Legendary Treasures Set Review: Top 10 Pokémon Cards

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  1. C-Dub

    I think Chandelure EX is better than you are giving it credit for with it being #10. It is an amazing 1-2 of card in any psychic deck or a deck that uses even a low count of psychic energy. 1 energy for 40 spread however you want has proven to be great for me early game to put on quick pressure and late game to finish off weak pokemon that may have retreated to the bench. With catcher being a flip and Mr. Mime so popular, it can be a challenge to finish off weakened pokemon that are hiding on the bench. It also has a dark weakness instead of a psychic one. Yeah, against Darkrai decks this isn’t one that you will want to be promoting and sticking out there to get OHKO’d for 2 prizes, but overall I think its much better than people are giving it credit for because of how dynamic it can be early and late game for just one energy.

    Crushing hammer and even energy switch annoyed me that they returned in LT. Otherwise, I love everything about the set. It seems like PTCGI is trying to make evolutions a factor again and for the game to slow down a bit with the recent rule changes along with the new pokemon they are revealing in the XY set. But they seemingly contradict themselves and don’t care that giving these two cards back to the format because speed Darkrai decks the most. Now straight Darkrai decks can get their turn two night spears much easier and sableye can abuse junk hunting crushing hammers like it has before. This gets extremely annoying for those of us who use decks that don’t have “energy acceleration” and are struggling to get energy on our field with our one energy per turn attachment. Losing in that way by getting spammed by sableye has gotten extremely old, boring, and stale after a year and a half now. Crushing hammer has no business ever being in the format even without sableye abusing it.

    All in all, nice vid!

    1. $@//

      Does Cursed Drop have the ability to hit Pokémon on the bench even with Mr. Mime in play because it lets you put damage counters down instead of a straight snipe attack, like Night Spear? Also, what happens if you knock out a Pokémon in the middle of using Cursed Drop? Do you act like the damage comes down one at a time or all as a group?

      1. Kyle Sucevich

        Cursed Drop places damage counters instead of doing direct damage, so it gets past Bench Barrier. You complete the action of placing the four damage counters, and then you go from there.

        1. James Lancaster

          Does muscle band increase the damage of curse drop?

          1. Kyle Sucevich

            Cursed Drop doesn’t do damage, so no.

  2. Evan

    Pooka please please please do a deck break down for round!!!!!!

    1. Kyle Sucevich
  3. M-Clutch

    You look really bored. Just saying.

  4. Deathbydragon

    Definately agree that energy switch is great. There is a card that I think a lot of us were hoping would make it in to legendary treasures, but didn’t, and that’s pokemon comunication. The format is so perfect for stage 2 decks, but they take out the best pokemon search card in them. Bummer.