Changes to Championship Point Payouts

After admitting that they overlooked something in their formulas, TPCi has decided to change some of the Championship Point payouts of events at this year’s tournaments. Let’s take a look at the changes.

Regional Championships

Place 2013-14 Payout 2012-13 Payout
1 150 120
2 135 110
3-4 105 90
5-8 75 50
9-12 45 50
13-16 45 40
17-32 30 20
33-64 15 10

US National Championships

Place 2013-14 Payout 2012-13 Payout
1 500 500
2 500 500
3-4 500 500
5-8 500 500
9-12 150 80
13-16 150 60
17-32 100 40
33-64 80 30
65-128 50 10

With the shift to the 500 Championship Point requirement, it seems like TPCi recognized the need to increase the points for some of the high tier events. Regional Championships got a boost near the top spots, and US Nationals got a much needed boost for those who manage to make it through the massive 1000+ player field to make Top 128. Looking back, it was quite silly to see that Top 32 at US Nationals was worth the same as making the Finals of a City Championship.

What do you think about the change? Will this encourage you to play more this season? Does the 500 CP goal seem more in reach now, or does this just put more emphasis on US Nationals? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments!

For complete information on this season’s Championships Point structure, visit this link.

5 responses to “Changes to Championship Point Payouts”

  1. Ramon Zamora

    I like the emphasis on if you do good in major tournaments, you get your invite. There were too many people getting almost more than half their points from just blitzing battle roads and running teams which included throwing matches for friends.

  2. TheAllyKat

    Where is Canada in all this? (since the Pokémon website automatically sets Canada local selection to United States.)

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      I updated the post to include the link to the Championship Point structure at the bottom.

      1. TheAllyKat

        The points are crystal clear. I am just trying to get a better feel if our Nationals will coincide with the same weekend as US Nationals? (Since the website doesn’t even set our Regionals.)

  3. khit

    Ehh, seeing as how I still have no clue as to when a canadian tournament will be, It’s hard to make plans to play. I doubt this will have an impact on me seeing as how I can only go to 2 regionals most likely (based on past years)