PTCGO April Update

We have some new announcements concerning Pokémon TCG Online! Here’s the latest update from Mike Liesik.

Greetings Trainers,

This month’s major game update will be deployed tomorrow. It will require the website to remain offline until game maintenance is complete.

Some of the features in tomorrow’s build required a significant investment in resources to prepare for launch. Unfortunately, these were the same resources necessary to complete work on the Tournaments and Avatar Creator components discussed in last month’s Community Update. Though both features are close to complete, the priority for the May game is the Black & White—Plasma Freeze expansion. We have prioritized Tournaments over the Avatar Creator and will be making every effort to include it in the May game update. Avatar Creator is currently scheduled for the the June game update.

I sincerely apologize for building excitement for these two features, only to have them delayed by other game components. As a way of making it up to you, I would like give you a sneak peak of a mock-up for the Tournament feature.

Link to sneak peek

As you can tell by this image, we’re also planning an overhaul of the game’s UI to improve not only the look of the game, but also the ease of use. This is only a preliminary mock-up, so the colors, layout and icons are still subject to change. I’ll provide you with more information on this change as it becomes available.

As always, thanks for your support and dedication!

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Okay, it’s a little disappointing that tournaments aren’t here yet, but I would rather wait and have them be finished than deal with an incomplete product. With Plasma Freeze coming out soon, the development team will have plenty on its plate already. Here’s hoping for the best!


3 responses to “PTCGO April Update”

  1. Marcus Peck

    Anyone else a tad worried about the prizes? First place is 3 boosters, and to play you need five keys. I hope keys are worth next to nothing to buy/or won.

  2. Showsni

    The new trainer challenge is very cool; especially the booster pack prizes! (At least 45 free booster packs, though they are untradable). Has anyone managed to get the Trainer Challenge Mastery Achievement yet? Does it give any more bonus prizes?

  3. jlydon29

    I finished the trainer challenge mastery, it does nothing.. Nor does winning 36/36 games with each deck.