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Originally, this was just going to be a quick VLOG entry where I’d show off SolForge – a game I absolutely love.  Unfortunately, we got hit hard with news that took the community by storm.  The new Championship Point requirement added an extra 100 Championship Points to our required total in order to qualify for the World Championships!

This was extremely disheartening.  The jump from 400 to 500 points is a lot more significant than one might think at first.  It isn’t simply a 25% increase.  The extra 100 points have to come after you’ve already acquired all of your “easy points” (which in some areas, aren’t even all that easy!)

Kyle made a nice write-up explaining the new Championship Point System (, so I won’t go into too much detail.  I just want to explain a bit from my own perspective.

The amount of travel, and money, required to qualify for the World Championships had a dramatic increase this year.  I’m talking spending triple the amount spent previous years if you are really going to give chasing the World Championships a shot.  It’s not feasible to believe you’ll earn 500 Championship Points by attending only a couple of Regional Championships and 3 State Championships, along with the usual handful of Cities and Battle Roads (now League Challenges) to round things out.  Is it possible?  Sure.  The points are technically there for someone to earn them.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a single person alive that is a favorite, or even a coinflip, to earn a World Championship nod without traveling to a significant number of Regional Championships – and even then, they’re just giving themselves a better shot at the dream.

TPCI stated that their goal was to go back to 128 player World Championships like they had in years past.  This makes sense to me.  I saw firsthand how much of a headache having such a large World Championships can be, especially if the event is going to remain 2 days with Day 2 being dedicated simply to the Finals matches.

I want to state that I am in no way against the World Championships going back to being a smaller event like it was before.  I really want to make that clear – I am ALL FOR a smaller World Championships.  It makes sense, and there’s no argument I can make aside from “increase your budget and make it a three day event, plus add a 4th day for the LCQ!” which is obviously not feasible. I just hate how they went about reducing the size of the event.  The reason why this strategy was so bad is because it just deflates people’s hopes on the Season.  Few people are thinking “I want to be one of the 40 or so players that qualifies in North America.”  Instead, they’re thinking “geez, who’s actually going to get 500 CPs without earning enough Frequent Flyer Miles to circle the Globe… twice.”  I wish they would have decided upon just inviting the “Top X” players like they did in years past if this was their goal.

I know, I know… we’re never happy.  Two to three years ago, we would have done whatever possible to change to an invite structure that didn’t reward sitting out US Nationals.  Unfortunately, if we’re faced with the alternative being an almost unreachable goal, I’d much rather see people sitting out US Nationals and saving their money for Worlds.

This doesn’t change anything for DCIAC.  I’m still just playing this Season because i love the game and I want to return just for the sake of doing so.  It’s heartbreaking knowing that I’d likely need to Top 8 US Nationals to qualify for Worlds, but that’s life, things never really go as planned.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at events, including AZ Regionals this October.

– Josue “Crimz” Rojano

P.S.  Check this YouTube video out!  It features me playing SolForge, a free 2 play TCG made by the creators of Ascension and Magic: The Gathering.  I’ve been playing it nonstop and figured people might want to check it out.  Enjoy!



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  1. C-Dub

    500 CP is unattainable for a lot of reasons that have already been stated. The only way to change things is to take some initiative. Organize a boycott of the events for this season and play some non sanctioned tournaments. Don’t overly spend on packs or booster boxes at the same time. Buy a minimal amount of singles and be content with it. If you want things to change then you have to send them a message and hit them where it hurts the most…. which is $$$$, obviously. If done right, a boycott could have a huge impact on their future decisions. Having the attitude of “this is an outrage, but hey i’ll see you at the events!” doesn’t do a whole lot. Sure you love the game, but you also have to stick up for yourself as the consumer because without us, they are nothing.

    1. vLEWISx

      We can’t just pin TPCI against the wall and expect them to do what we want. I was attempting to try for worlds this year but after this change I am very disappointed that it will be very difficult to achieve. This change makes worlds more prestigious and will reward the most dedicated fans. Lets not boycott the game we love. As long as they know we are unhappy with these changes, TPCI will change it in the future.

      1. C-Dub

        We are the consumer. If you just accept these dumb changes that they are making and go along with it, then nothing will change and they will know that they can do whatever they want to the Masters division. (You know, the division that spends the most money on the game and has by far the highest turn out at event?) If you read what I wrote, I said to play in independent, non sanctioned events like the KO (that was a success). I never said to just ultimately stop playing the game all together.

        Sure the changes that they are making are going to create a much smaller tournament…..but does that make it more “prestigious”? And you think TPCI will change in the future simply by just knowing that we are unhappy? How has that been working out so far? It took them years just to get some basic time changes for events after countless people complained about it.

        1. vLEWISx

          It does make it more prestigious as it shows players have achieved 500 CP’s, played a lot and that they have had a really good season so they’re on form and raising the competition.

          Most people hated ELO and they changed it, A lot of people didn’t like top x players so they changed it to the goal of 400. Now we have 500 and we don’t like it. Pokemon listens to us but we cannot have everything we want.

          Also what should the worlds invitation requirement be? And don’t say top 400 because Pokemon do not want to have another Worlds with 200+ people.

          For most masters, we have been waiting for better prize support since 2004 and if it means paying for an event we’ll still do it. I live in UK and I get charged for battle roads, Cities and Regionals but I don’t care. I want to play Pokemon under TPCI rules because without THEM, WE are nothing.

          1. C-Dub

            You could win multiple regionals, states, and other events and still not make it to 500 CPs…..does this not mean that you had a good season and didn’t play a lot? Think about it based on what you just posted.

            Worlds requirements could be a number of things. I think that they should just let in the top X amount of players based on their numbers of total amount of players for each region.

            And you’re giving waaayy too much power to TPCI. I disagree with the whole “without them we are nothing” attitude. There are ways to play the game independently if the community can organize it.

          2. vLEWISx

            Yes because if you could win multiple Regionals and States you would easily pass the 500 point requirement with Cities and League Challenges. So yes you would have a (really) good season and that’s what Pokemon is asking for.

            Just accept the fact that this is how TPCI is running THEIR company and stop complaining about it because they cannot make decisions that will make everyone happy.

            I’m not happy with it but buying less of their products will hurt their franchise and therefore contradicting what you said about going to more independent tournaments as there won’t be much more if they stop printing the cards.

          3. C-Dub

            Actually no, even if you won multiple Regionals and States along with a few Cities and League Challenges you can still easily come up short of the 500 CPs needed. Do the math. Go look at the article that Kyle wrote on this and he even says this very thing.

            And you’re jumping to extreme conclusions based on what I said. They’re going to stop printing cards if people buy less of their products and organize more independent tournaments? Seriously?

            The “Just accept what TPCI is doing” kind of attitude is weak. They could easily change things to appease what the community wants…but it isn’t in their best interest because it doesn’t make them more money. So what I suggested about protesting by reducing the amount of money that they are making does in fact make sense…but its obvious that you don’t comprehend this. Try formulating an educated argument next time please instead of coming off all defensive with irrational points that make little sense.

          4. C-Dub

            A direct quote out of Kyle’s article in case you don’t believe me:

            “Even if you win 6 League Challenges (90), 4 City Championships (200), and 2 State Championships (200), you’re 10 points short. Keep in mind that winning this many tournaments is practically unheard of, and it’s still not enough.”

            So lets compare that to the first thing that you said:

            “Yes because if you could win multiple Regionals and States you would easily pass the 500 point requirement with Cities and League Challenges.”


          5. C-Dub

            Could you in theory win these regionals and state championships to get enough points? Sure. But it is veeerrrrry improbable as Kyle said and you act like its very possible if you are part of the “prestigious group” of players that earned their way to Worlds.

          6. vLEWISx

            As I said this is what they are expecting. I don’t like it but I like you complaining about it. If you win that many tournaments then you have proven to TPCI that you have earned it.

          7. vLEWISx

            haha you said win multiple Regionals and States meaning you must have won more than just the 1 Regional and the 1 State get your wording right.

          8. C-Dub

            I have no idea what you’re even referring to here. The post you responded to here has a quote from Kyle and a quote from you. So i’m confused.

          9. vLEWISx

            “Actually no, even if you won MULTIPLE REGIONALS AND STATES”

            You still trying cus I’m not.

          10. vLEWISx

            OK lets do the Math shall we, So from what you’re saying that means you have won at least 2 Regials and 2 States. 1st at 2 Regionals is 240 CPs and 1st at 2 States is 200. 240+200=440. That leaves 60 points off, which is easily obtainable off Cities and League Challenges. So apparently you saying “lets all screw TPCI cus I don’t get what I want” is all true and it is an uneducated arguement to go against that. You’re not the all knowing Master of persuading you think you are.

            Honestly this is pretty funny that you think I’m making little sense.

          11. C-Dub

            You’re acting like getting first at 2 regionals is easy. Who has done it lately? And then two first place at states as well….Who has done that lately? And that just gets you to 60 points away from 500. Even the top players like Kyle and Jason came up short last year. Kyle got enough from the LCQ and Jason had to grind his way in. Neither of them were even close to 500 CP.

            I said to boycott TPCI until they change the requirements back to a more attainable amount.

            I actually think its pretty funny how I seem to be arguing with a little kid.

          12. vLEWISx

            Hey I’m going off what you said.

            “I actually think its pretty funny how I seem to be arguing with a little kid.” You play a children’s card game, You can’t just call someone else, who does the same hobby as you, a little kid.

            And I’m bored of filling up this comment section with your continuous protest.

            Please continue and ramble on about it cus your just complaining to what you call a little Kid.

          13. C-Dub

            Well your arguments are about on the same level as a 10 year old. I am also bored of responding to your irrational and silly logic. I make points that you can’t counter them aside from statements such as “You’re just complaining! and “We are nothing without TPCI” so deal with it”.

          14. vLEWISx

            Oh. Sorry lolsenior, you’re better than everyone and I forgot. Nice punctuation with the speech marks. I’d rate it 2-3 year old.

          15. C-Dub

            You’ve said Your instead of You’re already so i’m not sure you can try and talk down to me about punctuation errors online. Strong comeback btw when you can’t articulate valid points in a discussion.

            This will be my last response to you. Just not even worth it.

          16. vLEWISx

            glad to hear it. I’ve explained everything to you and I’m tired now.

          17. vLEWISx


  2. Kalyst

    Lewis-your arguments at best are weak and shallow. No one can have that good of a season and “earn it from TPCI” to get into Worlds. Our recent Champions did not have the necessary points. Here’s the thing-if it becomes more economical to just wait until LCQ’s or grind in rather than blow over 2-3k during the course of the season gambling on the chance that they may or may not get in, it doesn’t bode well for the game if people start figuring that out. Drastically decreased attendance will put the whole system to moot. You yourself are disappointed with the changes so why defend it? Try as you might to justify it, there really IS no justification-even bumping it to 450 CP would have been more reasonable.

  3. JakTheMad

    That pretty much sums up your flame war there.

    Personally, while it is a big jump certainly from 400 to 500, I haven’t been playing long enough to really sympathise with it. I’ll just have to keep on grindin’ on, because I’ll be damned if I’m going to give up my hobby just because of this.

    1. C-Dub

      Well if you read what I have been arguing here, you would see that i’m not advocating for people to just quit the game because of this increase in CP requirements. I said that people should still play non sanctioned events this season and buy minimal cards to send TPCI a message. There ARE ways to play the game competitively without TPCI. The KO was an example of that.

      And its understandable that you don’t know how big of a jump to 500 CPs are. But did you read Kyle’s article on this? He certainly knows. Ask him, or ask J-Klack (The guy who won it all this year and didn’t even reach 400 CPs to qualify for worlds that way) how hard getting to 500 will be.

  4. vLEWISx

    I see I have gone off topic. Sorry everyone.

    1. vLEWISx

      Not really gone off topic more like didn’t know when to stop after I have run out of things to say.

      I do want to emphasise how sorry I really am, especially to Crimz.

  5. TradingCARDZ

    Wow! SolForge is awesome! Send me a match some time my gamer-tag is tylerfoxkb.

    I can’t wait for tournament mode and trading!