Pram’s Breakdown Episode 2 – Flareon

Flareon is a cool metagame deck.  What deck would you like to see next week?

6 responses to “Pram’s Breakdown Episode 2 – Flareon”

  1. Wrags23

    So this is like a mixture of straight Flareon/Cofagrigus and a counter deck like what Dylan Bryan ran at Worlds. Interesting.

  2. Ian Asplund (Raen)

    I’ve been playing around with Flareon since I saw Dylan playing it at Worlds. I run a version more like his, but this variant seems interesting and has me thinking about a few different cards to try. Thanks, Pram!

  3. shakeel sayed

    terrakion suicune please

  4. NFreeze

    Yeah, Terrakion/Suicune would be nice 😀

  5. kaleb higdon

    terrakion suicune FTW

  6. TradingCARDZ

    Finally someone else wants Suicune/Terrakion next! :)