Supernova Blast – Milan, Italy: 2nd Place Masters Report

Hello, let me introduce myself a little bit, because most people may not know me. My name is Stefan Weber; I’m a player from Austria, I study, and play Pokémon for more than 5 years now.

Now, let’s talk about the tournament and this amazing weekend.

A friend of mine (David), my brother and I came by train to Italy – Milan. On Friday we tested a lot to find the right deck for tomorrow. In the evening, the community held a little tournament for those of us who want to test their deck before the main event and are not sure what to play, but we 3 decided to watch which decks are on the field and to change our last cards for tomorrow. We went to bed at about 11 p.m. At the end, my friend David played Darkrai, my brother too and I played Virizion/Mewtwo.

Let’s take a short look at the deck I played this weekend.

Pokémon – 8 Trainers – 38 Energy – 14
3 Mewtwo EX 4 Professor Juniper 10 Grass Energy
2 Virizion EX 4 N 4 Double Colorless Energy
1 Bouffalant 4 Skyla
1 Genesect EX 2 Bicycle
1 Mr. Mime 1 Ghetsis
1 Tropical Beach
4 Pokémon Catcher
4 Hypnotoxic Laser
3 Ultra Ball
3 Switch
2 Virbank City Gym
1 Tool Scrapper
1 Float Stone
1 Super Rod
1 Energy Search
1 Max Potion
1 Scramble Switch

I think the list is pretty standard. Maybe a few lines are, name it, “special“ for me.

Pokémon line: Only two Virizion EX? Yes, they are enough, I think. Most times you can Ultra Ball for it or use a Skyla for the Ultra Ball. Then attach energy and set up next turn. The rest is pretty much the same as the Virizion/Mewtwo decks I saw – Mr. Mime was the most useful card for me in all games I played.

Supporter line: It’s like 4 Juniper, 4 N and 4 Skyla which I see in all Virizion/Mewtwo. The Ghetsis as my 13 Supporter works very well. It helps a lot to get important cards when you won’t discard or shuffle your hand back away and you decrease your opponent’s hand too.

Trainer/Stadium: The only card I want to go into is Tropical Beach. It helps to set up T1 when you cannot attack, and to discard other Stadium cards like Virbank City Gym when you have no Virizion in play – like sometimes in mirror.

The Tournament

On Saturday we registered and started on time. They were 7 Juniors, 28 Seniors and 97 Masters.

Round 1: Danilo Morichi (IT) (Raticate/Victini EX/Tornadus)

Victini EX

Game 1: I went first and had a perfect start with Virizion, Energy, Mewtwo and Bouffalant. I played N and set up with Beach. He couldn’t do a lot and attached energy to his active Mr. Mime. He benched a few Pokemon and passed. I attached energy and attached energies with Emerald Slash on Bouffalant. He retreat Mr. Mime and attached Energy to Victini, attack and 2 energies on Rattata. I retreated with Switch for Bouffalant, attached energy and knocked his Victini EX out. He couldn’t come back after that, missed energy and I knock out his Rattata next turn. Well, the game ended with a 6-0, in prizes, for me.

Game 2: He wanted that I go first (don’t know why). I start with Mewtwo EX, Virbank + Laser (heads). I searched an Ultra Ball with Skyla for Virizion Ex. Attacked his Tornadus EX for 70. He flipped tails, didn’t wake up and played N. He benched some Pokémon (only remember Victini EX atm) and attached an energy to Victini EX. I attached energy to my Virizion EX, played a Supporter and knocked out Tornadus EX. He used Turbo Energize and attached two energies on another Victini EX. I attached Grass energy to Mewtwo EX and played a Laser to knock out his Victini EX. He attached energy to Victini EX and catcher to my Virizion EX, played N and knocked out my Virizion EX. I got a Skyla and searched for my last Laser for the win.


Round 2: Andrea Franco (IT) (Virizion/Genesect/Drifblim)

Game 1: I went first and started with a Virizion EX and Mewtwo EX on the bench. Attached energy to Virizion EX, benched a Bouffalant and used Skyla for Beach. Go for Beach. He had a good set up as well and started with 2 Virizion EX, attached energy to the active and played N. Used Beach. I got the 2nd Grass energy. Searched a Mr. Mime with Ultra Ball and started to set up with Emerald Slash (2 Energies on Bouffalant). He got Genesect EX out and the 2nd Grass on Virizion EX.

11-genesect-exHe set up as well and put the energies on Genesect EX. I used a Catcher for Genesect EX and attached energy to Bouffalant, retreated Virizion with Switch and Gold Breaker 120. He only attacked with 100. I retreated Bouffalant with Switch attached energy on Mewtwo EX and Emerald Slash for knock out and 2 energies on Mewtwo EX.

He built up a Genesect EX again and knocked out my Bouffalant. I used Catcher for Genesect EX again, used Super Rod for Bouffalant and 2 Grass energies, searched Bouffalant with Ultra Ball, attached energy to Mewtwo and attacked with 120 on Genesect Ex. He got the G-Booster and knocked out my Mewtwo Ex. I played N, knocked his Genesect out with Virizion EX and search for 2 Grass energies. For the rest of the game he got no Genesect out and I won 2 or 3 turns later.

Game 2: He went 1st, again with Virizion EX and Grass energy. My set was not the best but I managed to set up as well, but a little bit slower than before. He had to discard 2 Drifblim with Juniper. When he was able to attack with Virizion EX and pumped up his Genesect with energies. I did set up as well with Virizion EX but attacked his Genesect because it is the only Pokemon which does a bunch of damage.

From now on, it was like the same as last game, with the only difference that he attacked first with Virizion. In the end I took 4 prizes and he draw 3. He attacked only with Emerald Slash and didn’t search for energies, so he probably ran out of them. At this point I’m gonna started to pump up a Mewtwo EX (there were no Driflblim out) with Scramble Switch for 7 energies and knocked out his Virizion EX in one hit.


Round 3: Giorgio D’Agostino (IT) (Darkrai)

Against Darkrai I know I could win probably each game. I like to play against Darkrai because I never lost against one with my actual deck. But it ended differently than I thought.

Game 1: My start was terrible and I couldn’t set up. He got a T2 Darkrai and started to attack my Pokemon if I remember right. I had no chance so I scooped the first game after a few minutes.

Game 2: I went first and this time I was able to set up much better than before. His start was not bad too but I came into a better position than him. In late game I did a misplay and forgot that he has Frozen City in play and I did only 170 to his active Darkrai EX with my Mewtwo EX. He managed to get Max Potion, 2 Dark Patch and Energy out of 7 with Juniper and all efforts were worthless. He attacked but didn’t knock Mewtwo EX out. This time I could knock his Darkrai out and he missed some important cards next turn. So I could win the second round after 35 minutes.

Game 3: I knew, there were no more than 5 minutes before time out and I want to play for a tie if I cannot donk him. I played Mewtwo EX as active and my hand was perfect (Juniper, N, Ultra Ball, Energy, Mewtwo Ex..). To his luck he played N and destroyed everything. I got 2 Switch, Max Potion, Energy and 2 other not useful cards out of that N. He got Darkrai out T2 and started to attack my lone Mewtwo EX. I top decked nothing! My last chance was Max Potion and Catcher which I drew. But he got the energy and I had no Pokémon.


I was a bit angry after that match. I had a second Mewtwo EX in my start hand but I didn’t bench it.

Round 4: Domenico Vitali (IT) (Plasma without Lugia EX)

Game 1: I had a very good set up and started Emerald Slash T2, to pump up my Pokémon with energies. I got Mr. Mime out really fast so his Kyurem wasn’t very useful for him. His set up was good as well but he always attached his Plasma energies to Kyurem. So it was very easy for me to knock out all the Kyurem with 0 Plasma Energy left in his deck. I could attack with Mewtwo EX and knocked out Kyurem after Kyurem and he couldn’t revenge it. My last 2 prizes I drew with a Catcher on Deoxys EX.

Game 2: This time he went first and attack with Kyurem T1. My start was not the best with 0 Supporters and no Bicycle. When I think all is over, I top decked a Juniper and was able to Super Rod first onto my Virizion EX, Bouffalant and Grass energy. With Juniper my revenge started. I got out everything – Virizion, Mewtwo EX with DCE and Laser to knock out Kyurem and some other cards I didn’t remember.

This time he did the same mistake again and attached Plasma energies only on Kyurem which helped a lot to win me the game afterwards. From now on, he attacked with Kyurem each turn but missed energy one time. With Max Potion I healed my Mewtwo and was able to power up a Virizion EX with Scramble Switch. In the end, N won me the game because he didn’t get anything out of his 2 cards.


Round 5: Joseph Moore-Costa (US) (Blastoise/Keldeo/Black Kyurem)


Joseph is a very nice guy from the US and I really enjoyed the games against him.

Game 1: He went first and started with Black Kyurem EX and got out 2 Squirtle T1. My start was okay; I got a Virizion EX out and attached energy to it. A few turn later each of us had everything out. He had 2 Blastoise, Keldeo, Black Kyurem, I had Virizion, Genesect, Bouffalant and Mewtwo EX. It was like knock out my Pokemon; revenge one of his and so on. At the end each of us had 2 prizes left. Who would take the last two prizes first? If he could get the Superior Energy Retrieval he won the game. Yeah, to make it short – he got it!

Game 2: I went 1st with a Mewtwo EX, DCE and Laser (heads) on his lone Squirtle. We discuss what I should do – should I go for the Virbank with N or not. I tried it and missed, but get Virizion and Genesect out. X Ball for 50. To my luck he flipped tails and was still asleep. He only benched a Squirtle and Catcher to my Genesect, than used Colress for 3. In there was a Beach which he used.

I took my first prize and got out the Switch I needed for the win. Attached energy to Mewtwo for the win.

Game 3: His set up was okay I think, he got out Blastoise very early again but missed energies in 3 or 4 turns. Meanwhile, I could set up Virizion EX and Genesect. To my luck I could attack with Genesect twice and took 4 prizes. 40 damage was on a Blastoise. With Virizion EX I knocked out one of his Squirtle before I saw his first Blastoise. When he got out his energies he knocked out my Virizion EX and Genesect EX. With my last Virizion EX and two energies on it I used Catcher for Blastoise for the win.


Round 6: Marco Spataro (IT) (Plasma without Lugia EX)

He was really tired and wants to tie but it was too early to tie in my opinion. So we play.

Game 1: I went first and got a great start with Virizion, Mewtwo, Mr. Mime and energy on Virizion EX. He was more clever that my first opponent with Plasma and attached Plasma energies to Deoxys too. But in the end his main attackers were Kyurem again and thanks to my Genesect EX and Laser I managed to win like before.

Game 2: I didn’t remember the 2nd game exactly, but it was similar to the first one. He lost his Plasma energies very early because he had to discard it and the rest he needed for Kyurem. I played the same as before and won the game too.


I know, at this point I’m in top when I do a tie next game. There were 2 guys with 5-0-1 and 3 with 5-1-0.

Round 7: Enzo Castorina (IT) (Plasma without Lugia EX)

I sat on table 2 against a guy with the same record. On table 3 the guy with 5-1-0 had to play because his opponent was 4-1-1. After a few minutes doing some maths we decided to do a tie because we are in top for sure.

Standings after Swiss:


They collected our decks for tomorrow. With 5th place I played against Simone Laici (4th) – Plasma. My brother, who is a Senior, was the 5th place too and we are both in top tomorrow. Seniors had Top 8 too.

After a short night and breakfast we went to “Casa dei Giochi” – the location of the Super Nova Blast. They were 5 Virizion/Mewtwo in and 3 Plasma decks (one with Lugia focus) in Top 8. At about 9:00 the Top 8 started.

Top 8 – Simone Laici (IT) (Plasma – Deoxys/Kyurem)


Game 1: He went first with Kyurem and Kyurem on the bench. He got out 2 Deoxys EX and attached a Plasma energy to Kyurem. I got out Virizion EX with energy and other 2 or 3 benched Pokémon. On his 2nd turn he attached Plasma energy again, but to another Kyurem after an N. I attached energy to Virizion EX and started to set up very quickly. Now he was able to attack for the first time with Kyurem. I had Mr. Mime on the bench so only my Virizion got damage.

He had to Silver Bangle on 2 of his Kyurem (one was active). I used Tool Scrapper to discard them and knock out his Kyurem with Virizion and Laser + Virbank. He attacked again with Frost Spear on my Virizion. I switched it with Genesect EX on my bench and knocked Kyurem out. He attacked again and I knocked out two more Kyurem in two turns. After another N from him I got Juniper out of 3 and took the last two prizes with Mewtwo EX against one of his Deoxys EX.

Game 2: His set up was bad again but he managed to attack earlier this time. I had a perfect start again and after set up with 2 times Emerald Slash he couldn’t come back against my powerful bench. He took 2 prizes in this game against one Virizion EX.

Top 4: Remo Zahnd (Switzerland) (Plasma with Lugia focus)


The games were filmed by the leader of the Pokémon League Trieste.

I’ll only give a summary of the games.

Game 1: I had a very bad start and got no Virizion EX out in the first 2 turns. His start was really perfect with Computer Search, Lugia EX with Float Stone, Thundurus EX with energy. In his 2nd turn he drew his first 3 prizes. After my hand was a little bit better he had everything to knock out my second Pokémon and drew 3 prizes again.

Game 2: My start was okay. I managed to knock out his Kyurem with my Mewtwo EX in my second turn. I got Virizion EX and Mr. Mime out too and he wasn’t able to revenge my Mewtwo EX. He attached Plasma energy on one of his Deoxys and discarded his hand with Juniper – he had to discard his last two Plasma energies. When he had his second energy on Deoxys EX, he didn’t draw a Switch out of 8.

I was able to use Emerald Slash and set up. He knocked out Mewtwo EX with Deoxys EX next turn with Catcher and I revenged it with Mewtwo EX. A few rounds later, he could get out a Lugia EX and knocked out my 2nd Mewtwo EX which he hit before with Raiden Knuckle. His Lugia EX had already 160 damage on it because I attacked it first with X-Ball. I was able to knock it out next turn and played N – him down to 1. Next turn I won because I got a Catcher out of a Skyla.

Game 3: He had a perfect start again and set up very fast. I started with Genesect EX and got a Virizion EX, attached energy on Virizion EX and got Mr. Mime out, Catcher for Deoxys Ex, pass. He couldn’t retreat and only pass. I put energy on Virizion EX, used Max Potion on my damaged Genesect, and attacked with Emerald Slash – put energies on my Genesect EX. He attacked again with Thundurus EX. I used catcher for his Lugia and Laser heads – then retreat Virizion into Genesect and attacked.

He didn’t wake up which won me the game afterwards. Meanwhile I set up my other Pokémon. He got a second Lugia EX out but I used Catcher for it and attacked with Genesect again. He catcher my Bouffalant and knocked it out. I revenged it with Genesect EX. He played N and attacked my Genesect EX with Thundurus EX. I attached energy to my Mewtwo EX (it had now 2 energies on it) and attacked with Genesect EX against his Thundurus EX with 40 on it – 20 on the benched Deoxys which is powered up completely. He knocked out Genesect with another Deoxys EX which he was able to power up too. I used Juniper for 7 and drew the energy I need for Mewtwo EX for the win.

Top 2: Heddi Brahmi (France) (Virizion/Mewtwo)


This match was filmed too, so you can watch it if you want.

Here’s a summary of the games:

Game 1: My start was okay, his one too. He went first and set up Virizion EX on the bench while Mewtwo EX was active. I did set up too, with the only difference that he couldn’t retreat his active Mewtwo EX. So I attacked first with Emerald Slash which is very important for the rest of the game.

From now on we powered up our Pokémon on the bench with Emerald Slash and started to attack after. At the end, I had 2 prizes left and he had 3. He did two big misplays – first forgot that there’s no Virbank in play and second was that my Mr. Mime is on the bench. Those two misplays won me the game afterwards because I was able to knock out his Mewtwo EX which had damage on it.

9-virizion-exGame 2: My start was the same as last game with Virizion EX, his one was not that good because he got no Virizion EX out at the beginning. I started set up again and meanwhile he attacked my Pokémon with Bouffalant. When he got Virizion EX out he started to set up too with Emerald Slash.

In the end it was probably the same situation as before, he needed 2 prizes and me too. He needed one Catcher for the win and searched for a Juniper. His bench was fully set up and my one was okay. My problem was that all of my Catchers were in my discard pile so I couldn’t win that easy. I knew if he got the Catcher I lost and he drew probably his entire deck. I didn’t look at my deck before I played Juniper so I drew all remaining cards. He won.

Game 3: This time I went first. My set up was very good again and I managed to set up T2 with Emerald Slash. I took the first two prizes and knew that there is not much time left. But he was able to hold up my powerful start with his Bouffalant and a good set up. A few rounds later I discarded my hand where Mr. Mime was in too. Before I thought a long time if I should bench it or not – I should but didn’t do it.

When time is called he had 5 prizes left and I had 4. I started with the first extra turn and knew how to win if he missed the Catcher in his turn. Well, he played N and had about 13 cards left (hand cards included). One Catcher was in his deck. He drew 5 – no Catcher – than he managed to discard his whole hand and played Bicycle for 4 (about 8 cards left) and drew the Catcher he need for the win.

Well, so I finished second and I’m really happy about that. I never expect that. There were so many good players and I played great games. My brother finished 2nd too with our Darkrai deck. It was a great weekend.

At this point, I wanna thank everyone who was there, and make this weekend special for me.
I hope it will be that special next year again – judges and organizers – you do a great job. THANK YOU!

5 responses to “Supernova Blast – Milan, Italy: 2nd Place Masters Report”

  1. Søren Neumann

    Wait, how did you attack in your first turn? (round 1 game 2) The rules are against that.

  2. Andrea

    The rule change was implemented only AFTER the tournament. This was the last weekend with the “old” rules

  3. DonaldDuck__

    When you went up against the lugia deck in the first game, how was he able to attach 2 energies in one turn? Or am i missing something?

    1. Stefan Weber

      He used Raiden Knuckle and attached the 2nd from his discard pile to Lugia, if I understand you right.

      1. DonaldDuck__

        Yeah after watching it again I seen that he attacked on the 1st turn.