Deluge, Rinse, Repeat (Blastoise Decklist)

Black Ballista! You deal 200 damage, KO an EX Pokémon, and take two prizes. Two more attacks and you will win the game! Surely, Black Kyurem EX’s power is unrivaled in the metagame, as 200 damage will KO just about anything! And with the ability to attack each turn, victories with a Blastoise deck can be quite swift. I still believe Blastoise deserves a spot in the current metagame. It lost no cards with rotation to Next Destinies-on, and it has been successful throughout the 2013 tournament season, even finishing 3rd at this year’s Pokémon World Championships! Let’s take a look at a list:

Pokémon (13) Trainers (34) Energy (13)
4 Squirtle 4 Professor Juniper 10 Water Energy
3 Blastoise 4 N 3 Lightning Energy
3 Black Kyurem EX (PLS) 4 Skyla
3 Keldeo EX 4 Rare Candy
4 Superior Energy Retrieval
3 Pokémon Catcher
3 Ultra Ball
3 Tropical Beach
2 Tool Scrapper
1 Heavy Ball
1 Level Ball
1 Computer Search

3 Keldeo EX

Keldeo EX

Even with Virizion EX/Genesect EX a newfound deck in the format, it is important to have a Pokémon on your field that can retreat for two whenever you need to. Keldeo EX also makes a great attacker against Kyurem (PLF). For four energies on a Keldeo, you can KO a Kyurem turn after turn.

3 Ultra Ball/1 Heavy Ball/1 Level Ball

Ultra Ball is the ball of choice in just about every deck for one reason; you can search for any Pokémon you’d like. Ultra Ball’s utility is unmatched. Why 1 Heavy Ball and 1 Level Ball? There are many games where I use Skyla to get a Level Ball or Heavy Ball because there are very important cards in my hand that I can’t afford to discard. Level Ball is great for early game Squirtle search and Heavy Ball has the nice utility of being able to search out Blastoise as well as Black Kyurem EX.

Computer Search

Computer Search

Computer Search is the unrivaled Ace Spec card for this version of the deck. Early game it helps you get whatever you need to try to get the coveted Blastoise out on turn two. Throughout the game, Computer Search will always help you find what you need, and turn one or two, it is magical.

2 Tool Scrapper

Two Tool Scrapper provides some excellent defense against the cards that can give the Blastoise deck a major headache. Against a Garbodor deck, this will allow you to get rid of the tool on Garbodor more often, in turn, allowing you to Deluge more often. If you can keep Deluging, you can keep winning. Tool Scrapper also provides some very nice defense against Silver Bangle. With Silver Bangle off their Pokémon, they have to find some way to do that extra damage to your EX Pokémon, usually meaning another turn your Pokémon aren’t KO’d!

The rest of the deck remains in large the same to most Blastoise lists, and will continue to be represented well in many tournaments. I recommend Blastoise to new players, as I think it is one of the easier competitive decks to play, albeit one of the more expensive decks due to Tropical Beach. Also, doing 200 damage is super fun!

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments, or ask me on Twitter- @TopCutBen

3 responses to “Deluge, Rinse, Repeat (Blastoise Decklist)”

  1. Jerkules

    Cheers Ben, this was great to read. I like the straightforwardness of your approach and the straight lines of what cards are important. Just out of interest, what is your take on using exeggcute to pay for half of your high discount costs? Also, what is your opinion on including non-ex attackers, like baby Black Kyurem? I know these considerations are mainly meta game dependent on what you’re expecting to play against, but I still find them important things to consider when playing blastoise.

    1. Benjamin Potter

      Eggecute is great for Ultra Ball/Computer Search/Superior Energy Retrieval, but the risk is that you start with a 30hp basic. Non-EX attackers can also make the deck with each attacker bringing something different. Both of these are things I considered heavily in my list construction, but ultimately felt that there wasn’t enough space! Cutting a tool scrapper, or even two, for one of these is great if you know your metagame well enough!

      1. Travis

        Just had that happen at cities lol