PTCGO – Pooka (Flareon) vs. 409 (Blastoise)

Pokémon – 24 Trainers – 28 Energy – 8
4 Eevee 4 Professor Juniper 4 Fighting Energy
4 Flareon 4 N 4 Double Colorless Energy
1 Leafeon 2 Colress
3 Drifloon 2 Random Receiver
2 Drifblim (DRX) 2 Tropical Beach
1 Drifblim (PLB) 4 Ultra Ball
2 Trubbish 3 Float Stone
2 Garbodor 2 Enhanced Hammer
2 Audino 2 Pokémon Catcher
1 Terrakion 1 Super Rod
1 Landorus EX 1 Silver Bangle
1 Mr. Mime 1 Computer Search

5 responses to “PTCGO – Pooka (Flareon) vs. 409 (Blastoise)”

  1. Foster_Tcg

    Pooka, it is better flareon with garbodor ? , or with zoroark terrakion line ? , thankyou….

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      You’ll have to try it out for yourself! It depends on the metagame.

      1. Foster_Tcg


    2. C-Dub

      You don’t even need garbodor. I’m pretty sure I remember Kyle stating that garby was primarily there in earlier Flareon decks to shut down blastoise. But a deck of non ex attackers and leafeon tend to have a favorable matchup against that deck. The cool thing about Flareon is that it is so versatile with the direction that you go with the deck. Theres a number of attackers and different options that you can use to be successful. Like Kyle just said, it does depend on your metagame and which decks you expect to see when you play.

      1. Foster_Tcg