PTCGO April Community Update

Looks like the people over at PTCGO realized that the gem implementation didn’t go over well, and they’re going to make some adjustments. Here’s the latest update!

Hello Trainers,

I’d like to start by thanking the community for their feedback on Gems. As with any beta test, feedback is critical to helping the development team create the best possible player experience before launch. It is important to remember that not all feedback is created equal. We are all passionate about this game, but that passion must be tempered with reason to provide feedback that is constructive, rather than destructive. I appreciate all of you that have provided constructive feedback on not only Gems, but other areas of the game as well. Keep up the great work!

After reviewing the contents of the Gems feedback thread, I wanted to take a moment to alleviate some of the anxiety and confusion that last week’s game update may have caused. One of the most difficult aspects of participating in a beta test is that features are rolled out gradually over time, rather than all at once. Though it would make it easier on the testers to see the full picture from the outset, it is rarely possible to share that much information in advance.

We believe it is important to provide players with options for expanding their collection and their game experience. Not every method is right for every player, nor do we intend it to be so. However, greater flexibility makes it easier for more players to get into the game. I think we can all agree that this is a good thing.

Code Cards: These provide players with a way to collect both physical and digital Pokémon TCG products. Though we’re in the process of tweaking the way code cards unlock items in the game, we feel that they are a critical component to the game and plan to keep them around.

Daily Login Rewards: Players receive Trainer Tokens and booster packs just for logging into the game. Booster packs immediately grow a player’s collection, and Trainer Tokens will do the same in the near future.

Trainer Challenge: The new scoring system for the Trainer Challenge gives players another goal to achieve. Not only are there achievements and Trainer Tokens to earn, but getting a high score can earn a player up to 45 boosters across all three leagues

Gems: The latest method of acquiring new items, Gems allow players who don’t have easy access to physical Pokémon TCG products in their area to get access to cards. We’ve just begun testing this method of acquisition, so ask for your patience in the coming months.

Trainer Tokens: Players will be able to redeem Trainer Tokens for boosters and other items in the Shop later this summer. We will continue to introduce new ways to earn Trainer Tokens both leading up to and after this feature is released. Our goal is to allow the average player to earn enough Trainer Tokens to get several boosters per week.

We plan to make adjustments to each Gems bundle throughout the process of this testing period to find the best possible combination of cost and Gems quantity. We believe that early adopters of Gems should always receive the positive benefits of these changes and never receive the negative effects during this testing period. This means that changes which result in a price reduction or increase in Gems quantity for a bundle will be retroactively applied to every previous purchase of that bundle, as well as all new purchases. Changes which result in a price increase or a reduction in Gems quantity for a bundle will only apply to new purchases of that bundle.

In addition to all of this, the Shop will be expanding over the course of the year to include items such as Avatar gear, cards sleeves, deck boxes, playmats, Tournament Keys and more! Some of these items will be available for Trainer Tokens, some for Gems, some for either. Some may even be available through other means, such as Daily Rewards or Tournament prizes.

We truly do appreciate the support of the community, and hope that you can be patient with us as we continue to provide you with more pieces of the puzzle.

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One response to “PTCGO April Community Update”

  1. Jeremiah Vile-kin Nitzschke

    “Trainer Tokens: Players will be able to redeem Trainer Tokens for boosters and other items in the Shop later this summer.”

    I was hoping that the rumors I heard about gems unlocking boosters and tokens unlocking single cards were true. Sometimes I don’t want to leave it up to chance when it comes to what card I get when I want something specific for a deck, but I suppose that is what trading is for so I see where they are coming from with this,