The Top Cut Mailbag Week 3 – Michael Pramawat

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Hey Pram. Do you ever think that there will be hope for Flygon Dusknoir variants in this new format, with most decks having high benches? -Liam Müller

Flygon has been a personal favorite of mine ever since Kyle destroyed me.  It may have a spot in the metagame, but as of right now Plasma, and Garbodor are very strong.  So currently I would say it is not that viable at the moment.

hey Pram, I was just wondering how your Trubbish/Sigilyph deck was going. You seemed pretty excited about it in episode 56! -Dominic Bargardi

Tool drop is in a love/hate relationship with me.  I love how cool the concept is, but hate the fact that it is very fragile.  It can lose very quickly out of no where if it misses a beat.  The games I play with it are very fun, but it can get depressing when you miss or get bad hands.

So when will Crimz choose what deck Drew has to play for losing the US Nationals Fantasy Draft and when will he have to play it? Can’t wait to watch Drew play with it on a stream. – Ian Williams

This was a question for last week.  Hopefully soon, otherwise we might forget about it.

Hello Pram, my question to you this week is what tournament do you remember the most and why? (Besides your second place finish at Worlds 2010) – Oliver Barnett

I suppose it is 2007 Nationals.  I played Meganium/Metagross.  However the list I played at Nationals very bad.  I had tried to beat everything, and in doing so, had positive match ups vs nothing.  It was a valuable lesson in that very rarely will you ever play a deck that beats “everything.”  Wish I hadn’t learned that at Nationals, but you gotta learn it somewhere.  Hopefully for many of you, it is here right now.  Learn from the mistakes of others!! 😀

Do you think it’s better to have three or four Colress Machines in Plasma decks? – Ryan Grant

I am a big believer of 3 Colress Machine.  I think that Pokémon is a game of cutting corners when building decks.  Thus, I will always take 3 Colress Machines because it achieves what 4 does, but allows you to do other things with the extra card slot.

Do you think Plasma is still a tier 1 deck in NXD-PLB? There was no showing of it in the top 8 of the KO! Lots of my friends claimed that it would be the best deck in format when PLB was coming out. What are your thoughts? Also another random question is how do you feel about the correct Deoxys count in Plasma? I always thought 4 was a necessity but I have been hearing of some people testing with 3. Thoughts on both of these would be cool to hear. – Colin Green

Plasma is still a tier 1 deck. I almost top 8’d along with a whole bunch of other Plasma players sitting at 5-2.  A big thing is that Plasma is in a place where no one knows how to build it properly anymore.  Until things get settled down on the standard list, you’ll see Plasma fluctuate from good to terrible.  As for Deoxys counts, you can get away with 3 and sometimes be fine, but the assurance of having 4 in your deck of such a big card is nice.  It’s kinda like playing 3 Catcher.  Sure you can get away with it, but would you really want to?

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