Pokémon TCG Online August Community Update

Here’s the latest update from Mike Liesik and the PTCGO community!

Greetings, Trainers!

August has seen two scheduled game updates. The first occurred on the 14th and added Black & White—Plasma Blast expansion. Today’s update doesn’t contain much in the way of new content, but it is an important one nonetheless.

The Pokémon Organized Play team rotates the oldest sets out of the Modified format on an annual basis. This help keep the format fresh for veteran players and makes it easier for new players to get into the game. This change took place for real-world events yesterday, and will be implemented in the game with today’s update. For more information on the changes to the Modified format, check out the original announcement here.

The 2013 Pokémon World Championships took place a couple weeks back and featured some truly amazing game play. I witnessed truly elite players from around the world battle for the title of Pokémon World Champion, capped off by the crowning of the first ever 3-time Pokémon TCG World Champion, Jason Klaczynski! We wanted to bring some of the excitement of the Pokémon World Championships into the game, so competitors, staff and volunteers from this year’s event will begin receiving codes next week for cool commemorative Worlds items. In addition to granting 4 copies of the new Champions Festival card, each code will also give a commemorative coin, deckbox and set of sleeves. Here’s a quick sneak peek at what these items look like in the game:


If you didn’t get a chance to participate in the event, don’t worry! Everything unlocked by these codes is tradable, and we’ve been discussing options for a wider distribution of these items in the future.

This update also contains a number of bug fixes for high priority issues identified by the community, such as Mew-EX’s Versatile Ability not functioning, Trubbish’s Tool Drop attack not calculating damage properly when multiple Pokémon Tool cards are attached to the Defending Pokémon, and Darkrai-EX’s Dark Cloak Ability negating other Abilities. We’re also instituting some better backend tracking on things like trading and chat to provide better insight into some of the recurring bugs that we’ve had a hard time chasing down.

In addition to the items above, the team moved the game to a significantly larger server today. This is another step in the process of optimizing the game to reduce lag and create better game stability. We’ve got more optimizations planned over the next few month, including a major overhaul to how cards are rendered in the game. As these changes roll out, you should notice an improvement in game response times and a reduction in game crashes.

There is a minor game update planned for the middle of September to accommodate the release of some older Black & White series expansions in foreign markets. No new features are planned for that update, though there will be the usual bug fixes.

The development team has projected that the light workload required for the September build will allow them to allocate the majority of their resources to work on the Tournaments section of the game. We’ve got this functionality penciled in for the early October game update. This release will also incorporate more New User Experience items and further revisions to the game’s UI.

Well, that wraps up all the news I’ve got for this month. Thanks for stopping by and, as always, thank you for your continued support!

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6 responses to “Pokémon TCG Online August Community Update”

  1. Joe Navratil

    “Trubbish’s Tool Drop attack not calculating damage properly when multiple Pokémon Tool cards are attached to the Defending Pokémon”

    Well, at least they seem to have properly identified the source of the Tool Drop problem.

  2. Ian Asplund (Raen)

    Kinda disappointing, but at least SOME progress is being made. Development on this project has been very, very slow though. Slower than it should be. I like to think I’m being pretty patient, but 1 1/2 years later, I’d expect a mostly finished game. (Of course, I’m ignoring the original release, which extends the wait time even longer. . . )

    1. Joe

      I think it has to do with the constant work on every new set and the changes it brings in terms of rules, etc. I don’t mind. Progress is progress and I can’t complain…

  3. Marcus Peck

    So, tournaments coming in 2017?

  4. skyshaymin49

    I didn’t know dark cloak negated other abilities, which is weird because the #1 deck I’ve been testing is darkrai/hydreigon

  5. stupie callow

    i wish u got the deck aswell for online :(