PTCGO – Pooka (Staraptor) vs. Silent3737 (Hydreigon)

Pokémon – 16 Trainers – 31 Energy – 13
4 Starly 4 Professor Juniper 9 Fire Energy
2 Staravia 4 N 4 Double Colorless Energy
4 Staraptor 4 Skyla
3 Victini EX 2 Colress
1 Seedot 4 Ultra Ball
1 Shiftry 4 Rare Candy
1 Mr. Mime 2 Aspertia City Gym
2 Switch
2 Pokémon Catcher
1 Level Ball
1 Super Rod
1 Dowsing Machine

4 responses to “PTCGO – Pooka (Staraptor) vs. Silent3737 (Hydreigon)”

  1. Chris Collins

    Why not use carnivine? I know its BDM, but its also a little more efficent.

    1. Tandran

      Staraptor puts the pokemon and all cards back into the deck rather than the hand.

      Also 130 base hp vs 90…may not seem like much but it does help.

      I had this same deck idea when I saw staraptor for the first time but never got around to making or testing it.

    2. Kyle Sucevich

      Since Carnivine returns the Pokémon back to the opponent’s hand, I would never really be able to win. My opponent would just put the Pokémon back down onto the bench. Staraptor has the potential to win at least.

  2. Jack Stensrud

    I tested this with a player from Great Britain at Worlds on the TCGO demo that they had. TDK has a pretty good matchup against this. I used Tornadus EX PLF instead of Shiftry and Victini, because Windfall is so good, and I also used Plasma Badge/Colress MCHN, which worked surprisingly well.