PokéPuzzle #4

Welcome back for PokéPuzzle #4 and sorry for the delay leading up to this one. Yet again, the prize for the winner will be one Tropical Beach promo on PTCGO.

Standard PokéPuzzle disclaimer: This means one copy of the card, NOT one code which is worth four copies. Unfortunately I don’t have an infinite supply of prizes, so I have to make what I do have last as long as possible. As I will be trading one copy of the card to the winner through PTCGO, all entrants will need to have a working PTCGO account with at least one tradable card. The winner will be randomly chosen from the correct entries received through 9/28/13 and revealed to the masses in the next PokéPuzzle.

PokéPuzzle #4:


Important information:

Active Pokémon: Genesect EX (Plasma Blast), 100 damage taken (70 HP remaining), three grass energy attached.
Benched Pokemon: Genesect EX (Plasma Blast), 100 damage taken (70 HP remaining), three grass energy attached, G Booster Pokemon Tool attached.
Deck: Irrelevant
Hand: Irrelevant
Prizes: 1

Active Pokemon: Ditto (Boundaries Crossed), 20 damage taken (50 HP remaining), one Blend GRPD and one Blend WLFM attached.
Benched Pokemon: None
Deck: 6 Cards (This INCLUDES the card you will be drawing for your turn which is given below)
Hand: 0 Cards
Prizes: 4 (All four prizes are copies of the card First Ticket)

The Goal: To take your remaining prizes in your next two turns.

The Rules: We begin action at the start of your current turn. You will be drawing a Bicycle as your one draw for the turn, which means you will be left with five cards in your deck. Those five cards can be any combination of currently legal modified (Next Destinies on) cards you think can earn you the victory, except those cards which you are explicitly not playing listed below. Additionally, you only have one basic Pokémon remaining in your deck. All normal rules of the Pokémon TCG apply (one Energy per turn, one Supporter per turn, etc.), and you must win on your next turn via taking all your prizes. That’s right; I am trying something new, so the turn order will be you (the current turn), Pooka, and then you again. For this puzzle you must win via attack damage so no status or decking win conditions will work.

Assume all coin flips result in tails, except if you try to confuse Pooka’s active. Pooka will flip heads on confusion.

On Kyle’s turn he will attack with the benched Genesect EX with G Booster if able to. In fact, all he will do on his turn is attack so don’t worry about Kyle playing any trainers that might ruin your answer. Your solution obviously doesn’t work if Kyle is able to take his last prize on his turn.

Cards you are NOT playing in your deck: Eviolite, Pokemon Catcher, N, Raikou EX (Dark Explorers), Genesect EX (Plasma Blast), Tool Scrapper, Escape Rope, Ninetales (Dragons Exalted), Braviary (Plasma Storm), Salamence (Plasma Blast), Vanilluxe (Next Destinies), Crystal Wall, Super Rod, Dusknoir (Boundaries Crossed)

Please send all solutions to ttcgiveaway@gmail.com and use a list format for your answer. For this puzzle everyone’s first step will be the same:

1. Draw a Bicycle.

Additionally, please list the six cards you will be using as your deck. For this puzzle everyone’s first card will be the same:

1. Bicycle

The order you list the cards is irrelevant when submitting your answer. It is impossible for me to check every card combination when I come up with a puzzle so there is probably more than one answer to the puzzle.

Feel free to comment on the puzzle in the comments section but please do not post any potential answers down there. I will be posting a hint to my Twitter page @DrewHolton sometime Thursday for everyone that has not figured it out by then. Good luck everyone and have fun!

14 responses to “PokéPuzzle #4”

  1. Michael Wierzbicki

    Just got a solution to this. I finally got an answer before it was revealed!

  2. Xiang Jie Lay

    when it says i must win on my next turn, does it mean start or end of my next turn, basically I’m trying to find out if I get to attack once or twice?

    1. dothedrew730

      You attack twice.

      1. Xiang Jie Lay

        thank the lord I attack twice

  3. Darkstripe2

    Dang it. No escape rope…….

  4. AbMo

    What’s in your discard pile? Can we specify whatever we like in there?

    1. NM2

      I second this question, I’ve got a couple of solutions but both need a card in the discard pile.

    2. Kyle Sucevich

      Assume that there is nothing useful in your discard pile. Nothing but Ditto, Energy, and Poké Balls.

  5. Darkstripe2

    Could we have a hint? Pweese? Pwetty pwease?


    Wow, this was the hardest one yet. A few words in the body threw me off really, really hard in the completely wrong direction.

  7. Darkstripe2

    It can’t be status conditions, but does it have to be attack damage?
    Also, is it ok if we tie?
    Do we HAVE to attack twice?

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      You must win the game on your second turn. Think of it as a timed scenario in a tournament. You are Turns 1 and 3 after time has been called.

  8. Hobgob95

    Does g booster go through latias ex?

    1. Kyle Sucevich