PTCGO – Pooka (Stoutland) vs. MrXadian (RayEel)

6 responses to “PTCGO – Pooka (Stoutland) vs. MrXadian (RayEel)”

  1. Jonathan

    I would love a troll deck at battle roads and either this or watchlock with ghetsis is waht im leaning towards think I can get a deck list of this deck

    1. Piplup_isPimp

      Ladies and gentlemen, we have the return of Gothilock

  2. Joshua Jacob Prince

    im surprised you used skyarrow instead of asperita city. you already have free retreat for everyone thanks to keldeo and asperita city makes stoutland and tornadus ex a tad more beefy. just a thought. love the video man.

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      My opponent put down the Skyarrow Bridge, not me. I don’t have any Stadiums in this deck.

      1. Joshua Jacob Prince

        ah. well that shows how well i pay attention lol

  3. Pikabruce

    You were wishing there was a way to heal the 20 damage each turn. One possibility would be to play Pokemon Center. Once you get 2 Stoutland set up, then each turn you could Rush In/Retreat Keldeo, then bring up the other Stoutland and heal the one damaged last turn. You probably want to play some kind of stadium anyway, to bump out any Frozen City. Just a thought.