Funny PTCGO Situations

What are some of the most absurd situations you’ve seen on Pokémon TCG Online? I just had this one happen to me…


My opponent had 3 Jellicent in play, so my Scolipede had a ridiculous 7 retreat cost! I’ve never seen that happen before. How about you guys?


9 responses to “Funny PTCGO Situations”

  1. Jeremiah Vile-kin Nitzschke

    Only thing recently that has made me laugh is getting a fully powered lugia EX on the first turn and the opponent scooping because I took 3 prizes turn 1 on a mew EX.

    1. Jeremiah Vile-kin Nitzschke

      Ok, I’m going to update this because what just happened was completely ridiculous.

      I was down 5 prizes, literally had not gotten a kill the entire game. Came down to him with a fully loaded bench and me with a couple of sableyes. By junk hunting a combination of revives, catchers, hammers and a life dew, I was able to stall for TWENTY FOUR turns (up to turn #40) until he decked and I won. My hammer time shedinja deck is just as annoying as I had hoped it would be. Not effective (it has no ex’s at all because that makes losing to it even worse), but definitely frustrating.

  2. Showsni

    I’ve knocked out all six Pokémon in one attack before – with a deck specially made to do it, of course. (Since it gives you an achievement to do so!) Use Mew EX to copy Swanna’s Feather Dance, then next turn copy Minun’s Electrishower (or Kyurem’s Glaciate) to do 50 damage to every opposing Pokémon. (Dusknoir can shuffle the damage around so you get the big knockout all on one turn.)

  3. chakalaka101

    weirdest thing that happened to me was my opponent’s active pokemon was in their hand

  4. kramball

    I was playing juji in the platinum league trainer challenge. I started with buneary and she started with roggenrola (neither of us had benched pokemon). She won the flip for start and the first card she played was super scoop up, heads on the flip and she picked up her only pokemon. I won the game with a “great” rating.

    1. Joshua Twilley

      thats happend to me too lol. and the computer aslo switches active and then switches back for no reason its hilarious

  5. Quarter-Turn

    I was playing Rayquaza/Altaria. My opponent had Darkrai/Hydreigon/Vileplume, and I won by using “Shred” for 680 damage.

  6. Joshua Twilley

    i have played lugia/umbreon vs. garb. deck and he got the ability working but my lugia kept the 60 extra hp from umbreon and when i ko’d the garb the ability doubled over and lugia had 280 hp lol

  7. Sam

    I used a mewtwo to deal 4040 damage to another mewtwo