Playmat Design Contest Results!

Sorry for the delay! About a month ago, we posted about our new playmat design contest in search of a brand new look. Much to our surprise, we received a ton of great designs with a lot of creativity. We truly want to thank everyone who sent in an entry! All of your hard work is appreciated. Unfortunately, we can only pick one winner, though. Let’s take a look at some of the designs that didn’t win (but were awesome nonetheless).

By Dustin Zimmerman.

By Dustin Zimmerman.

Our first design comes from the creator of our original logo, Dustin Zimmerman. Here we can see that Dustin has redesigned our original logo completely, giving it a stylish new look. Just the fact that this entry didn’t win should give you an idea of how incredible the entries were for this contest.

Let’s take a look at the next one.

By Alice Bailey.

By Alice Bailey.

Alice Bailey provided us this cool design with a creative interpretation of Darkrai. But since it does use Darkrai, we were unable to use the entry (copyright and such). Still, we thought we’d show it off because it does look pretty sweet! Thanks, Alice!

Next up we have an entry from the designer of our Top Cut Invitational logo, Quiandro Verstichel!

By Quiandro Verstichel.

By Quiandro Verstichel.

For this design, we get a look at a 3D version of the logo! The cool thing about this design is that when two mats are put together, the stars form a complete circle! The silver and gold give the mat an elite feeling, and it looks really sleek. Plus, our logo is shooting out lightning bolts.

Now let’s look at Kris Genthe’s entry!

By Kris Genthe.

By Kris Genthe.

Instead of going with the traditional logo, Kris decided to venture on his own and make a completely new design. The result is this awesome piece of work! Personally I was blown away when I saw this one. The amount of detail is astounding. Like all of the other designers, clearly Mr. Genthe has a lot of talent! We may end up using this at some point.

However, that wasn’t the winning design. Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

The winning design by Amanda Kovs!

The winning design by Amanda Kovs!

Not only did Amanda Kovs submit a design, but she gave us a mascot to work with. How amazing is that? She explained it best in her email to us.

My name is Amanda, and I would like to submit an entry to the playmat contest!

I decided to go in a, I hope, unique direction. With the restrictions of copyrighted material, there wasn’t a ton of things I could think of that didn’t just involve using the logo with some color/background treatments. I’m a stickler for branding, so the idea of changing your logo on the mat would have really bothered me, so it was important to me that your guys’ logo remained the same.

So I made a mascot.

His name is Kurt. He’s a twenty something card player that has been playing since Base set. He’s a competitive player with a strong history of success. But just like the other Top Cut guys, he’s starting to do a lot more outside of playing to help the community by bringing great coverage of local games to his fans… Not exactly the most flushed out character, but that can always change if you guys like him enough. Haha. I stuck with the base six colors of cards on the design because they’re timeless. With Fairy type and everything coming out, who knows if they’ll add more energy to the game after that. Everybody knows the base set originals, Kurt started off with Base set, so that’s why there’s only six types! Also, Kurt has dual color eyes and reddish hair to represent the starter types. I thought it was safe to make a mascot because Pokemon has and always will rely heavily on some sort of mascot–whether it be a trainer or a Pokemon. So why can’t Top Cut have a mascot too?

So, say hello to Kurt as our official mascot for The Top Cut! The amount of enthusiasm, effort, and passion that went into this design had us all speechless. Congratulations to Amanda, and thank you so much for the awesome design and idea! We owe you big time!

Before we get this bad boy printed, we’re in the process of making some alterations to the design. Rest assured we’ll let you guys know when we start making these playmats. We just figured it’s been way too long since the contest started, so we need to post something! Hopefully the wait was worth it.

Once again, thanks to everyone who entered the contest, and congratulations to Amanda, our winner! We couldn’t believe how many awesome entries there were, and it tells us a lot about how passionate our fans are. Without your support, we’d be nothing. We’ll continue to provide the best content we can. Thank you!

27 responses to “Playmat Design Contest Results!”

  1. Ian Williams

    That is an awesome design, way better than mine. Good job Amanda!

  2. Zander Bennett

    Why does Darkrai have to have copyright on it :'(

  3. Nobody

    I really like Dustin’s design

  4. owen

    Kris Genthe had the best mat in my opinion but they were all great good job!

    1. ack!

      I agree! His mat was awesome! The redesign of the logo was very bold (both in style and execution), and I love how rich the colors are. It would have made a great mat. :)

    2. ddbargardi

      Definitely agree!

  5. buttzbuttzbuttz

    Dustin’s was best. Amanda’s is trash.

    1. Elisa D'Alessandro

      Coming from “buttzbuttzbuttz,” that’s pretty laughable. He uses a ribbon.. WOW, HOW HIPSTER DESIGNER… and Copperplate Bold as a typeface. It was purely vector elements. Don’t be *butthurt* dude, especially when you’re hiding behind a username. Nothing about is says creativity… unless you’re talking about mediocre designer ‘creativity’ that didn’t go as far as to even think one microsecond about going outside of the box.

      Amanda’s was original, and took a lot of work to come up with something that took a lot of thought. THAT is creativity.

      1. Joshua Jacob Prince

        i pretty much agree 100% with what you said, therefore i dont need to type a long response. thank you for making my life easier :)

  6. John Orgel

    I really like the creativity that Amanda brought to the table, but Dustin’s would be the only one that I would play with…

    1. Frankie D

      No way, John, Amanda has the best looking playmat here and many would surely agree–expect to see her playmat in many top-8 matches at Regionals!

  7. amber

    I like Amanda’s! :)

  8. Mew619

    Awesome, Great job!!1

  9. Ian Asplund (Raen)

    The mascot is really cool, congratulations Amanda! I do have to say though, I quite like Dustin’s redesign of the logo. While his playmat design didn’t make it, I think adopting that new logo would be smart.

  10. Gala

    Beautiful design

  11. Fan
  12. Public Toilet

    Kurt looks bada$$. I ‘d love to see Dustin’s design next to Kurt instead of the current logo.

  13. PwnzorProd

    The design really looks amazing, and I would recommend making the mats 1/16 of an inch thick rather than 1/8 of an inch thick. The thinner mats are just better in my opinion

  14. faehaheh

    im sure youve top4’d worlds many times

  15. Alabrel

    “Hey guys, please don’t steal my uncopywrited work!” -Dustin Zimmerman
    Only one design doesn’t steal original logo…

  16. Pokedad68

    Those are some cool designs!! I agree with having the thinner mat. Especially if this helps keep the cost down. I would really like to see the price of the mat around $20 instead of the current price of $30. You guys are getting great publicity when someone buys one, and when more people buy the more you get….

    1. ack!

      I think the only way they can justify dropping the price that low is if they get a large enough order. I don’t know how their sales were in the past, but I assume they’ll base their order quantity off of how they previously did in sales. I agree, a $20 mat would be amazing, but I guess we’ll see what happens. But you’re right–perhaps eating some of the cost might make up for the publicity they will be getting. Ah, marketing!

    2. Kyle Sucevich

      We’ll have to see about the cost. $30 included shipping, which can become pricey for items like this. If we didn’t have to ship them, the price would be lower, though!

  17. ack!

    I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of damage control and haven’t actually said THANK YOU yet! Thank you The Top Cut for choosing my design and for everybody else that is receiving Kurt and the design with positivity. It really means a lot to me that my work is being enjoyed by other people, and will soon be seen by many across leagues and tournaments everywhere (so you should buy one)!

    The other entries were fantastic, and the really exciting part about this is that there’s so many of us creative types in the community. If you aren’t a member of the Artfonte group on Facebook yet, you should join it! The best way to become better at what we do creatively is by seeing what our peers are doing–and what better way than to do it with other Pokemon lovers?!

    I’m excited to continue development with Kurt so he’s not so flat in term of character, as well as making the alterations to this mat before it gets printed. Again, I want to thank everybody. It was a remarkably fun project to work on, and it won’t be my last! :)

  18. Aaron Wang

    lol at people that say that Amanda’s is trash. IMHO, hers is the most creative and she really thought outside the box with it, Dustin’s might look good on a mat, but its so damn boring. I must say, I was really rooting for Quiandro or Amanda to win and if it couldn’t be one, I’m glad it was the other. People just need to stop complaining about it because tbh, Dustin’s was just alright in terms of creativity, everyone else in the top 5 used some really bold creative designs and colors. Kris Genthe’s is also really cool, I think that would have made an interesting mat/logo.

  19. Kurt Garrett

    Hi, my name is Kurt. I’m a relatively new Pokemon player. I started playing last October at ?the Houston regional s.
    I saw my league leader with this play mat and I thought it was awesome and I complimented it then he was telling me about ?the top cut dot net so I looked up this awesome sight. I’m browsing around reading articles and looking at ?the top cut play mats and I see my name, Kurt. I think its neat o I have ?the same name as ?the mascott but I have nothing in common with his background, I’m ?the exact opposite actually haha.

  20. ncuskdjdikdkdnfbbus jzjjdndndj

    I’m getting a Scrafty Regionals 0
    Playmat from 2013.