Final Playmat Design!

A few weeks ago we unveiled the winner of our playmat design contest. After making some alterations, we’re proud to show off the final design! Take a look at our new playmat!


We just wanted to show it off, really. We just ordered the mats, and we should have them for sale within a few weeks. We’ll let you guys know when they come in!

Thanks to Amanda for the incredible design and all of her hard work. You can check out her site at this link.

6 responses to “Final Playmat Design!”

  1. Kris Genthe

    Awesome job, the new logo looks terrific!

  2. kevind

    No Fairy?! /duck

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Actually there’s no Metal or Darkness either. Just the six original TCG types! (Fighting, Water, Grass, Fire, Lightning, Psychic – sorry, no Colorless)

  3. Dane_Carlson

    Epic art. If I didn’t already have 2 mats, I’d definitely buy one!

  4. Ian Williams

    What will the price be?

  5. Richard Kastl

    That’s awesome. Good work!!