Pram’s Breakdown EP04 – Plasma, Klaczynski Open Edition

Hope you guys enjoyed my report.  What deck do you want to see next week?

3 responses to “Pram’s Breakdown EP04 – Plasma, Klaczynski Open Edition”

  1. GRAPH1X

    What would you take out for the second bangle? and any ideas for absol’s replacement?

  2. Charlie Lockyer

    for absol, second keldeo or 3rd thundy

  3. SheepinSpace

    Hey Pram! You said that while the basic water was useful because Kyurem is your main attacker, the basic lightning was underwhelming. Why is that, though? I thought that when the Sableye player starts abusing hammers, you’d need that to Raiden Knuckle the energy back onto your pokèmon. Could you elaborate a bit, please? Cheers