10th Place Houston Regionals Report

Hello, I’m Chance Grantham; most people probably wouldn’t recognize my name unless you’ve been on Facebook or have played me in a tournament. However, many people would recognize the name DaGranny (or Da_Granny) that I go by on just about every site in the community, including Twitch, PTCGO, PlayTCG, Showdown, etc. This is my second year back after a 7 yearlong hiatus from the game. Last year I did fairly well, for my standards; I didn’t set very high goals as I wanted to see what the competition was like now a days but I did manage a few Top 8s at Cities, a Top 4 at States along with a ton of Top 4s at Battle Roads. It wasn’t a stellar year but I have set goals to exceed that this year as you can tell by my solid finish (I think top 16 but don’t remember much from that night) at the Houston League challenge and a 10th place finish at Houston Regionals in my first 2 tournaments for the year. So here is my report from this past weekend.

So for Friday night, I wanted to play a different deck than I would play on Saturday. I know most people wouldn’t do this due to the fact that they planned with one deck and one deck only. My main reasoning to play something different was to throw people off if I were to play them the next day or if I played a friend of theirs the next day; knowing someone’s deck beforehand could be a HUGE advantage going into a round. Thursday night, while testing with some of the locals from my college, I decided to go back in time and rebuild my Plasma list to my Battle Road/Nationals list, with a few changes to suit the metagame. This list has always served me well and was always consistent to me so I felt like I still knew the deck and could play it to the caliber I had during Battle Roads and Nats.

After 1-3 games on Thursday night with my buddy Phil I decided this would be the deck for the League Challenge. However, I’ve been testing when I can, between classes and exams, with just about every deck. I’ve been the most comfortable with Darkrai/Garb and Blastoise ever since rotation and that was the choice I had to make. The Saturday before I went to my local league, as usual (It’s actually a really competitive league which helps A LOT), I tested both decks. I felt more comfortable playing Blastoise and sat on it. I think deep down I had been set on Blastoise ever since rotation. But the testing and knowledge I got against every deck in format definitely helped a ton, especially after Frozen City saw some play at earlier Regionals then I could easily find a way to work around it.

Friday Night

Here’s the list that I decided to go with for the League Challenge:

Pokémon – 11 Trainers – 35 Energy – 14
2 Thundurus EX 4 Professor Juniper 4 Plasma Energy
4 Deoxys EX 4 N 4 Prism Energy
3 Kyurem 2 Colress 3 Water Energy
1 Keldeo EX 1 Skyla 2 Lightning Energy
1 Lugia EX 1 Bianca 1 Double Colorless Energy
4 Pokémon Catcher
4 Hypnotoxic Laser
3 Colress Machine
2 Ultra Ball
2 Tool Scrapper
2 Float Stone
2 Switch
1 Team Plasma Ball
1 Silver Bangle
1 Virbank City Gym
1 Scramble Switch

Honestly, I can hardly remember what even happened Saturday so remembering this is really tough. I’m pretty sure I went X-2 maybe even X-3 but I know I’m getting some type of kicker points (I think). Like I said, I have no recall of this tournament except for playing against my friend Dan Chiusano’s Darkrai and playing, a new friend of mine, Squeaky Marking’s Virizion/Mewtwo.

So as I said I felt pretty comfortable with my deck choice on Saturday being Blastoise. So I’ll start off with my list for Saturday as well:

Pokémon – 12 Trainers – 35 Energy – 13
4 Squirtle 4 Professor Juniper 11 Water Energy
3 Blastoise 4 Skyla 2 Lightning Energy
3 Keldeo EX 2 N
2 Black Kyurem EX 2 Colress
2 Tropical Beach
1 Dowsing Machine
4 Rare Candy
4 Superior Energy Retrieval
3 Pokémon Catcher
3 Ultra Ball
2 Tool Scrapper
1 Heavy Ball
1 Level Ball
1 Float Stone
1 Energy Search

Now my decision for some choices are pretty obvious, but others have overlooked some of the cards for this deck, and I think those cards deserve a shot at being looked at. My Pokémon line is pretty standard, so there’s not much to talk about when it comes to that. But I’m going to jump to the Energy line. I used to run 3 Lightning Energy but I always seemed to draw it whenever I wanted a Water energy. So I took out a Lightning and added an Energy Search, which gives me an opportunity to get either Energy. Ten Water Energies seems what was usually played but I decided to go with 11 hoping I could get more Energy when I draw and need to Black Ballista. I feel like, now, 11 Water Energies should be standard if you want to play Blastoise; it helps SOOO much.


Four Rare Candies and 4 Superior Energy Retrieval has always been a staple in Blastoise since the cards were printed (for the most part) so I shouldn’t expect to reason my points there. My search engine is a little weird compared to many other people. Usually people will run Level Ball or Heavy Ball, not both; however, I found that running both is pretty consistent. Level Ball will always get me Squirtles, which helps a lot, but what if I want a Blastoise but can’t discard? That’s why I decided to run both; that argument could go either way.

Now after a lot of hype for Garbodor before Regionals began, I decided that 2 Tool Scrapper was necessary and it definitely was, as I had to use both of them against Garbodor during Swiss. Most people recently have been increasing their Beach count to 3-4 but I just don’t have the money for that at the moment. I’ve always been perfectly fine with only 2 Tropical Beach. If you play your games out smart then 2 Beach is all you need. There was never a point during all of my rounds that I wished I had a third Beach except for in my last round of Swiss when I prized both of them. However, thankfully it was a mirror and he got it out for me on the next turn.

The one-of Float Stone has always been so amazing when I have used it. Even with the increase of Water Energy, it still helps so I don’t have to discard 2 Energies that need to go on Black Kyurem. Float Stone is also good for more than just that. It can get me out of a sticky situation whenever someone tries to stall me out and Catcher a Blastoise whenever I can’t Rush In or retreat (whether it be just a random no Keldeo appearance or a Garbodor match up).

128-dowsing-machineNow Dowsing Machine was the hardest card to choose from and it always has been. I’m always between Dowsing/Computer Search and it takes a lot of testing for me to decide between the two. But with this deck, I decided that Dowsing was the best choice I could ask for, as I could get back stuff whenever need be. Most of the time it was there for a third Beach or the Float Stone or even another Supporter.

My Supporter line always seemed to be the staple amount in Blastoise but I guess it isn’t so much now. So let me explain. I’ve always seen Juniper as a 4 of in everything BUT Empoleon. I wouldn’t ever run anything lower than 4 in anything else. Four Skyla is so essential as I need it in order to get a Beach turn 1 or to get the last piece of the puzzle for a Blastoise. I played only 2 N because I don’t want to draw them once I start to Black Ballista or later in the game. They just become dead cards at that point. I also only played 2 Colress for the opposite reason of 2 N; I don’t want to draw them early on as I can’t make the most of their potential as I can later on in the game.


Round 1 – Ryan Vergel (Virizion/Genesect)


When I first found out my Round 1 opponent, I guess of what he was playing due to the fact of hearing about a friend of his, Chris Bianchi, playing a deck the night before. So when Ryan flipped over a Virizion for Game 1, I was not surprised at all. Game 1 he goes first and gets T2 Emerald Slash on my only Squirtle from the bench. After that I’m able to get 2 Squirtles out and move towards a Blastoise the following turn. However, he always has the KO on a Squirtle or Blastoise. He ends up steamrolling me Game 1.

Game 2, I get to go first and I immediately am able to get 2 Squirtles out on turn 1. I get a turn 2 Blastoise and just never look back from there. I hit my Catchers or Skylas when I need them for a Genesect KO and he can’t respond fast enough with just Virizion EX.

Game 3 begins really late in the round as tons of people are already out of the play area. He gets to go first this game and is playing 5x FASTER than in Games 1 and 2. I know for a fact I won’t be able to beat him with him going first and the ridiculous start he gets on Turns 1 and 2. Time is called on my T2 when he has 5 prizes left. I have no damage on my side of the field and there is no possible way he can win in 2 turns. Round 1 ends in a tie.


Round 2 – Chris Bianchi (Virizion/Genesect)

It’s so funny, I played Ryan Vergel first round and guessed his deck off the knowledge that Chris Bianchi played it the day before. Well guess whom I have to play Round 2? Yep, Chris Bianchi. Now I’ve known Bianchi from the Internet and have talked to him occasionally so I know this will be fun. Bianchi is also the player from Florida who won 6 BRs last spring and only lost 1 game with his Plasma list during that run which adds to the level of competitiveness I would be facing.

Game 1 he gets to go first and I’m pretty worried since I’ll more than likely lose a Squirtle. However on T2 he can’t get a second Genesect out. This gives me A HUGE opening. I hit Turn 2 Blastoise and proceed to 6-2 him on my way to victory. So he gets to go first again Game 2, but I know we will have plenty of time now to play 3 games since the first game was pretty fast. He’s able to get a Genesect out by Turn 2 and power it up, but he is Supporter-less and gives me an opening to get a shot at him. On my Turn 2 I hit yet another Turn 2 Blastoise and a Turn 2 Black Ballista AND a Catcher on the Genesect. I’m able to 6-0 him and take a 2-0 round against one of my scariest matchups.


Round 3 – Dylan Langenstein (Darkrai/Garbodor)


I get to the table and I’m sitting near a Dallas area player, Dale Lynch. He knows my opponent and informs me I’m playing against Darkrai. I’m heavily favored in this matchup, or at least in testing, so I feel pretty safe. What both of us didn’t know was that my opponent, Dylan, also ran Garbodor… Dylan shows up 3 minutes late and almost lost Game 1 due to lateness. We don’t get a time extension but we end up playing 3 games before time is even called.

Game 1 he sets up 3 Darkrai so fast that even a Turn 2 Blastoise can’t do anything against it.

Game 2 he discards a Trubbish with an Ultra Ball to get a Sableye out for a Junk Hunt and he never decides to bench a Trubbish all game. I proceed to hit Turn 2 Blastoise again and destroy his Darkrais that he benches. He scoops Game 2 and we move to Game 3.

He gets 2 Trubbish out but never gets a Garbodor out so I just start taking prizes on Darkrais (pretty sure I had another Turn 2 Blastoise but turn 3 at the latest) and he never sees the light of day. I win again and move on past another scary match up.

Note: He also Junk Hunted an Enhanced Hammer back against me on turn 5 of game 1 which confused me greatly.


Round 4 – Scott Degraw (Straight Darkrai)

This round I’m playing against Scott Degraw. I played his friend the previous day so Scott probably thinks I’m still using Plasma. Well to his downside, I’m not. Scott is playing straight Darkrai and I feel super comfortable when I see his Sableye and Darkrai.

Scott wins Game 1 pretty handily as it takes me awhile to get Energy out and even start attacking.

I follow that up with Game 2 and 3 of having a Turn 2 Blastoise and a powered up Black Kyurem to roll him both games. There wasn’t much he could do during Games 2 & 3 as I just controlled the sides of the field.

Note: He played Enhanced Hammer and Potions. Probably a 2/2 on the counts making him have 4 dead cards against me (for the most part on the Potions).


Round 5 – Justin Sanchez (Plasma)

31-kyuremThis round I get paired up with the eventual Second Place winner and former National Champion, Justin Sanchez. Now I’ve talked to Justin a few times at Nats and throughout the weekend. I know he’s playing Plasma as I sat next to him a couple of rounds earlier.

In Game 1 he starts out with a pretty slow start as he has to Raiden Knuckle on to a Deoxys and that’s it. I’m able to get a few things going my way and when he gets a Kyurem out I just KO it with a Keldeo EX and then go back to work on his Deoxys (getting rid of Deoxys is so nice as Kyurem then can’t one shot as easily) when I can otherwise I take out whatever has energy on it. I steam roll him first game and he even comments with “Man you ran really hot” which, needless to say, I did.

Game 2 I’m running equally as hot and you couldn’t ask for anything better on my side. However he’s able to N me down to 1-2 and is able to finish his last 4 prizes. I had him the whole way and he gets a little lucky that I don’t draw out of that; but no complaints as it was still a spectacular game. Game 2 was one of the best games to watch happen and if it could’ve been recorded, I can guarantee everyone would’ve enjoyed it.

Game 3 starts late into the round and on Turn 2 I’m beaching for 5 when time is called; so Justin is still Turn 1. We both have 6 prizes left and just pass on turns 1, 2, and 3 knowing neither of us can win in +3. Honestly I loved playing Justin and I’m glad I got to talk to him more than we did at Nats. He’s one of the better players I know and it was great knowing I’ve hung with some of the greatest players at this tournament to this point (Sanchez, Bianchi, Vergel).


Round 6 – Derek Oudie (Virizion/Genesect/Mewtwo)

In Round 6 I’m playing a great friend of mine, who also stayed in my Nats room, Derek Oudie. Derek and I are from the same college; however, he has graduated already but comes back to visit often, so I get to test with him all the time when he is here. I know what he is playing and he knows what I’m playing. So once again I have to play Genesect. At this point I’m sick of this deck and just want this match to hurry fast.

This round I started feeling a little sleepy and stopped checking my deck as carefully as I had been. This was the second to worst round that happened this weekend in my opinion. I could never get 2 Squirtles out and in Game 1 I have to Juniper 3 Superior Energy Retrievals and 3 Water energies with 2 Waters in the discard already. (Had to just to stay caught up with him) Come to find out, I had 3 Water energies prized as well. So now I’m down 8 energies and proceed to scoop Game 1.

Game 2 I get a much better start but I can’t do much when he is able to always use Red Signal or Catcher my Blastoises and Squirtles. I end up getting 2-0ed and wish him good luck the rest of the way.


Round 7 – Kameron Suire (Straight Darkrai)

Darkrai EXThe next round I’m playing against a guy named Kameron Suire. Kameron goes to Louisiana Tech University and this is my first time ever meeting him. So before the round we have a nice long talk about the Texas A&M and LaTech football game last year that totaled for 116 points. Now since I’ve never seen Kameron nor had anyone around me playing him, I just assumed that he would be playing Darkrai (just a hunch as he seemed like a Darkrai player… don’t ask me how but that’s all I know). Come to find out he WAS PLAYING DARKRAI YAY. This was just straight Darkrai and I felt like I was going to just roll him.

Welllll that didn’t happen; he ends up getting a really good opening hand and I just draw pass for awhile until I start drawing supporters for the first time that game. However, there isn’t much I can do and he proceeds to steamroll me. This game did take a while, however, and I knew I would have to win the next game to stay in good shape.

I end up getting Turn 2 Blastoise as he N’s me into a much better hand than the hand I got off Tropical Beach and I proceed to take out his Darkrais even when he gets rid of my Lightning energy by the use of Night Spear (Superior Energy Retrieval for the win).

We move on to Game 3 and have just started Turn 3 with super slow starts on both sides when time is called. We mess around for turns 0, 1, 2, and 3 before just ending it in a tie. We had some fun in this round and that’s all that matters. We both calculate our numbers and realize we still have a shot at Top 32 if we win out…


Round 8 – Phil Barta (Virizion/Genesect/Mewtwo)

Round 8 I sit down against probably one of the greatest friends I’ve met since coming back into the game, Phil Barta. This doesn’t look very good as I notice I’m paired up this round (second time this tournament) and Phil is paired down. He has 13 points and I have 12. Immediately when he sits down he starts explaining both situations and he believes 19 points will be the cutoff for top cut. I tell him I had seen that Philly and Fort Wayne had people with 18 points in Top 32 and that he would have to earn his way in if he thinks I’m going to scoop when I still have a shot. I tell him sorry and say good luck in our game anyway. (Phil wasn’t being a jerk about this and by all mean I would’ve scooped if I knew I couldn’t make it.) Phil and I know each other’s lists very well since he is from College Station, Texas as well. He’s playing the same list as Derek Oudie from Round 6 (Phil gave the list to Derek).

He gets to go first and I miss a Squirtle on my Turn 1 anyway. That one miss ends up costing me the game, as I can’t keep up from there. I scoop early Game 1 since I know I MUST win in order to stay alive.

I go first and easily steamroll him with a Turn 2 Blastoise and Turn 2 Black Kyurem. Much similar start to how I played against Chris Bianchi. He has nothing to do and he scoops early in Game 2 since he knows he must win as well.

We move on in Game 3 and he takes early KOs on Squirtles (thankfully I have more than one this time) and I’m able to get 2 Blastoise out at one point and keep the game relatively close. I end up Ning him down to 1 and myself to four. I proceed to Black Ballista his Genesect to go down to 2 prizes and now he’s worried. He promotes his 2 energy Virizion and then he benches a Genesect on his turn and attaches to the Genesect. I know he has a Plasma energy, Colress Machine and plenty of Supporters left for game if he hits it off a Beach. Well he looks at his field and says, “D*** it Chance” meaning I’m pretty sure he knows he is going to lose.

He goes to pass his turn and scoop when I say “Phil, don’t give me the win like that. Promote your Mime (he had to start it) and make me take 1 prize or have the Catcher for game.” He looks again and decides to do this. If this was anyone else I WOULD NEVER tell him or her to do that. I didn’t have Catcher in hand but had 1 in deck. I know I should never tell my opponent an opening but Phil’s a friend and I wanted him happy. If he beat me off that then he deserves it still, but I wasn’t going to move on and have him not move on by a scoop. I have a fresh hand of 7 from a Beach last turn but no N to put him back to 1 after his fresh Beach. I top deck the N and proceed to draw everything I need in order to get game next turn. He can’t N me back on his turn (after I had Beached again for 5) and he just attaches and Beaches. I end up Catchering and Black Ballista for game. This was one of the hardest matches I had to do. It was so hard having to beat a friend and knocking them out. This is a main reason why I had an ID in a later round.

A tough, emotional 4-1-3

Round 9 – Zach Barker (Darkrai/Victini/Garbodor)

I’m playing against Zach Barker, Brandon Smiley’s (who won Houston Regionals) only loss, and I have no idea what he is playing. But when he gets to go first I find out that he is playing Garbodor. He ends up setting up and I can’t do much about it as I had to discard a Tool Scrapper earlier to Juniper and my other seemed to be prized. I scoop early Game 1 to hope for 2 more games in the round.

For some odd reason he decides to bench a Victini EX on turn 3 of Game 2. I had a Blastoise following it up on the next turn and a Catcher on the Victini to KO it with Keldeo EX. He was pretty upset about that and he seemed super sleepy that round and he proceeded to let that affect him the rest of the game. I end up being able to steamroll him and always had an out when he would try to alter my moves (N mainly).

Game 3 ends up being just a one-sided match as I get yet another Turn 2 Blastoise and he can never draw out of his supporter drought until it is too late.


I end the day at 18 points. I get 22nd seed and move on to day two for 5 more rounds of Swiss. Phil came over to congratulate me and said he was sorry that he didn’t know all but one 18 pointers would make it in to Top 32. It was glad to know that he wasn’t still upset about Round 8.

Round 10 – Stephan Simmons (???)

I didn’t get much sleep the night before, as I just couldn’t sleep. One of my hotel roomies who was also in Top 32 was mad at me for not being able to sleep and I’m deeply sorry about that (sleep schedule way off at this point). However when I get down to Top 32 for Round 10 I find out who my opponent is and I have never heard of this guy before. Apparently he is from the Dallas/Fort Worth area but that doesn’t help me much. He ends up DROPPING and I get a free win after 10 minutes of sitting and waiting for him to show up.


Round 11 – Jeffrey Pacht (Haxorus/Garchomp)

90-garchompThis round I’m facing another friend of mine from College Station, Jeff. I know his list almost card for card and he knows exactly what I’m playing. Jeff is playing an interesting deck, Haxchomp. Now this is Jeff’s first year back after a couple of years out of the game. He was a part of Team M when there were only 2 big teams in the community, Team M and Team LaFonte.

Jeff is one of the better deck builders I know even though I’ve only known him for about 2 months. It’s odd but he knows knowledge of the game, for instance he based his Haxchomp deck after a Blastoise deck. I’ve done this before with Rayboar (comparing to Blastoise), however those builds are almost identical. Haxchomp being based off something completely different is just odd to me but he MADE it work and man did it work. However, I’m sad to say that this round was the worse possible round ever. This is pretty much Jeff’s auto loss (maybe besides Darkrai).

He gets to go first Game 1 and I have to start Black Kyurem EX. That’s an easy two prizes for him and he proceeds to get a Turn 2 Haxorus and just ends up destroying me. I couldn’t get Keldeo EX out early enough to start rolling through his team in Game 1.

However, in Game 2 I’m able to get a Turn 2 Blastoise even though I had 2 Blastoise prized. I even hit 5 energies off a Juniper and was able to attack with a three energy Keldeo. He scoops on his Turn 2, as he doesn’t get another basic.

We move to Game 3 and I have to once again start Black Kyurem (Benched this time) as I didn’t want to just start Squirtle and get N’d and lose my second Basic. I never get a Supporter except a Colress for 1, which I then proceed to scoop as he has a Silver Bangle for game. Probably the most luck based round there was all weekend.


Round 12 – Miles McCready (Virizion/Genesect/Bouffalant)

In Round 12 I get paired up against Miles, who is yet another close friend of mine, and as we are sitting down we decide to Intentional Draw. The reason we ID is due to us calculating that 28 points would make it in to Top 8. However we would both still have to win out to get to 28 at this point in the rounds.


Round 13 – Austin Cook (Landorus/Mewtwo/Tornadus/Drifblim)

Round 13 my opponent is Austin Cook. I’ve met him a couple of times at prereleases and tournaments in the Houston area. From previous rounds I’ve seen that he was playing Big Basics/Drifblim. He knows that I am his auto-loss and he just doesn’t get much going in Games 1 and 2. I get a Turn 2 Blastoise both games and his hopes just get defeated as much as possible. I even had Turn 2, two Blastoise if he hadn’t had KO’d one of my Squirtles on his turn. I felt really bad that these games couldn’t have been any better as he also proceeded to draw very poorly and couldn’t get out of it.


Round 14 – Joel Montemayor (Blastoise)


I did it day one and I’m trying to do it day two. I had to win out on my last two rounds on day one and pray I get in and I did, and the same thing is happening on day 2. This round I’m facing a guy name Joel Montemayor. Now this is my first time meeting Joel but I have seen him on the online community before. I was pretty sure this would be a mirror match but I couldn’t remember exactly what Joel was playing until the round began.

Joel and I had some really great games. Most of the time Blastoise mirrors are very uninteresting, however this series was in the top percentage of Blastoise mirrors. The only game that wasn’t really interesting was Game 1. I got a Turn 2 Blastoise as Joel struggled to set up. I end up KOing his Black Kyurems fast as those are the scariest things in the deck. He ends up scooping pretty soon after that and shows that he has 3 Rare Candies prized. (GROSS)

The next game begins and I guess Karma decided to get back at me this time. Come to find out I prized 2 Rare Candies this game. I still was able to get Turn 2 Blastoise but he ended up KOing it with Keldeo EX and I proceeded to scoop soon after so we could get a Game 3 in.

Game 3 was a ridiculous good game. I got a little lucky and was able to draw a Juniper every time he N’d me down to 2-4. I also was able to put 7 Energy down on the field on my last turn of the game to add energy up like this 6 on a Keldeo EX (5 on previous turn), 4 on a Black Kyurem and 2 on another Keldeo EX. Then I Catchered a Keldeo to take 2 prizes and put me down to 1 prize left on Turn 0 of time. Now I would be able to win on my next turn, which would give me the win rather than a tie no matter what happened (Can KO anything with Black Kyurem or Keldeo with 6 energy). He ends up scooping in Turn 1 of time. This was such an amazing game Joel and it was a great way to end the weekend even though I didn’t make Top 8. If I would’ve lost this game I would’ve congratulated Joel and wished him on to Top 8 as he did me, and I would’ve been happy with my performance and the game I just played. Good job man, you did fantastically well.

8-2-4 for a total of 28 points

Final standings from Houston.

Final standings from Houston.

Well 28 points ended up not being enough as 29 was the cutoff for Top 8. I ended at 10th place but was very happy with my performance and how I ended the weekend, especially with my disappointing performance last year at Regionals (4-1 start and then lost my next 3 rounds to miss cut :(). I just want to give a few thanks.

First off to Kyle Sucevich and the rest of The Top Cut for getting me back into this game and the fantastic community. I would like to thank the team of Mad Pullz, you guys are some of the greatest workers and helpers for the Texas area Pokemon community and I appreciate it (Not to mention we had 8 players in Top 32, 2 players in Top 8 and Top 4 and a player taking it all). I want to give a huge congratulations to a teammate and friend, Brandon Smiley, for winning it, and Calvin Nordberg for taking Top 4.

I especially want to thank my original team members from team.dec, Aaron Wang and Matt Jacaruso; you guys are THE GREATEST teammates and testing partners someone could ask for and I always love just talking shop to y’all.

Finally, I want to thank everyone for reading this and supporting TTC; if it wasn’t for this community, I may have not ever gotten back into the game. Thanks again TTC for letting me write this and posting it on your website. I hope to talk to everyone reading this in a future Bad Deck Monday stream or Thursday stream.

5 responses to “10th Place Houston Regionals Report”

  1. Derek Nicolas Oudie

    Nice read! Phil actually didn’t give me his list, he worked off of my original list when he decided he wanted to play V/G, and we worked on both out decks the night before.

    1. Chance Grantham

      I guess that’s what little sleep does to me. I couldn’t remember if it was your list and you gave it to him or vice versa. Still overall, that list was pretty consistent and was super fast and strong.

      1. Kameron Suire

        This is Kameron Suire. Nice to be able to meet you man! Thanks for the mention in the article. Its cool to see my name on the Top Cut Website lol hope we play someday again! Glad I was able to have some fun in at least one game since we knew we were going to tie. Good luck this season

  2. Justin Sanchez

    Good job! Your hands were blazing up in game 1 and 2 vs me! I did get really lucky that you didn’t draw out of it like you said, though. Great seeing you again and good luck in the rest of the season.

  3. Brandon Smiley

    Proud of you, man. Definitely becoming one of the big threats of Texas.