Pram’s Breakdown EP06 – Hydreigon


Enjoy this breakdown.  Next time I’ll be doing the winning deck of a Regional Championship.

8 responses to “Pram’s Breakdown EP06 – Hydreigon”

  1. Joe Munger

    Shouldn’t one Virizion EX be the standard instead of Keldeo at this point? I’m not sure the deck can compete without being able to negate that laser damage and prevent KO’s on Darkrai in the Plasma match-up. Like your match and the KO, Pram. Just nitpicking. Nice video.

    1. F0NTAINE

      He talks about that in the opening 2 minutes.

      1. Joe Munger

        I’m aware, but my point was that I don’t think this deck can compete in the current format with Keldeo EX. It already has a hard enough time with Blastoise and Darkrai Garbodor. If you are giving up OHKOs against Plasma and you might as well just forget it. I’m sure he would play Virizion himself. With that said, I understand what he was trying to do. He wanted to show something that was stripped down to the most basic list. I just think now that Virzion is out he is part of the most basic list. Like I said, nitpicking….Sorry for being such a troll, Pram :)

        1. Joshua Jacob Prince

          im gonna have to agree with this guy. virizion is kinda why this deck came back into the limelight. plus, without virizion, why even run 4 blends?

          1. F0NTAINE

            I agree with him as well, as I have both Virizion and Shaymin in my Darkrai/Hydreigon build.

            You run the 4 Blends before Virizion-EX even came out so that way you can attack with Hydreigon when needed. For 140 damage, it can be a game winning attack.

  2. Fabien Garnier

    Is it me or your opponent had no clue what he was doing ?

  3. Godoy

    Victini Ex or Entei?

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