PokePuzzle #3: Solutions

Sorry for the delay in putting up the solutions to PokePuzzle #3 but this has been an extremely hectic week for me. Judging by the decrease in submissions, the scenario was either too hard or people have gotten bored with the puzzle gimmick. Hopefully it was just the puzzle being too difficult. In the future I will try and tinker with the complexity level to get a higher response rate.

Unfortunately, I will be unable to post a new PokePuzzle this week, but I will leave you with the solutions to PokePuzzle #3. Congrats to Shanan Kan for being the lucky winner of a PTCGO Tropical Beach Promo.

Solutions to PokePuzzle #3:

There were two eight card combinations that lead to a victory in last week’s puzzle:

1. Professor Juniper
2. Eevee / Zorua
3. Espeon (PLF) / Zoroark (NXD)
4. Rufflet
5. Braviary (PLS)
6. Foongus
7. Amoonguss (NXD)
8. Psychic Energy / Double Colorless Energy

Eevee, Espeon and Psychic Energy are part of one of the combinations and Zorua, Zoroark and Double Colorless Energy are part of the other. The alternate solution is placed in steps below as necessary in parenthesis.


1. Draw a Professor Juniper.
2. Play Professor Juniper to draw remaining 7 cards listed above.
3. Transform active Ditto into Rufflet.
4. Evolve Rufflet into Braviary.
5. Use ability Big Wing to force opponent’s Zebstrika active.
6. Use ability Rush In to promote Keldeo.
7. Retreat Keldeo, discarding two energy, for benched Ditto.
8. Transform bench Ditto to Foongus.
9. Evolve Foongus into Amoongus.
10. Use ability Sporprise, poisoning and confusing Zebstrika.
11. Transform active Ditto into Eevee (Zorua).
12. Evolve Eevee into Espeon (Zoroark).
13. Attach Psychic Energy (Double Colorless Energy) to Espeon (Zoroark).
14. Attack with Shadow Ball (Foul Play – Lightning Crash), hitting Mew and applying weakness and resistance (Lightning Crash already does 80 damage).
15. Take two prizes.
16. Poison damage in-between turns for Zebstrika, knocking it out.
17. Opponent has no more Pokémon left and you win.

Landorus EX was also involved in a win condition in the fifteen minutes before he was banned from the puzzle. I counted those submissions as correct when I randomly picked the winner.

There will definitely be a new puzzle next week, so be sure to check back often!

3 responses to “PokePuzzle #3: Solutions”

  1. Travis Nunlist

    Could also have junipered into:
    Life Dew
    Mewtwo EX/Meloetta
    In order to get the W!

    1. ImBlue

      You could not play Life Dew due to Disconnect, right?

      Also this puzzle was tough, but satisfying to get the answer. I look forward to future puzzles!

  2. Darkstripe2

    i used vaporeon, mew, and spoerprise