PTCGO – Pooka (Haxorus) vs. Kevin_H (Plasma)

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  1. Joshua Jacob Prince

    haxorus for regionals? lol

  2. C-Dub

    This deck shouldn’t be a bad deck Monday deck at all. The only bad matchup it currently has is against blastoise. It has a nice counter to just about every other competitive deck (except maybe Empoleon) depending on techs used( like tool scrapper). Landorus EX and Cobalion EX are a nice pair to have against a lot of good decks right now because they attack for cheap and are really effective against some of the game’s most used pokemon (darkrai and kyurem, for example)

    Not surprised at all that you have gone 11-0 at this point.

    Kyle, do you REALLY think this deck belongs on BDM? lol I think its arguably a tier 2/tier 3 deck at worst right now based on the meta.

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      As I’ve clarified in the past, “bad deck” is a very subjective term. The point of BDM is to showcase lower tier decks and creative ideas, not use horribly inferior cards that can win only when my opponent gets a bad hand. Nobody really wants to watch that, and I certainly don’t enjoy sitting there with a painfully terrible deck losing repeatedly. Sometimes I use a deck like that (Cradily/Nidoking/Nidoqueen comes to mind), but the boredom of watching it far outweighs its novelty.

      Normally my benchmark for whether or not I play a deck on Bad Deck Monday is, “Would I consider playing this deck at a major event?” If I would, then it doesn’t belong here. Would I consider using Haxorus at Regionals? You would probably have to pay me to play it. It’s slow, clunky, and underwhelming against anything but Plasma.

      The reason I highlight the fact that it’s 11-0 is because of how absurd that is. Any deck winning 11 straight games is unlikely, let alone one that revolves around a gimmick attacker, 1-1-1 Garchomp, 1-1 Garbodor, 1 Cobalion EX, 1 Iris, and 1 Scramble Switch.

      1. C-Dub

        I didn’t realize that it had the 1-1 Garchomp or 1-1 Garbodor lines. lol That sure is clunky for going 11-0. I think a straight landorus, cobalion, haxorus deck would be better, but the creativity with those techs is cool too. I still say the deck is better than you are giving it credit for against a wide array of match ups. Sure, it is going to be slow (with no energy acceleration), clunky (because of it being a stage 2 deck), but I don’t see it as being that underwhelming due to landorus and cobalion together being solid against so many good decks (not blastoise obviously even though its still winnable if they draw poorly). Attacking for 1 energy for 30/30 or 30/special energy removal effect is quite good. You can splash around with landorus or cobalion while you try and build up a two energy haxorus. I don’t think its that much of an uphill fight. Add in the fact that the typing of landorus and cobalion have good typing in certain matchups is also a plus.

        The “bad deck” title really does leave a lot of room for interpretation. I’ve watched enough episodes on Monday to come to think of decks like “flipz” when BDM comes to mind, even though you do play many decks that are lower tiered.

        Enjoyed the vid and response though.

  3. Jean

    Could you post the Decklist?

  4. $@//

    Pooka, have you considered using Cradily/Beedrill or Kyurem Nvi/BW Promo/Vespiqueen Pls for BDM? Cradily/Beedrill is just swarm your Beedrills with Lifesplosion, but Kyurem/Vspiqueen is spread damage with Kyurem and have Vespiqueen sweep with damage beat (20x# of damage counters). You could also have sableye in both decks for setting up. Also, have you tried a straight 4-1-3 Garchomp and Haxorus line with Silver Mirror? Great game!

  5. ST

    decklist ? please …

  6. João Paulo Faria Henrique

    I’d appreciate having this decklist.