PokePuzzle #4: Solutions

Congratulations to Alex F. for being the lucky winner of a PTCGO Tropical Beach! As suspected, people found a ton of answers to PokePuzzle #4. I am only going to post the main solution I had thought of originally, but people found a bunch of creative ways to beat Kyle. Most of them involved poisoning the active Genesect with a Virbank City Gym out and preventing the Genesect from getting a knockout on Kyle’s turn. They either put the Genesect to sleep with an auto-sleep attack (Ducklett for instance) or prevented it from retreating with a Silver Mirrored attacker (Sneasel for instance). Then they would evolve on their second turn and knockout Kyle’s newly promoted Genesect for the win. Since the rules were a little unclear I counted all of these answers as correct, unless they used two basic Pokémon. The puzzle does say you only have one basic left.

Main Solution to PokePuzzle #4:

1. Bicycle
2. Dwebble
3. Crustle BCR 85
4. Fighting Energy
5. Potion
6. Irrelevant (just need to be able to draw a card on second turn)

1. Draw Bicycle
2. Play Bicycle, draw Fighting Energy, Dwebble, Crustle (BCR 85), Potion (BCR 131)
3. Play Dwebble on Ditto using the Transform Ability
4. Evolve Dwebble into Crustle
5. Play Potion healing all damage from Crustle
6. Attach Fighting Energy to Crustle
7. Attack with Crustle using Stone Edge doing 70 damage (flipping Tails) and Knocking the Active Genesect-EX out
8. Take 2 Prizes (2 First Ticket)
9. During Kyle’s turn he attacks with Genesect-EX using G Booster
10. Crustle survives due to Sturdy Ability
11. Draw card for my turn (the card is irrelevant, you just need it to not deck)
12. Attack with Crustle using Stone Edge doing 70 damage (flipping Tails) and Knocking Genesect-EX out
13. Take 2 Prizes and win

Be sure to check back often for the next puzzle!

13 responses to “PokePuzzle #4: Solutions”

  1. Joshua Jacob Prince

    doesnt g-booster go through all effects?

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Yes, it would do 200 damage, but then Crustle survives thanks to Sturdy. It’s similar to how Focus Band worked in the TCG. If you play the video game, it’s exactly like the Sturdy Ability a Forretress may have.

      1. Joshua Jacob Prince

        right, i love my fortress lol, i guess im a little confused. so g-booster goes through abilities like safeguard,(suicune, sigilyph) but not sturdy?

        1. Kyle Sucevich

          Yes, G-Booster’s damage is not affected by Safeguard. However, it’s a different process for Sturdy. First it deals the 200 damage to Crustle, and then Sturdy activates, leaving it with 10 HP.

  2. Darkstripe2

    oh. my solution was articuno, rock guard, energy and hypno laser. oops. isn’t that still a solution tho???

    1. Micah Tate

      “For this puzzle you must win via attack damage so no status or decking win conditions will work.” No status means no laser damage, I think.

      1. Darkstripe2

        Ahem. And I quote “Most of them involved poisoning the active Genesect with a Virbank City
        Gym out and preventing the Genesect from getting a knockout on Kyle’s

  3. Samzilla33

    Aw man! Why didn’t I think of that? The only solution I thought of was Sigilyph PB with a Rock Guard, Rocky Helmet and an Energy. The win condition doesn’t say to beat Kyle, it just says take your remaining prizes. I didn’t email it to you because I thought of it too late. Anyway, great puzzle! It was the first one to stump me. Can’t wait for puzzle #5!

  4. Twan

    Oh wow i actually thought that g booster would go through sturdy otherwise i had it…….

  5. Mr_Bond

    At first I thought of a bunch of ways to do this with XY-series cards, but then realized the post was a year old, and the point was you can’t scrap (or megaphone) or lysandre. I’ve used Crustle plus max potion in a Palkia-EX/Strafe deck, so the intended solution came to me quickly, but I’m confused about how Ducklett is a solution. If I understand correctly, the idea is you play Ducklett and laserbank, The idea is to keep the active asleep so the poison knocks it out after Pooka’s turn, thus bringing up the 2nd Genesect which you can 1HKO using a silver bangle (muscle band wasn’t out yet) and another laser. But, what if he flips heads? Then you get KO’d, so I while I agree it is a possibly solution, you’re at the mercy of a coin flip. I also don’t understand how Sneasel is a solution. Sure, the silver mirror could prevent damage from the active Genesect, but since it isn’t asleep or paralyzed, Pooka would surely retreat it for the g-booster’d Genesect. Even if g-booster’s attack is prevented by silver mirror (isn’t the mirror considered an effect?) he doesn’t need to knock you out because you will deck out before getting all four prizes. If anyone can explain how those other attacks are viable, please do.

    1. dgf

      The puzzle said that Pooka will always flip tails, and Sneasel’s attack doesnt allow retreating

      1. Mr_Bond

        Ahhh, Next Destinies! I looked at the wrong Sneasel, thanks!

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