New Playmats For Sale! (Back in Stock!)

The new playmats are in! Check out the awesome design in all of its glory.


Sorry, cards not included!

Sorry, cards not included!

The design features our sleek new logo along with The Top Cut’s new mascot, Kurt! For all the information on how we picked the design, check out the playmat design contest thread. The mats turned out very well, and we’re really proud to start sporting the new artwork!

In addition to the playmat with Kurt, we also have a simpler option available for those who aren’t into the flashy design. Check it out!


Sorry, cards not included.

Sorry, cards not included.

Get your mats while you still can! They’re selling quickly, and we won’t know how long they’ll be in stock. Each mat comes with a card signed by Pooka! For our US customers, the price is $28 (including shipping). Unfortunately, it’s a bit expensive to ship these mats outside the country, so the price for international buyers is $35.

If you have any questions, please leave them down in the comments. Otherwise, use the button below if you’d like to purchase a playmat. Any mat you buy goes directly towards improving the quality of The Top Cut’s content! Thanks!

Sorry, playmats are no longer for sale.

Thanks to Amanda (ack!) for the design. We owe her a lot for all of her help! You can check out her website at!

49 responses to “New Playmats For Sale! (Back in Stock!)”

  1. Kevinkev1337

    You sure that the beach isn’t included xD the mat looks awesome

  2. PwnzorProd

    How thick is the playmat?

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      The playmats are 1/16 inch thick.

  3. ack!

    I approve of the deck displayed on the mat. Yes.

  4. NicholasInzeo

    how long do they take to ship?

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      We ship it out within a few days after it’s purchased. Then it depends on where it’s being delivered to.

      1. NicholasInzeo

        If I order 2 today. Think I will get it by Friday? would love to give one or two of these out at a League Challenge on 11/24

        1. Kyle Sucevich

          It all depends on where you live. We can’t make any guarantees, but we’ll ship them out tomorrow if you order them today!

  5. Marvin

    I can get a playmat with Kyle’s autograph? (sorry for my bad english :c )

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Yes, of course! Just leave a note for the seller on Paypal when you purchase it.

      1. Marvin

        Wow, thanks Kyle!

  6. João Paulo Faria Henrique

    You guys ship to Brazil?

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Yes, just choose the international option!

  7. P0k3m0m

    Hey Pooka! Great mat design. 2 questions – will you ship to the UK and pleeeease would you sign one for my son? He is a great fan, I fact can’t get him off of PTCGO lol! Thanks

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Sure, just choose the international option and leave a comment in the Paypal order if you want it signed. Thanks!

      1. P0k3m0m

        That’s great thanks so much will make his xmas !

      2. P0k3m0m

        Must have missed paypal message option ?!! So have sent you an email with all the details instead , hope this is ok. Thanks again

  8. Hagan Leeds Richman

    Okay I ordered one on the 28 (I Think) and was just wondering do you send them the day its ordered or what? (I’m only asking cause I am extremely excited for it, and I don’t mean to bother.)

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Yours has been sent out. :)

      1. Hagan Leeds Richman

        Just got mine today! It looks amazing in person! Really glad to also have a signed card now as well!

  9. Karla Baracuy

    Hi Kyle
    my son (like other 100,000.000 other kids) is a great fan, we have been living in Brazil, could you sign the playmat for him? I would give to my son as a x-mas ! Thank you!

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Sure, no problem. Thanks!

  10. Kyle Sucevich

    To anyone who ordered after November 28th: Currently we are waiting for our new shipment of playmats to come in. We probably will not receive them for another week. If you don’t want a mat because of the long wait, you are entitled to a refund. We apologize for the inconvenience!

    1. Bradon

      Do you ship with tracking? I figured I’d have my mat today but I didn’t so I checked here and it said its on backorder so I know why now.

      1. Kyle Sucevich

        If you ordered after November 28th, your order hasn’t been shipped yet. We should have our new order in soon. Sorry for the wait!

    2. Brian C

      Ordered mine last week. Any information when it will ship?

      1. Kyle Sucevich

        Sorry, we had a bit of a delay between the holidays and the cold weather. Your mat was shipped out today. Hopefully you get it soon!

        1. Brian C

          Thank you!! Can’t Wait!!!

    3. Ash ketchup

      Just ordered mine can’t wait!!!

  11. Karla Baracuy

    I have already paid it,! I am crazy waiting for it

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Sorry, we are waiting on our new order to come in! We are hoping to have them by the end of the week. Then we will ship it to you immediately!

      1. Karla Baracuy

        Kyle, sorry to disturb you but did your shipment arrive? Cause this is x-mas gift to my kiddo?

        1. Kyle Sucevich

          Yes, we just got them today. It will be sent out tomorrow. Sorry if it doesn’t arrive before Christmas. I wish our shipment had gotten here sooner!

  12. john

    what is the signed card?

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      It’s a random common card.

  13. Kyle Sucevich

    All playmat orders have been shipped out now! We apologize again for the wait. Both playmats are in stock!

  14. Vince Krekeler

    Can I get the mat without the card signed by Pooka? LOL…..awesome mat. Great job as always TC.

  15. Brian C

    Cant wait to get my playmat in!!

  16. Michael Bonenfant

    Kyle, are these mats still available? I noticed the title said “[…] till November 30th”. Just wanted to make sure!

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Yes, the mats are still on sale! I’ll see if I can change that title.

      1. Michael Bonenfant

        Thanks for the quick update. I went ahead and placed my order!

  17. Stephen Simmons

    Just submitted an order for a basic mat. Just wanted to see if still in stock or back ordered?

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Yes, they’re in stock! We’ll have your order shipped out tomorrow. Thanks!

      1. Stephen Simmons

        Thanks again. I can’t wait.

  18. Rick

    Shipping to mexico is included in the international one?

    1. Kyle Sucevich


  19. Shakeel

    Is any of the mats in stock?

  20. Ash ketchup

    Kyle which one should I get I cant decide!

  21. Nintendista

    The mats are still available?