PTCGO – Gems?

Looks like the gem system is finally coming to PTCGO. They’re using Canada to test the system, probably so there isn’t too much activity for them to handle. Here’s a preview of what it looks like.


For those who don’t know, gems are the in-game currency that will be used to purchase booster packs and other items. Since its release, there has been no option to do this in PTCGO. The only way to obtain more boosters was to get booster codes from packs, a very roundabout system. Players have adapted, but it certainly hasn’t been an ideal setup. Now players will be able to get cards directly through the client.

Unfortunately, an online booster pack ends up costing about $3.80 CAD, which ends up being about as much as a real booster pack. Obviously the question that arises is, “Who is going to buy these when you could get a regular booster pack that comes with actual cards, too?” In order to have any chance of selling these, the price needs to be lowered immensely. Either gems have to cost less or the packs have to cost fewer gems. If things stay the way they are now, I doubt they will have many customers. After all, you can find outside sources that sell codes for under $1.

What do you think? Are gems a good thing, or will they flop? In the long term, these have to be in the client for the game to be successful on a large scale. However, prices like this just seem unreasonable.


14 responses to “PTCGO – Gems?”

  1. Mykel Battaglia

    At first I was excited for this, especially since I live in Canada, but after seeing the prices I actually laughed. How can you be that ignorant when it comes to pricing?

  2. Aggressivv

    I think they’ll flop at the beginning, then Pokemon will realize that people can buy real cards, as well as the booster code for the same price.

    Imo, the card code system was ok, most people were buying real packs because they needed to, and the online codes were then a bonus that helped practice, or have fun online.
    I think they might have miscalculated the value of online play. Though it might be in the future, it’s not nearly as popular as real thing is yet.

  3. Doryon

    Prices are way too high, what are they thinking? You can easily buy codes for .20-.50 from other people, why would anyone pay 3.80? I think even if you bought a real booster only for the code and sold the cards (considering you have no interest, which would not be the case most of the time) it would actually be better.

  4. Mekkah

    Yet another stop at a low point for the rollercoaster, where they build up hype and then their product comes to life and it’s just horrible. What were they thinking?

  5. Joe Riggio

    They are absurdly overpriced. There is no way I’d buy them at even half the current price they are at. Codes currently sell for between 25 and 45 CENTS. I wouldn’t but a code for $3.80 unless you held a gun to my head.

  6. coolestman22

    They’ll flop. Unfortunately TPCi has had a bunch of opportunities that they haven’t taken advantage of in the past, I see a similar thing happening with gems.

  7. Alabrel

    I was totally going to proxy my way into Canada before I found out about the price. That’s ridiculous.

  8. dadoc

    …or they may stop putting codes in real packs.

  9. Jerbear

    As is, this will definitely fail. Given the fact that packs are almost the same price, no one will buy and they will either reconsider their pricing or drop the program. In my opinion, unless the price drops to ~$0.50 then it will flop.

  10. Matthew Breach

    I live in London but those prices are crazy and they have to allow the tokens you win in the Fun Zone to be used for booster packs. Since if you have a hard time getting packs like I do sometimes then there is a problem when some people won’t be interested but that’s my opinion. 😀

  11. Joe Munger

    I think they are worried that if they make the gems less than real cards, they will see a significant decline in sales of real cards, and they should be. I mean, I certainly wouldn’t buy anything out side individual cards to build a tournament deck if I could get online packs for a dollar through the client.

    Why bother having the cards in real life at that point when its easier and cheaper for you and your friends to buy, trade and play each other online. They would be hurting themselves if they made the prices less than in real life. I think they have already seen some of this problem with the code system they had in place. As many of you have mentioned you can already by bulk codes from many sources online for less than a dollar each. As a result, they have already altered the system to stop the practice of buying codes from old sets and redeeming them for packs from the latest sets. This was an obvious move made to protect the sales of real life cards. I don’t see them doing anything to jeopardize those sales.

    To me selling the gems for essentially the same price as a real pack that includes an online code is the smartest thing they could do to encourage sales of there real cards. My only concern is that they might do away with the free codes in the real packs, but I don’t see this happening since it could force many of there customers to chose if they want to build a collection online or in real life. This could put them in the position of threatening their real card sales again. Of course it would be awesome if we could gems for cheap, but the prices make sense when you think about it.

    Looks like most of us will still be ordering codes from other online marketplaces for the foreseeable future.

  12. Michael Adam McNulty

    Simple solution: Only lower the cost of gems slightly, and then reduce the number of cards that are contained within the packed in code cards. Then you have two options: buy gems and get booster packs containing 10 online cards, or buy a pack in real life and get a code card in every pack for 5 card packs. I would buy both in that case.

  13. Kaz Ewol

    I’m probably gonna be in the minority here, but i like the price. Packs normally go for 4.99 or more around here (southern Ontario), or at least that’s what I’ve seen. I mean, yeah it’s a little overpriced, i’d enjoy the price of an online back come down to $2, but it’s not overpriced in my opinion. Its cheaper, and you don’t get physical cards. Most people see that as a bad thing, but honestly, i don’t see many people actually playing pokemon tcg around the schools. So what’s the point of having all these cards you can’t play with? Collection, sure, but is it really worth complaining about a price that’s a buck or so less (be real, its only a couple dollars) for a collection that you can actually do something with? I understand a lot of people do play the tcg with their real friends, but it’s not something I actually see. I’m pleased to have gem support, and i’ll load my account with $80 to get 20 packs

  14. Kaz Ewol

    To add to my previous comment, it’s not going to flop. There are plenty of people who are willing to save the extra money (even if its 20 cents), and there are plenty of people who are desperate to get new cards or decks right away, or have no ride or way to get to the store, so instead of going out to buy cards, they can grab a new pack online.