2013 US Nationals Fantasy Draft Results!

Now that US Nationals is over, we can take a look at the most important part of the weekend – the fantasy draft results! For a recap of the teams and the procedure, take a look at the draft summary. Now it’s time to take a look at the winner and, more importantly, loser of the competition!

1st Place: Team Crimmilicious (100 points)


Ross Cawthon – Top 64 (15 points)
Ryan Sabelhaus – 2nd (45 points)
Dylan Lefavour – Top 32 (20 points)
Brent Siebenkittel – Top 128 (10 points)
Adam V – Top 128 (10 points)

Believe it or not, our first place finisher was none other than Josue “Crimz” Rojano. Not only did all of his picks make it to Top 128, but he managed to score big with Ryan Sabelhaus and his second place finish. When you put it all together, Team Crimmilicious ran away with this year’s competition. Even though Ross Cawthon used Garchomp/Altaria, he somehow managed to make Top 64 still! When that happens, you know something is going right for this team. It appears that the strategy of picking players with two byes was the most effective, and it was just a matter of picking the guys who would go deep in the cut. Congratulations to Team Crimmilicious on the victory.

2nd Place: Pram’s Stackers (65 points)


Jay Hornung – Top 128 (10 points)
Ty Smith – Top 128 (10 points)
Michael Pramawat – Miss
Dylan Bryan – Top 8 (35 points)
Andrew Krekeler – Top 128 (10 points)

Although the owner of Pram’s Stackers arrogantly chose himself with the team’s pick in the third round, the other members carried the load. Overall, the star performer was Dylan Bryan, a player who quietly has put together quite the résumé in recent history. With this Top 8 finish, Dylan has made at least Top 16 at the past two US National and World Championships, something no other Masters player can claim. For the other players, it was a fairly modest tournament, with everyone losing right away in Top 128. Unfortunately for Pram, he missed the cut. Who knows what could have been if he had chosen someone besides himself? Regardless, Pram’s Stackers sit at 2nd place for this year’s draft.

3rd Place: The Great White Cakes (60 points)


Jason Klaczynski – Miss
Kyle Sucevich – Top 16 (25 points)
Mike Newman – Top 64 (15 points)
Frank Diaz – Top 32 (20 points)
Benjamin Potter – Miss

To be fair, The Great White Cakes had some great picks for this year’s competition. Between the three players that did make the cut, the team put 60 points on the board! Unfortunately, Ben himself cost his team a lot of hope. On the first day of US Nationals, he was paired up against his own team member, Jason Klaczysnki. After winning a hard fought game, The Great White Hope hit a streak of bad luck, and he had to drop at 4-4. Not only did he miss the cut, but this brought down Jason’s tiebreakers, who ended up missing at 6-3 as well. Again, you have to question whether drafting himself was the correct move, but hindsight is 20/20. The star of the team was our own Kyle “Pooka” Sucevich, but the Top 16 finish wasn’t enough. Not a bad showing from The Great White Cakes, but they sit at 3rd place this year.

4th Place: Primetime Pookas (40 points)


Harrison Leven – Top 128 (10 points)
Jando Luna – Top 128 (10 points)
Ray Cipoletti – Top 32 (20 points)
Chris Nguyen – Miss
Chris Bianchi – Miss

For a team whose strategy was to go with the hot hand, the Primetime Pookas had a pretty cold draft. To start, Chris Bianchi’s magical run came to an end, and his streak of not making the cut at US Nationals extended another year. While Ray Cipoletti had a good performance, Jando Luna got struck down by Ross Cawthon’s Garchomp in Top 128. At the end of the day, though, this team was doomed. In Round 2, the owner of the Primetime Pookas had to face Chris Nguyen, handing his own team member a loss early on. Poor Chris would be the only 6-3 player with a bye to miss the cut! To make matters worse, Pooka then faced another one of his team members in Top 128, Harrison Leven. After eliminating Harrison, the team was left in shambles. Like the saying goes, there’s always next year. If there’s any consolation for this team, it’s that there was a team that finished lower…

5th Place: The Nature Boys (35 points)

Nature Boys

Tom Dolezal – Miss
John Roberts II – Miss
Mike Diaz – Top 128 (10 points)
Dustin Zimmerman – Top 64 (15 points)
Gino Lombardi – Top 128 (10 points)

Our final team was neither styling nor profiling after this year’s US Nationals. The Nature Boys sit at last place with a meager 35 points. What happened? For once, Tom Dolezal showed that he is human as he went 6-3 and missed the cut for the first time since the invention of the wheel. Last year’s National Champion, John Roberts II, also had a rough result in his sophomore year. While the other three players made it, they didn’t get very far. Both Gino and Mike fell in the first round. Unfortunately, Dustin Zimmerman ran into Ryan Sabelhaus in Top 64, and we all know how that ended up. When you add it all up, Drew’s team just didn’t put up the stats they needed. Instead of saying “Wooooo,” The Nature Boys are crying “boo hoo” after this one.

So that brings us to the important part. What should Drew have to do as punishment for losing? Let us know down in the comments! We hope you enjoyed this year’s fantasy draft, and we’ll try to do one for Worlds as well. Thanks for reading!

11 responses to “2013 US Nationals Fantasy Draft Results!”

  1. Cardzmaster2004

    Drew must be forced to play the deck of Crim’s choice and design for at least three BRs this season. not only will we get to see some crazy off the wall designs from Crim, it’ll be interesting to here reports from BR season on how the deck actually does.

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Wow, now that’s a brutal punishment.

    2. skyshaymin49

      Yes. What about a quad 30 HP Tynamo deck?

  2. Jayblazr

    Why are all the articles on the Top Cut so fun to read, not only are they filled with TCG knowledge but they also are written with great wit and style

  3. Collin Coyle-Brinkmeyer

    Drew must make a “Wooooo” music video featuring the Nature Boys. Fun, sexy, collaborative, and music filled.

  4. Eric

    Drew has to rub sun tan lotion on the chests of the rest of the top cut members.

  5. Superw8

    Drew must eat a cake on a live stream with boxing gloves on his hands and using a fork.

  6. Aaron Wang

    Drew has to wear an OTB shirt to a major event

  7. Mr Thomson

    He must go to worlds with a Barbie TShirt!

  8. killerpotatoe

    i feel that cardzmaster2004’s punishment is a little too harsh. how about quad adino (bummpin’) deck for 1-3 battle roads?

  9. John Orgel

    Drew must wear a tutu and tiara at worlds. Play a game on camera.