplup_isPimp

      All we need now is a robotic mewtwo forme and a trunks to finish him off.

  6. James Quichocho

    This means that Mewtwo in his previous form must not have been strong enough to beat Genesect. Or it could mean that the encounter caused a mutation of some sort. Who will come out of this confrontation on top?

  7. Ben Clark

    If Mewtwo/three can happen, how come some ambitious trainer hasn’t taken the initiative and juiced up his Metapod like it’s Mark McGuire to make Metapound. All these new “species” are getting ridiculous.

  8. Bob Jimmyboy

    Majinn-Buu has absorbed Mewtwo! :(

  9. Helix77

    Baby Mewtwo

  10. FuriousBoy900

    Mega Mewtwo Y