PokéPuzzle #2

Welcome to the long awaited PokéPuzzle #2! Sorry it took me so long to do another one of these, and you can rest assured there will definitely not be such a long delay between puzzle two and three. The prize for the winner this time will be one Tropical Beach promo on PTCGO. As in one copy of the card, NOT one code which is worth four copies. Unfortunately I don’t have an infinite supply of prizes, so I have to make what I do have last as long as possible. As I will be trading one copy of the card to the winner through PTCGO, all entrants will need to have a working PTCGO account with at least one tradable card. The winner will be randomly chosen from the correct entries received through 8/30/13 and revealed to the masses in the next PokéPuzzle.

Without further ado, PokéPuzzle #2:

ditto scenario

Pertinent information:


Active Pokemon: Articuno EX (0 damage, not affected by any special conditions)
Benched Pokemon: None
Deck: 4 Cards
Hand: 9 Cards (Three Trainers in Pooka’s hand)
Discard Pile: Assorted Trainer Cards (No Special Energy)
Prizes: 6


Active Pokemon: Ditto (0 damage, not affected by any special conditions, in play for more than one turn)
Benched Pokemon: 3 Ditto (All in play for more than one turn, 0 damage)
Deck: 7 Cards
Hand: 0 Cards
Discard Pile: Assorted Trainer Cards (No Pokémon or Energy)
Prizes: 6

The Goal: To win before your next turn.

The Rules: We pickup action at the start of your current turn. You will be drawing a Bicycle as your one draw for the turn, which means you will be left with six cards in your deck. Those six cards can be any combination of currently legal modified (Next Destinies on) cards you think can earn you the victory, except those cards which you are explicitly not playing listed below. All normal rules of the Pokémon TCG apply (one Energy per turn, one Supporter per turn, etc.), and you must win before your next turn starts. That means that an unusual win condition that occurs such as Poison damage, decking, or anything else I might have forgotten, counts as a valid solution. Assume all coin flips result in tails.

Cards you are NOT playing in your deck: Vileplume (Boundaries Crossed), Ether, Special Energy Cards (Double Colorless, Plasma, etc.)

Please send all solutions to ttcgiveaway@gmail.com and use a list format for your answer. For this puzzle everyone’s first step will be the same:

1. Draw a Bicycle.

Feel free to comment on the puzzle in the comments section but please do not post any potential answers down there. I will be posting a hint to my Twitter page @DrewHolton sometime Thursday for everyone that has not figured it out by then. Good luck everyone and have fun!

34 responses to “PokéPuzzle #2”

  1. kazambolt

    Got it already. Pretty fun puzzle actually.

  2. masterz13

    Think I got it. Hopefully there are multiple solutions to this. :

  3. Pizzandrew

    Wait is it before the start of your next turn or your opponents turn? It says two different things

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Before the start of your next turn.

  4. Quentin Tellier

    C’est pas possible si on n’as pas de cartes en mains et que avoir Métamorph ,alors que il a pas d’attaque.
    PS: Pourquoi le Jeux beug sur mon Pc
    Merci de me réponde

  5. Drew Allen

    So do you get to choose the 4 cards you draw with bike as well?

    1. Kyle Sucevich


      1. Kevin Baxter

        That makes it much easier. I assumed you had to include 2 draw cards in the 6 in case you don’t hit everything you need in the 4 you get.

  6. Jason Joyce


    1. SR

      Okay… not only are you not supposed to be posting answers in the comments, you’re also wrong. You have to win BEFORE your next turn, not during it.

  7. Alex Olijar

    Got it twice, but one is dependent on Pooka’s hand so I don’t think that’s going to be ok.

  8. Bob Aland

    I got it!

  9. Xiang Jie Lay

    found 2 solutions, just gotta know your cards……had to browse through a fair bit of the database to find the solution.

  10. Andrew Campbell

    Found two solutions off the top of my head, probably the same two as everyone else 😛 . I think I’ll dig around some scans to try and find another before sending an email though.

  11. Billy Potts

    How would Dowsing Machine work with the assorted trainer cards?

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Just assume there’s nothing useful in there. Nothing but Potion, First Ticket, and other worthless cards.

  12. Gray Nemets

    Does it have to be a guaranteed win?

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Yes, you must win, and you cannot control what your opponent does.

  13. Cake101

    Aww we can’t use Durant NVI. :(

    1. Samzilla33

      Yeah, I know, lol. I was like “oh, this is super easy!” Nope. Why couldn’t you have asked this question 3 months ago, Drew?

    2. Chris Collins

      you cant even do it with that, need an energy

      1. Aaron Wang

        play bike, draw 3 ants and a juniper, play the three ants on dittos, juniper into an ant and a metal energy, devour gg

  14. Lionheartex

    Got one method. Not bad. Had to definitely think outside the box.

  15. Darkstripe2

    have those dittos been down for more than a turn?

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Yes, it says that in the description.

  16. Darkstripe2

    obviously *facepalm*

  17. Darkstripe2

    I can only think of one< :(

  18. tommy b

    rare candy aggron, rare candy aggron

    1. skyshaymin49

      does aggron activate when you use rare candy?

      1. Xiang Jie Lay


    2. Chris Collins

      need arons

  19. Chris Collins

    can you use supporters or bicycle to list more cards?

  20. Pavel Tho?

    where is solution please?

    1. dothedrew730

      The solutions are listed after Puzzle #3.