The Top Cut Mailbag Week 4 – Ben Potter

Hey guys, Ben here this week to answer your questions! Remember to send questions in to for next week’s mailbag! Drew will be answering next time.

Hey Ben, With all the Superior Energy Retrievals and Ultra Balls in Blastoise, should Exeggcute be put in Blastoise builds? – Liam Müller

While Exeggcute remains a risky choice due to the potential of starting with it, the benefits it can bring you is extremely useful. Normally, I would say go for it, I’ve seen it been used extremely effectively, but in the current metagame I don’t think it warrants a deck spot. After winning the KO, Darkrai/Garbodor is going to be one of the more popular if not the most popular deck choice for Regionals. Garbodor would render Exeggcute useless. The spot is most likely better devoted to a 2nd Tool Scrapper or another consistency card.

Hey Ben, I’m building a deck right now that I’m trying to use Haxorous since Strike of the Champion will just wreck my friends Plasma decks. But the only thing is I can’t figure out how to get this deck together. Any suggestions? – Tom Clark

Haxorous is extremely powerful against Plasma decks, but the biggest problem it has is that it has to set up multiple Stage Two attackers in case Plasma is able to KO the first Haxorous. One really great way to deal with this is a 1-1 Gabite line. Gabite will allow you to search for a Dragon Pokémon turn after turn keeping the pressure on. Level Ball is also a card I can see the deck playing multiple copies of.

What decks should I expect at the fall Regionals, but more specifically the Fort Wayne, Indiana Regionals? – Ian Williams

While I don’t primarily play in that area, I did get a good look at metagame trends and tendencies from that area during the Chicago Marathon in 2012/2013. While rogue decks and abnormal builds still exist in any area, the Midwest area usually has a pretty defined metagame of the standard top-tier decks. Expect standard Plasma decks, Darkrai/Garbodor, and Blastoise decks en masse. Another deck I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of there is Virizion/Genesect. A lot of people are hyping this deck and Henry Prior piloted one to a top 4 finish at the KO.

Thanks for all of your questions! Please be sure to ask Drew plenty of stuff for next week, and don’t forget about the playmat design contest we have going on!