Vote for the Last Member of the Top Cut Invitational!

The third annual Top Cut Invitational will be taking place after the conclusion of the 2013 World Championships, and that means another awesome tournament with eight of the best and most exciting players in the game! For this year’s event, we wanted to shake things up and showcase some new faces. Here are the participants we plan on having for the 2013 Top Cut Invitational!

Tsuguyoshi Yamato (2012 Top Cut Invitational Champion)
Igor Costa
Harrison Leven
Edmund Kuras
Ryan Sabelhaus
Jay Hornung
Josh “J-Wittz” Wittenkeller

We think we picked a lineup that will provide lots of entertainment, stories, and top of the line competition. However, you may have noticed one thing; there’s only seven players listed. For the first time, we’re leaving it up to you guys to decide the last player for this year’s tournament! Your options are Jason Klaczynski, Sami Sekkoum, Gino Lombardi, Ross Cawthon, and David Cohen. Whoever gets the most votes will be our final member of this incredible event! All you have to do is vote in the poll below. In the event that one of the players doesn’t show up to the tournament, whoever has the second most amount of votes will fill in that spot, so every vote counts! The poll will close on Wednesday, July 24th at 11:59 PM EST. Once we find out the last player in the tournament, we’ll make a full post describing the event in full. Thank you!

Who do you want to see in the Top Cut Invitational?

34 responses to “Vote for the Last Member of the Top Cut Invitational!”

  1. Pokymanz

    Jay Klay any day.

  2. Kevin Cranberry Murphy

    I have a feeling Gino is going ot be competing in the next top cut invitational.

  3. killerpotatoe

    i know it’s never a good thing to try to sway the voters, but i really think that david should get to be back, considering the only reason he is not the current champ is because he let Yamoto take the move back(Yamoto also attached two energy in one turn, but he still lost that game).

    1. Collin Coyle-Brinkmeyer

      Precisely why David got my vote. It’s not looking too likely though :/

    2. Kyle Sucevich

      If he doesn’t make it this year, we will invite David at a future event.

  4. Mike

    I feel Sami deserves more votes.

    1. Charzano

      That’s what I’m saying! Arguably one of the most consistent worlds top cutters, and he only has thirteen percent of the vote. Bloody rubbish.

      1. Ross Gilbert

        He is THE most consistent Worlds Top Cutter. No way he shouldn’t be in this!

  5. Squeaky Marking

    Sam Liggett gets my vote

  6. Darkness

    If the invitational takes places after worlds 2013, last player should be 2013 world champion. Just an opinion.

    1. mbcar

      It will, however the player who wins worlds 2013 would much rather be celebrating with their friends rather than playing more pokemon.

      1. Xavi

        Yes, maybe he/she is going to be naked at the pool when the tournament begins 😛

  7. Deadeye827

    why cant all of them come?

  8. John Orgel

    Only reason that Cohen didn’t win was b/c he was man enough to allow someone to take back a mistake. He has my vote.

  9. Bacon

    at the Klaczynski Open, Jason is offering an invite to first place. What about that?

    1. Pokymans

      Its the spot for next year(2014).This year is 2013(in case you didn’t know).

  10. shakes4rmsa

    Why not all ? I mean if it were best tournament ever

  11. shakes4rmsa

    Why aren’t all of them in david:world champion sami:most consistent player ever ross: 2 time world finalist jason:2 time world champion gino: national champ

  12. Aidan Boyce

    Well I actually played against Gino before (I don’t think he remembers me though) so I guess my vote might be a little biased. I’d be cool to see him in the Top Cut invitational though.

    Regardless of who gets voted in I’d just like to say that they’re all really good players who all deserve a spot in the Top Cut Invitational (can I just call that the TTI?) at some point in time.

  13. Samzilla33

    Gino is the only one who hasn’t been in the Top Cut Invitational, right? Vote Gino.

    1. Pkmn

      Ross has not been in.

      1. Samzilla33

        Really? I could’ve sworn he was in one of them. I guess not.

  14. Kyle Sucevich

    The goal for this year’s tournament is to showcase the stars that are breaking out while keeping a lot of entertainment and excitement. Our goal is not necessarily to pick the 8 best players in the world, but to create an exciting tournament with high level competition. It’s supposed to showcase the Pokémon TCG at its finest; it’s supposed to create stars for the game. Every year we pick the previous winner, the US National Champion, and the previous World Champion (Yamato, Edmund, and Igor). From there, we have to decide on 5 others. Trust me, it’s not easy.

    Harrison and Ryan both have had outstanding seasons for the past two years, and it just seemed like the perfect time to give them a chance to prove themselves. Jay is someone who probably should have been included the past two years, but we could include only 8 people. It’s only fair to give him a shot after he took 3rd at both US Nationals and Worlds the previous year. Josh is someone who brings a different perspective to the event, a wild card if you will. Yes, his accomplishments pale in comparison to the others, but the excitement and attention he brings will make the tournament that much more special. Love him or hate him, he creates a buzz.

    Now we’re left with just one spot. Obviously Jason and Sami are two of the best players in the world. There’s a reason why they were invited the first two times. Obviously Gino, Ross, and David are also incredible players. There’s a reason why they are options in the voting. Unfortunately, there are only 8 spots. No matter who we choose for the event, tons of people are being cut out. I hope nobody is offended by not being included in the event, but there are bound to be hurt feelings with such a small tournament. We can’t please everyone. Seeing as Jason and Sami are two of my closest friends, I actually feel guilty not including them, but we want to try something different this year. Everyone loves watching them play, but it’s time for some other guys to get a chance. I especially feel bad for David, who by all means should have been the champion last year.

    If we had more time, we would do 16 players, and we wouldn’t have these issues. But the reality is that we run the tournament after Worlds, which means it won’t start until 6-7 PM, perhaps later. Sunday is the last day for most people at Worlds, and they would like to spend it with their friends instead of playing in the tournament all night. Even with only 8 players, the tournament almost certainly will run past midnight. I wish we could have a separate day to run this event, but there’s no way that’s feasible. We have to work with what we have.

    Keep in mind we put together this event for free for the community. I’m not trying to guilt trip anyone, but it’s a lot of work, and it comes with very little reward. That being said, I understand all of the scrutiny and criticism. I’m actually happy people are so passionate about the Top Cut Invitational, and I hope you guys will support it no matter what your opinions are on this year’s player roster. I wasn’t even planning on going to Vancouver until I won my invite a few weeks ago, so this was all put together very quickly. It’s not going to be perfect, but we’re going to put everything we have into putting on the best show possible.

  15. William Compere

    u guys should include 12 players or even 16

    i mean 8 is cool but there needs to be more prestige u know let these 5 guys go through and have 12 participants it will be way more fun. and i think everyone would enjoy it more. u guys have done 8 for the past 2 years. i think u guys shud change it up.

    say jason k






    j wittz






    got to play

    u guys could have 2 pods of 6 players and 3 rounds per pod and then top 4 or 8 depends. and go from there

  16. TheDeckOut

    Sami. He is the most consistent and the best player in the World IMO. Not to mention, he was 2nd in his Nationals once again this year and I’m sure that he will do in the Worlds once again.

    1. Jen King

      didn’t he get ‘lucky’ in his last nationals lol..

  17. Pokemonguy

    J-Wittz went 0-2 dropped at nats why is he in.

    1. Pokymans

      He is just a popular person, someone that a lot of people would like to see. He is still a pretty good player. He got 5th at worlds 2 years ago, and his youtube channel use to be only competitive scene. That’s why he is in there. Also J-Wittz dropped for 2 reasons. 1. He wanted to get more footage for his fans and do other things like commentating, 2. He kinda got unlucky, and his decklist was flawed because he didn’t specify which blend energy he was playing, so he would have a much harder tournament after that.

    2. loljoke

      and you went 2-4 in UK seniors nationals, who are you to critizice? Also, you use a QUESTION MARK after asking a question.

      1. Pokemonguy

        This the tourney of the best, just that Sami should be in there for Josh.

  18. MultX

    J-Wittz is invited? I will watch this for sure.

    Ness is not invited automatically? Wow, that’s a surprise.

  19. Martin Belohlavek

    Jason gets my vote.

  20. Kyle Sucevich

    Jason has informed us that he will decline to play even if he wins the vote, so please pick another competitor if you were considering voting for him!

    1. Leader of BOOMfonte2

      so bitter