Official Announcement: No Longer Covering Sanctioned Events

When The Top Cut began in 2011, our goal was to expand coverage of the Pokémon TCG through live streaming, recorded matches, and professional commentary. Over the past two years, we have provided that from all sorts of events, ranging from Battle Roads to World Championships. In many ways, we have achieved our goal. Since we began, we’ve seen great steps forward in the game and in the community. Every day we’re seeing more streams from events, and TPCi even provided a live stream from the World Championships. The game is growing.

Unfortunately, The Top Cut is heading in a different direction now. After discussing it internally for a few months, we decided that it’s in our best interest to stop streaming and recording games from sanctioned events this season. While we enjoyed bringing all the content to the community for the past few years, the reality is that providing that coverage is a lot of hard work and sacrifice that we just can’t justify any longer.

However, we will continue to provide coverage in other areas. Weekly streaming, articles, and videos will continue. The Top Cut Invitational will keep happening, and we’ll stream from any independent events (like the Klaczynski Open) if we can. If we’re given an opportunity to commentate at any events, we will do that as well. We’re not sure where The Top Cut will go from here, but we aren’t done by any means.

We do want to take this opportunity to thank every person who has supported us over the past few years. To everyone who has donated, given words of encouragement, or simply tuned into one of our streams – from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. Without the support of the community, we would have nothing.

The Top Cut is proud to be a part of the Pokémon TCG community, and we hope to help it continue to grow and prosper for years to come.

20 responses to “Official Announcement: No Longer Covering Sanctioned Events”

  1. Hunter Mason


  2. Alex Snape

    Although this sucks, thank you so much for all the content you guys have provided over the years. <3

    1. ChanceN

      Couldn’t put it any better myself.

  3. JinoLombardi

    now we cant catch the people that cheat

    1. Tandran

      I heard that this went on this year although I never found any info..could you explain or provide a video?

      1. Alex Snape

        Andrew Newman, round 2 Philidelphia Regionals.

        1. Tandran

          Thanks sir, I’ll be looking for a video!

  4. ICs

    Thanks to The Top Cut, you guys reintroduced me to the TCG in 2011, after I

    stopped play in 2006. I’ve watch The Top Cut grow from 4 friends who love the

    game into its premier supporting organization. I hope you guys stick around with
    the game. Also you guys remember that cleffa or pichu with the card focus band attached
    while you have a few slowkings out? That was some shenanigans!.

    Anyways I thank you all for helping grow the game I loved as a kid into something

    future kids and me and my generation can still enjoy and be united by.

    Also, thanks for all your streams and articles Pooka! They really helped me get
    back into the game.

  5. C-Dub

    TheTopCut would be nothing without the dedication of Kyle and all of the hard work that he has put in over the years. Thanks for the coverage and everything else that you have done. Watching your vids and coverage on here got me back into the game.

    I would like to say something though based on my observations over the past two years about TheTopCut:

    Kyle could (and I don’t think anyone would blame him if he decided to) disband TheTopCut and go solo with everything that he is doing here. It seems like he has really had to drag the feet of the other members to get them to produce anything or contribute. None of the other members really seem enthusiastic to dedicate themselves or contribute. Its become blatant over the past year especially.

    I have also yet to see any of the other members active on these responses or interacting with any of us in them except for Kyle. Maybe they have made a comment here or there in some of the blogs/articles/videos, but I haven’t seen it and i’ve been following each new thing that comes out (95% of them from Kyle). I have been posting fairly frequently in the past month or so and I appreciate Kyle taking the time to interact with us, answer our questions,and provide feedback about some of the things that we say. It really creates a good environment on TheTopCut when this happens, so its disappointing to see none of the other members taking the time to do this.
    But this goes back to my point about them appearing to be uninterested in being involved or seriously contributing here.

    I don’t know what Kyle’s true feelings are on this issue…because it surely has to be an issue. He does the vast majority of the stuff on here with little help from them in what is supposed to be a team effort of some of the best players promoting the game. I know that he won’t publicly speak about his thoughts on this because he likes to be classy and stay away from negativity, but I don’t see how he isn’t frustrated from the lack of contributions by others. I see this change of not covering live events as a perfect example of it. He can’t do everything by himself, so its best if it gets discontinued. I don’t blame him at all for this decision and I think it’ll be okay because i’ve been enjoying a lot of the content being put out lately.

    I’m not trying to trash the other members of TheTopCut with these comments. I just think its become apparent how little of help they have given to Kyle. Surely everyone has noticed this to, so i’m just pointing it out.

    Again, thanks for your hard work Kyle. Keep up the good work.

  6. Public Toilet

    Pooka, you deserve nothing but respect for how much you have done for this website. You’re an inspiration to many and you have made the game grow. Thank You.

    Although this is a bit said, I think it’s now time for on the bubble to shine.

  7. Kim Jong ill V


  8. Frankie D

    Thetopcut Rocks! Please keep the streams coming!!

  9. Daniel Perrelli

    In a way this makes me happy because the Top Cut members will have more time to play Pokemon.

  10. Mekkah


    But yeah, thanks for everything, and keep on going strong!

  11. moriarty

    oh man, this is sad for me. i always enjoyed watching your coverage of the events, they really helped me out making decisions on what to do with my decks, and what to except at upcoming events, just want to thank you and your staff for putting on a such great coverage of the events, i hope you end up missing it, and going back to it because u pooka are a great commentator!!

  12. Tandran

    While this ALWAYS be my favorite TCG site (thanks to Kyle) I would like to know where else we might be able to find coverage of these events, can anyone point me in a good direction?

  13. pokedad eddie

    Sorry to hear this. I used those videos as instructional lessons for my kid. We would watch and listen intently to what should have or could have been done. We will, of course, continue to come to this site as it’s still one of the best on the net.

  14. Zneasel

    Very sad to hear this. Even though the game coverage has been growing tremendously, with many different groups now streaming from events, Kyle’s commentary is still unmatched. Thank you for providing us with all that content these past years!

    Also, I totally agree with C-Dub.

  15. Skyler Knopp

    Beautiful words. Thank you Top Cut, and especially Kyle, for all the joy and dreams you’ve brought my heart.

  16. Rishwyn

    what about interviews with players who did well in tournaments like nationals and worlds?