An Emerald in the Rough – Redeeming Myself in Ft. Wayne

Hello Pokemon players! My name is Kyle Adams, a 26 year old geezer from Kentucky. I started playing the game when Next Destinies came out. After a very poor year of not knowing what I was doing I improved greatly. I had a very respectable record of 5-4 at nats with a 5-2 record on day one, so I was hopeful for the upcoming season. It’s a difficult game to master and as I learn more about all the cards in the format and how they interact with each other I feel I am getting better each day. I wanted my trip to Ft. Wayne to be my chance to prove that. Except one thing happened… PLASMA.

I just knew that Darkrai would be everywhere. So I made my deck choice on the sole idea that I wanted to be able to beat Darkrai every time. I chose Big basics, because Landorus EX puts early pressure on big bad Darkrai that is difficult to recover from. Imagine my disappointment when I played zero Darkrai in 9 rounds. Not only that but I was paired against one of my worst matchups, Plasma, 6 times! My record ended up being 4-4-1 and I was pretty bummed out.

My group decided after a long day of playing Pokemon we would stay and try our hand at the League Challenge the next day. Naturally after a pathetic 4-4-1 day with Big Basics, I needed to make a change. Thinking that it couldn’t get any worse I decided to build Virizion/Mewtwo. I had seen the list that was doing well out west earlier in the week and was tempted to change my choice for the main event then. But, I’m stubborn so I mistakenly stuck with Big Basics. I woke up Sunday morning and threw this list together in about 10 minutes.

Pokémon – 10 Trainers – 36 Energy – 14
3 Virizion EX 4 Professor Juniper 10 Grass Energy
3 Mewtwo EX 4 N 4 Double Colorless Energy
1 Bouffalant 4 Skyla
1 Tropius 3 Bicycle
1 Mr. Mime 1 Computer Search
1 Munna 4 Pokémon Catcher
4 Hypnotoxic Laser
3 Ultra Ball
3 Switch
2 Virbank City Gym
1 Tool Scrapper
1 Float Stone
1 Super Rod
1 Energy Search

I tested that list out once with my friend and felt really good about it. So off to the LC we went.

Round 1 vs. Mewtwo EX/Sigilyph (Safeguard)


My opponent informs me that this is his first tournament ever. He has a son that plays and he wants to see how much fun it is. He asks me what I’m playing, something I’m hesitant to say usually, but I believe him and he is a nice guy. He then tells me his deck and I’m worried. I calm myself by remembering I have the big bad buffalo and a Super Rod and if I play smartly I should win.

I draw my opening hand and my heart drops. I see my 70 HP Psychic weak bench protector… Mr. Mime. I know if my opponent goes first with a Mewtwo focused deck I’m toast. He calls tails, I flip HEADS! Saved! That was close. He flips over Mewtwo and my fears are validated as we start. An Ultra Ball for my own Mewtwo a successful Sleep Laser and a Juniper for a DCE and Switch and I put pressure on early. He fails to wake up, attaches a DCE (making me even more thankful to go first… I would have lost going second) and passes. I X-Ball to win on turn 2! WOW what luck!


At this moment I go to get my group some food since I finished so quickly and see two guys get in a fight on the street only to be arrested by out of uniform cops eating lunch at the Gyro place. Kind of entertaining actually.

Round 2 vs. Darkrai

Well, it’s about time! Finally a Darkrai! Let’s get Landorus out and then… wait… oh yeah. Honestly though Darkrai is one of my easiest matchup as it doesn’t play a lot of Switch cards. Catcher the Darkrai they have been powering up on turn 2, and play Laser and use Long-Distance Hypnosis (if the Laser is tails) and you have a 37.5% chance they can’t retreat or attack next turn. A decent chance at big disruption. I have no trouble here and 6-0 my opponent with little stress.


Round 3 vs. Darkrai

HA, the joke is on me, back-to-back Darkrai. I go first again. This time I have a Virizion active and a Mewtwo on the bench to his lone Sableye. I play Virbank and Laser. In my hand I have Grass, DCE, Bike. If I play the DCE and get a Switch off the Bike, I donk. I decide against that and play it safe and attach the Grass to Virizion and Bike for three. My third card… Computer Search! Dang! I’m able to CPU Search for a supporter and start attacking next turn, but oh well. I still win 6 prizes to 0 so it turned out ok.


Round 4 Vs. Plasma

I honestly don’t remember much about this as it was my closest game and I was insanely focused the whole time. His last two prizes had a Keldeo EX in them or I probably would have lost. We go back and forth until it gets to the point my opponent realizes he will deck out and concedes. This one scared me as there were a couple of times an Energy drop alone from my opponent would have won him the game. Luck was on my side again!


Round 5 Vs. Bryan Le with Virizion/Genesect


Another matchup I have no idea how to approach… the folly of not testing. He drops a Lugia that scares the absolute you-know-what out of me so I decide to focus on it. It isn’t protected by Grass Energy so I waste 2 turns and 2 Pokemon Catchers to KO it. Meanwhile, G-Booster drops! He has a Virizion close to being KOd when I am able to find my Tool Scrapper. I decide to get risky and ignore the Genesect. I KO the Virizion and we both are at two prizes…

And then my opponent makes a mistake. I have both Catchers in my hand, and he drops a Drifloon. Knowing my powered up Mewtwo can survive one Megalo Cannon, I catcher up Drifloon and KO it, saving my other Catcher for Munna! My opponent is upset because one turn he Catchered up my Energyless Mewtwo and failed to Long-Distance Hypnosis. While this was a mistake, he only had a 25% chance of it working. I didn’t tell him his biggest mistake was dropping the balloon, because after a close match I know I hate it when my opponent tries to correct my plays. He had a reason for dropping the balloon and my Catcher ruined it. Either way, great game Bryan!


Round 6 vs. Gabe Cherniske with Virizion/Mewtwo

129-scramble-switchGabe is a young Masters player with a good head for the game, a very smart player. I notice his list focuses on Bouffalant, Eviolite, and Potions. I won’t win the Bouffalant war so I decide to try and force a Mewtwo war. I play 3 and I hope he only has 2 with such a Potion/Max Potion heavy list. I almost lose it as he surprises me with Scramble Switch. He has two prizes to my four with the game in his hand. I N him to 2 and I need a DCE (I have 3 left) out of my four cards. I get the DCE and knock out his second Mewtwo. Then I gamble.

I’m pretty sure if he can get another Mewtwo he wins no matter what, so I load up my last Mewtwo with all the energy I can find and create what my friends and I call “One pissed off Mewtwo.” The N helped more than I realize and after lots of Potions, Max Potions, and Switches from my opponent, he concedes. Great game Gabe. Your future in the Masters division is obviously bright.


Round 7 Vs. Dustin Shammo with Darkrai

Not much to say here. I get to play yet another Darkrai deck, and I have no pressure knowing if I lose, I’ll still be in second as my opponent is 5-0-1. I take 6 prizes he takes 0 as I finish up my day dominating Darkrai.


My first tournament win comes at the biggest League Challenge I’ll play in all year. I’m pretty happy to earn my first ever Championship Points. My first place Scyther will be in my binder forever. I’m hoping it was just the beginning. It re-energized me and made me even more excited for Cities. What a great deck Virizion/Mewtwo is by the way. I did find that I never used Tropius and should have just played 2 Bouffalant. Other than deciding between Computer Search and Dowsing Machine, that’s the only change I would have made.

Thanks for reading, and good luck to everyone this season!

3 responses to “An Emerald in the Rough – Redeeming Myself in Ft. Wayne”

  1. JD1211

    Good read, Kyle! Nice to see one of the D20 regulars come home with a victory.- JD

  2. Dustin Shammo

    Thanks for the mention. Last match of the day really hurt me haha. Still kickin myself for not teching in Victini EX/VP. Great Job tho. Well deserved win.

  3. Gabe Cherniske

    I played against 3 different Virizion/Mewtwo lists in the event and you were the only one that beat me. I ended the tournament 6-1 (second). Great job on the win!