Black & White: Legendary Treasures Releasing November 6th!

Pokémon TCG_Black White_Legendary Treasures logo

The next set, Black & White: Legendary Treasures, will be released on November 6, 2013. Over 130 cards will be in the set, including the brand new Chandelure EX! From what we’ve heard, this set will contain a lot of reprinted cards (much like Japan’s EX Battle Boost), but a lot of them will be new as well. Most likely this is the last Black & White set we will see before the X & Y sets come out.

Additional information about the set:

  • Ten Pokémon-EX will be reprinted, including Mewtwo, Darkrai, and Keldeo.
  • Chandelure EX and Excadrill EX will be the two new Pokémon-EX introduced.
  • 25 “Radiant Collection” cards will have a special overcoat and foil patterns plus a different numbering and rarity scheme (much like Japan’s Shiny Collection).

Below are scans of a few of the cards along with the pack art. Enjoy!

7 responses to “Black & White: Legendary Treasures Releasing November 6th!”

  1. Derek Nicolas Oudie

    The set numbering under Gardevoir makes it look like the Shiny Collection cards will have a different numbering, interesting.

  2. Ryan Moorhouse

    Looks like Shiny Collection will be like Unowns or along them lines.

  3. Jon Walquist


  4. Iria Izanami

    Oh yeah

  5. Gray Nemets

    Guess this means no Meloetta EX D:

  6. SquirtleSquad
    Meloetta EX is 25/20 in the shiny collection. Looks like everything from the shiny collection will be in the radiant collection

  7. ImBlue

    Ready for that Elesa supporter. Let’s go