Pokémon X & Y Introduce New Rule Changes

According to the Japanese Pokémon website, some rule changes for the TCG will be happening with X & Y.

1) The player going first cannot attack.

2) Pokémon Catcher now requires a coin flip. If heads, you make the Pokémon switch (like Pokémon Reversal).

3) A new Supporter card, Professor Sycamore, has the same text as Professor Juniper. Therefore, you may play one or the other in your deck, but not both.

What do you think about these changes? They are set to be put into place in Japan on November 8th.

Full information can be found at the Japanese site: http://www.pokemon-card.com/howto/new-rule/index.html

47 responses to “Pokémon X & Y Introduce New Rule Changes”

  1. awesome01

    I think that the first turn rule is great simply because it makes decks like blastoise and DarkGarb pretty much undonkable. number 3 is also fair. As for number 2 if we continue to have powerful bench sitters I think catcher is the only thing that evens it out, however if we lost cards like blastoise then It should be fine.

  2. Eric

    The first rule sort-of balances the game out. unless you have a very inconsistent stage 2 deck, you cannot/should not be donked anymore (unless you get a really horrible hand with no supporters). also, it adds another layer of strategy to games. for example, do I want to go first and set up since I cannot attack (VirGen & Blastoise), or do I want to go second and attack (Darkrai – Junk Hunt, TDK – Raiden Kunckle)? also, going first means you get to evolve first but you cannot call for family. This rule does make tropical beach way too good tho.
    Rule 2 is also good to a certain extent. first, it opens up more deck choices the runs stage 2 pokemons. in combination with the first rule, I think Pokemon is encouraging players to play more stage 2 decks (other than blastoise, hopefully). However, the current state of PTCG has a lot of OP cards that can just sit on the bench and absolutely destroy everything. so on one hand the flip makes catcher less powerful, but on the other hand it makes support pokemons insanely good. (Blastoise Kyurem could be BDIF after the implementation of the rules).
    IMO I think the first rule is awesome, but the second rule im sort of 40-60 with it. I hope they can further tweak rule number 2 to make it a better.
    as with rule number 3, wow! they are starting to get lazy…. :(

    1. F0NTAINE

      I don’t think whether or not you choose to go second will be decided on if you play an early game aggressive deck, but rather if you play against an aggressive deck, as you’d want to attack first. In the example below, you’d still have to wait to attack after your opponent gets at least 1 turn so going against Blastoise/Keldeo as TDK, you’d probably still want to go first. You’d choose to go second if you’re afraid of your opponent being able to knock you out on his first turn (but even still, you’d get an extra turn to set up before him unless his first attack swings the tide of battle as is seen in Kyurem PF vs Kyurem PF)

      Opponent Can’t Attack – You Can Attack
      You Can’t Attack – Opponent Can Attack – You Can Attack

    2. Darkstripe2

      This will make beach a 500$ card tho.
      Now hydreigon and bastoise wil murder everything.
      No more catcher

      1. C-Dub

        Because every deck must now dedicate 1-2 spots for a stadium card that will basically only help them if they are going first in a game, that they must draw or use skyla to get out on this first turn of the game, and their opponent can use? Yeah….I don’t think so.

        Calm down with freaking out about Tropical Beach and how much it will now cost.

        1. Darkstripe2

          Yeah, now every deck will play beach, where before only Blastoise and other minority stage 2s played it. Now everyone will. I was over exaggerating a little when I said 500$: it will probably go up to 350$ ish. Still, we were ranting about beach’s cost and in availability before? This is now even worse then it was already.
          Beach is now officially the the Time Walk of pokemon.

          1. C-Dub

            Not every deck will play beach. You are getting a little carried away here. The impact that it will have for the person going first in the game (IF they are able to get it out) will be small compared to the cost/reward that you are using it for by dedicating a few slots to play it. Overall, its not worth it in most decks.

          2. GymBoss57

            of course NOT every deck will play Tropical Beach! Why? because its too freakin expensive to get!….unless your parents are rich and spoil you which mine are not lol

      2. Water Master

        If you want beach just buy the
        Rayquaza world championships deck you get 3!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s what I did

        1. Sponk

          World championship cards are not tournament legal.

  3. Tim Hoover

    Rules 1 makes sense in trying to move away from the first turn donks. Winning or losing when someone does not to play a single card really isn’t a game. Especially in a best of one series. It also opens up the choice of going first or not to more strategy, similar how the person who goes first in MagicTG doesn’t draw a card. On the other hand I thought they had already fixed this with the best of 3 series being introduced.

    Rule number 2 has me puzzled. Pokemon has reprinted catcher and then printed multiple copies of it in a theme deck to ensure everyone has copies of the card…. now they are going to errata the card text to nerf the strength of it….. if this was going to be done, why didn’t they rotate it out, and print it as a new card…. or better yet, wait to reprint it when X and Y launched with the errata’d text?

    Rule 3 kinda makes sense too. They are just reprinting Professor Juniper again with a different name and picture. If I remember correctly, WOTC did this with Pokemon as well 12 years ago or so.

  4. C-Dub

    I love the first two changes since #3 really doesn’t matter. Its the same card so its understandable.

    Rule # 1 means no more first turn donks and each player having a chance to play is a long needed change for the game. Its funny how angry people playing big basic EX decks are at this change. Not being able to donk or put down 60-90 dmg in some cases t1 going first will no longer happen. Evolution decks will now have a chance to set up and the game will have more variety in deck choice because of this. There have been several stage 1 and stage 2 decks that I have wanted to play over the past year, but he fear of getting donked has detoured me.

    Rule #2 is making me lol so hard at all of the angry misguided people who are screaming “Catcher is a balanced card and its good for the game!!!!” Or “Its needed to get rid of all of the overpowered bench setters!!!” Just lol.

    Have people forgotten that escape rope aka warp point is in the format? Of course its not AS GOOD as catcher, but there is another option to use if you don’t want to flip. The amount of skill involved in using escape rope is also a heck of a lot more than catcher was. I see so many people complaining that making catcher a flip card makes the format more luck based…..uhhh no it doesn’t. It makes it more skillful for a lot of reasons because its usage will go down. The amount of games i’ve lost by my opponent top decking a catcher to finish me off is unreal. When using escape rope you also have to really strategize how you utilize it throughout the game. I love the idea of it being in a lot more games now with this rule change.

    I like how catcher will no longer be an automatic 3 or 4 of in each deck. If people use more escape rope now, they might be able to cut down on the switches used in many decks. By doing this or just cutting catcher out of a deck altogether, there is more space available so more variety in cards will be played. I hate cards that are “staples” in decks. Variety and balance is what makes the game fun.

    The amount of catcher stalling will be going down drastically as well. No longer can sableye use catcher, laser, enhanced hammer, or whatever else involve in abusing the mechanics of stalling with laser like that.

    Overall, well done Pokemon.

    1. F0NTAINE

      I agree with you on all counts, but catcher having a coin flip does increase the amount of luck involved in the game. People will still play catcher and rely on heads, if someone gets all heads in the game with their catchers, then it’s like that rule never affected them. Now you’re compensating for an errata they didn’t have to compensate (but that’s also the risk, it could be all tails and then they just lose out on usable cards in the deck)

      1. NFreeze

        I don’t think so.
        Back in the time of the first Ex cycle the people didn’t rely on Pokemon Reversal, so why would they rely on Flippy-Catcher?? Only fast and disruptive decks will rely on that card, but most setup decks won’t.
        It’s also the decision of the person to run Catcher or not.
        It’s kinda a choice between consistency and tech…

        The great thing about this rulechange is, that there will be more strategy in the game, because you won’t just build up your main hitter and go straight for some prices. Sometimes you will skip an attack to get the first hit on the opponents mainhitter or you just want to make sure to get a second hitter up first. That is something i really missed since catcher got released.

      2. C-Dub

        If people will still play catcher like you said, then thats their problem. Thats the game that we all have to adapt to. I still disagree that it now makes the game more luck based. Don’t want to risk getting tails, then don’t play catcher. Its that simple. It was an OP card to begin with despite the bandwagoning mentality in the pokemon community of “We need catcher to balance the format!!!! Blastoise and Garbodor are too powerful now!!!!” The card simply got balanced a bit and will cause an increased amount of skill and creativity instead of throwing an automatic 3-4 into each deck.

        1. poetlarsen

          the issue is look at pokemon reversal from 2 formats ago. That card was hated because of how flippy it was, and that is what the new catcher is going to be. You add the flippy-ness of laser along with a flippy catcher and sableye….

          1. Destiny Warrior

            Pretty sure the hate was a by-product of Junk Arm entering the arena.

          2. poetlarsen

            even then it was still hated, plus we still have sableye….

        2. Big Bidoof

          You say it’s their problem? I’d like to see you say that when somebody wins an important match over you because they consistently flip heads.

  5. xidus3

    So…if I start with a lone Squirtle going first, and my opponent goes second playing speed Tornadus deck that gets setup on their turn 1 . Can’t I get donked even though I went first?
    Also – it sucks that I can’t call for family. I think the rule should say you can’t attack the defending pokemon, instead of you can’t attack. That way you can still setup.

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      If you get to play an entire turn and still don’t get a second Basic Pokémon, that’s just how it goes. It’s a bit silly to complain about that.

      1. xidus3

        Agreed, you still get a turn and a shot to get another pokemon out. I guess my point was more that donks (first turn KO’s) will still happen, they won’t go away completely. “No-turn donks” will be gone though.

        1. C-Dub

          A donk is only when you lose the game because your lone active pokemon was knocked out without you even getting a turn. Sure, there will still be games where the person going first has a low hp pokemon out there and draws dead with getting another on the bench, and loses. But that will happen rarely I think.

  6. xidus3

    I think catcher speeds the game up and also gives you the chance to comeback from behind by catcher stalling or KO’ing a powered up full hp benched pokemon instead of having to attack what your opponent put out as a sacrifice.
    I do remember how fun/frustrating it was to play with reversals. Brought some excitement to the game. Honestly if the format didn’t let you hit for 150-200 damage this wouldn’t be an issue.
    Why don’t they just build more cards that are defensive? I loved power spray from SP, something like that – except it could block trainers – would be more inline with building good decks (i.e. how many do you play, do you want to be offensive or defensive) instead of changing the game to luck with coin flips. Wouldn’t it be nice to block a rare candy, catcher, switch or laser? That would make the game more fun to me than having more luck based situations in the game.

    1. Zach Elliott

      Blocking Items sounds like so much fun. That card would be so good though (maybe ACE SPEC?).

    2. C-Dub

      Making catcher a flip card does not mean the game is more luck based. It makes the game more balanced by requiring people to use strategy and a skillful mindset when building decks. Do I want a deck with 3-4 flip cards when I can play 3-4 escape ropes instead that provide an additional and 100% sure effect? Thats a question people will be asking themselves now. Did crushing hammer being a flip card make the game worse or more luck based? No. A lot of decks outside of sableye junk hunt abusing it still played the card. Did some games come down to whether or not they got that heads on a flip to remove an energy? Sure. This is a card game. All games, especially a trading card game, will have a degree to luck involved. Don’t want to risk not getting that catcher effect by flipping a coin? Then play a different card like escape rope. You adapt or accept the consequences. It doesn’t necessarily mean the game is now more luck based because you are forced to play catcher….because you arn’t. Thats the idea behind building a 60 card deck….you have options if you want consistency or a high risk, high reward flip card. Strategy: What a concept.

      1. c dub is stupid

        lol, no coin flips aren’t luck based! You don’t seem to understand that escape rope is nothing like catcher. The only time escape rope works as a replacement is if they only have one pokemon, with a deck that has to evolve multiple pokes, thatll never happen. Wnjoy the coming garbodor/blastoise dominated format, it’s gonna be so much better!

        1. C-Dub

          Well this was certainly a mature reply. Nice name as well. You obviously didn’t even read the entire post, but its understandable since you seem to be as mature as a 10 year old. I won’t even bother explaining why you’re wrong about everything that you said.

        2. Public Toilet

          Wow you have a lot of spare time to come up with something as pointless and stupid as that. Fine you can have a joke, but don’t 10 year olds need to study for school to go to so they can get a well paid job when there’ll likely be a shortage of them?

      2. Public toilet

        To avoid confusion, C-Dub is not trying to say, that catcher getting a flip on it, makes the game more skilled based, he/she is saying that a lot of people will not play it and will use escape rope instead. Catcher getting a flip will result in more luck as, as he/she said, people will go high risk, high reward.

        May I add? Am I reading this wrong or does it not make sense? “Did crushing hammer being a flip card make the game worse or more luck based? No. A lot of decks outside of sableye junk hunt abusing it still played the card.” You’re saying No, it won’t make the game more luck based or worse? Also how does (or does not) Sableye junk hunting make the game worse or luck based (out of curiosity)? and how does it fit with the question that it is supposed to answer? or, better yet, how does the question about crushing hammer fit into the conversation when crushing hammer will never be as good as catcher (flip or not)?

        Try not to waffle as there will be some people who think you’re a smarty pants and try to contradict what you say and BAM! You’re in a pointless conversation with someone who have better things to do than read your comments that go off topic by talking about crushing hammer, a card that isn’t on the same level as catcher and is rotated out and by using questions that you don’t give suffice answer for.

        C-Dub is not stupid he/she just didn’t word his comment correctly to not be misinterpreted.

        Overall I like what you (C-Dub) are saying but I do believe you may have gone off topic a bit.

        1. C-Dub

          I still think that you are missing the point of what I was arguing and I disagree with my words being confusing or whatever you said. I wasn’t “waffling” or going off topic either. Its simple. You can CHOOSE to play a card that requires a flip or play another card. Its that simple and I don’t see where the confusion lies in my reasoning. You have to adapt to the rule changes in the game. You can adapt or cry about it saying “the game is more luck based now, waahhhhhhh” like we are all forced to play catcher now against our will because it used to be such a OP card. The rule change affects everyone so we are all on same playing field.

          1. Public toilett

            Fine don’t follow what I say. You don’t have to because not everything I say is apparently 100% right unlike someone.

            You’re leaving your posts up for misinterpretation is something that I believe you are doing.
            Giving an already popular card a flip will result in a more luck based game as people will play it. Sure as a secondary effect it may result in more skill for people who choose to play escape rope.

            Leaving with a question you can’t answer: When was I complaining? please quote a part of my post that is proof of me complaining about these new rules. Looking forward to your next post smarty pants.

          2. C-Dub

            You seem to easily get offended if your posts are questioned or even replied to in a way that you don’t like. You called me out for “waffling” yet you were the one using big lingo and doing exactly what you said I was doing in my posts. Your posts really don’t make any sense.

            “Giving an already popular card a flip will result in a more luck based game as people will play it”…..its like you fail to use common sense. Keep jumpin on dat bandwagon of “Oh we HAVE to play catcher even now that its a flip but i’m going to whine and cry about a more luck based game now”…..makes no sense. Again, the card was OP to begin with. Nerfing it down a bit isn’t a bad thing and it allows people to evaluate if its worth playing with it being so inconsistent. Its the idea behind choosing consistency or opting to go with a high risk high reward card. When things like this happen, there is more skill involved in the game. You probably just can’t wrap your mind around this idea though, which is what i’ve been arguing all along.

            My posts arn’t confusing and nothing that I have said have been left for interpretation like your over-analysis tried to say.

          3. Public toilet

            Sure keep thinking that pal. lol just… lol. I’ve said what was needed to say and you just can’t accept that your word isn’t perfect. You replied even though you couldn’t answer my question correctly. You’re just so stubborn and I find it amusing. goodbye!

  7. xidus3

    Why did they make 2 cards that do the same thing but name them differently? Was it because Juniper was supposed to rotate out and the new card was a replacement?

    1. F0NTAINE

      I think they just want to create consistency in the theme/design. Professor Oak was the same as Professor Juniper back in the day. I assume they want to make the standard that every single region’s Professor is the “discard your hand and draw 7”.

      For trivia’s sake: Professor Elm was shuffle hand into deck and draw 7. Professor Birch is the same as Bianca. Professor Rowan is a Caitlin, but better in many cases (keeping the Rare Candy for Blastoise and drawing 4, even if you only have a 1-3 card hand).

  8. Teiamat

    I personally like Rule 1: it gives stage 1-2 decks a chance to get stuff on the board and set up well still allowing a strategic player the option of first attack if they can capitalize on it with they’re deck. so even with Darkrai, plasma and sometimes other Big basic decks it still allows them to do best set up options. and blitz attack your opponent but you just won’t likely get a donk off of it.

    Rule 2: hmm I’m not a 100% sure either way on this one, I think its good that they toned down the power of catcher but it also kinda just swung the pendulum in the opposite direction. now bench sitters, Say hi Garbodor!, will be come more powerful as there is only a 50/50 chance they will get pulled up instead of being inevitable. it might also give Plasma a nice ego boost knowing its harder for your opponent to catcher stall you Deoxyes every turn. I don’t think it was the best decision when you also consider they cut the time for rounds and added potentially 2 more games, but as a player who runs 4 in every deck, I think this will help diversify the metagame, considering we could easily see Garchomp, Empoleon, Rayboar ect make a better showing at least at regional/states/cities. (yes I currently play Empoleon)

    Rule 3: Whatever. same effect new art (Yay) different name, i don’t know if this rule was truly necessary as anyone who ran 8 discard/draw 7 cards in they’re deck would more then likely deck out 6/10 games. I’m fine with this rule.

  9. Paul per

    The way i see it, if you have tropical beach you like the first rule change. If you don’t, you hate it.

  10. killerpotatoe

    1. Whatever. really, it should be something like no damage can be dealt, so raiden knuckle can still attach energy, or sableye can junk hunt. rumors of huge beach prices are just silly. they should also allow the winner of the coin flip chose when there is an incentive to not go first.

    2. Why? Why??? Sure, it makes stage 2s better, but in the wrong way. gust of wind and energy removal were broken cards, but when nerfed by a coin flip, they became notorius for how game-deciding the flips were. even worse than laser because catcher is still too good not to be played 80% of the time.
    3. This bothers me because you can notice how lazy the pokemon designing team has become. We need a new gimmick for flashy bw cards? Bam! reused mechanich(exs). ridiculus filler ultra rares in shinies and f/a cards just to add an extra layer of rarity for desired players(and collectors as well). lets not forget that we think “mega evolutions” will be lv.xs again. “we need a new card for the gen 5 professor. why don’t we use the same text as a 15 year old professor? just for good measures, lets make the gen 5 professor also do the same thing, but we’ll have to make a rule so players cant use both.

    sorry for rambling :/

  11. ashton148

    Y a flip on catcher, that takes away form it’s goodness.

  12. GymBoss57

    Other than Escape Rope, what other card have you guys been looking into to replace Catcher?

  13. GymBoss57

    Well, this should be an obvious one for Catcher. When you add a coin flip to a card,
    you essentially cut its power in half. Now the card is watered down to
    work only 50% of the time. Does that mean it’s a bad card? Surprisingly,
    no! Even with the flip, it’s extremely strong. Now the difference is
    that it’s unreliable, which probably will make players use it less. Even
    if it isn’t played less, there’s no denying that the card lost out in
    the rule changes.

  14. FreakyFroslass

    can you use the older catchers without having to buy the new ones?

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Yes, you sure can!

  15. Sappho Ai

    Like the first two, but the last one is overdoing!

  16. Rick

    So for the player that goes first. do they mean you can’t afflict any damage but you can use a move like “call for family” or you just can’t use a move at all for first turn?

    1. Zachary Siddiq

      You cannot attack at all during your first turn, regardless of whether or not the attack does damage. Hope this helps!