An Insight Into the Senior Division: 1st Place Philadelphia Regionals Report

Editor’s Note: This tournament took place before the XY rule changes, meaning Legendary Treasures wasn’t legal, you could attack going first, and Pokémon Catcher had no coin flip.

Hello, for those of you that don’t know me let me start by introducing myself. My name is Ishaan Jagiasi. I am a Senior Division player from Delaware and this is my third year playing the game. Here are my accomplishments.

Top 16, Top 64 at the World Championships
Top 16, Top 32 at the US National Championships
1st, Top 4 at the Regional Championships
4 State Championship wins


Before this tournament I was practicing with a bunch of my friends and testing out many different decks. I couldn’t find any deck I was really comfortable with so more testing was required. The night before this Regionals some of my friends came over to my house to stay for the course of Regionals. We were all testing the decks that seemed good or had potential and we reached many conclusions about the well performing decks.


Blastoise – Even though this is one of the strongest decks in the format it just wasn’t consistent enough for me to personally run it. If I can’t get the quick Blastoise out, faster decks such as Plasma and Virizion variants will run through me. It also has a really luck based mirror match which is usually determined by who gets the first knock out and I can’t feel comfortable knowing these things.

Plasma – This was a deck that I tested a decent amount leading up to the tournament. It’s very aggressive but my problem with this deck was the fact that pretty much the entire format was built to beat it. For example, there was the Drifblims (Shadow Steal and Derail) that disrupt your field with discarding energy and then hitting for large amounts. Also, Darkrai decks were seeing an increase in play and through testing I saw that Darkrai variants have the advantage over Plasma decks.

On top of that if you are playing against Blastoise and they do get set up, knocking out your Kyurem, it’s very hard to come back from this as you probably have to use Thundurus EX’s Raiden Knuckle. To make matters worse there is a new Item called Silver Mirror that prevents damage done by Plasma Pokémon. Keep in mind that it’s really hard to fit in multiple Tool Scrapper in a Team Plasma deck. Finally, this deck’s mirror match is luck based, as the first person to attack with Kyurem usually wins the game.

Straight Darkrai – This deck was one of the main decks I was testing leading up to the event. It does really well versus the metagame decks but you have to get set up decently every game, which is really hard to do without Energy Switch. In my testing with the deck, Darkrai decks would hit some turn two Night Spears but would also hit some hands in which you start Darkrai EX or Mr. Mime and you get a really slow set up. Even though this deck had decent matchups versus some decks (like Plasma) it has some very iffy matchups.

Darkrai EX

One of these iffy matchups is Blastoise of course; Blastoise decks can easily run through Darkrai decks if it gets set up. Last format Darkrai decks actually had a greater chance of beating Blastoise decks as Darkrai decks still had Energy Switch, which allowed for turn two Night Spears to happen more often. But now that Energy Switch is gone, Blastoise decks get three turns on average to get set up without a Night Spear if they go first! Yes, there is Frozen City, but that doesn’t always work for two reasons.

1. Blastoise decks usually run 3 to 4 Tropical Beach, making it easy to counter the Frozen City.

2. 20 damage per Energy does help, but that doesn’t always get the job done as three Deluges means 60 damage. Even though that puts the attacker in KO range, Blastoise decks usually knock out a Darkrai EX on the same turn that they counter the Frozen City with Black Kyurem EX, forcing the Darkrai player to get another Darkrai EX powered up along with Virbank City Gym or Dark Claw plus a Hypnotoxic Laser.

Another iffy matchup for straight Darkrai was any Virizon EX variant. Virizion EX has an Ability that makes any Pokémon with a Grass Energy on it immune to Special Conditions. Historically, Darkrai decks have had an edge over Pokémon with 170 HP, but this Ability takes away the overpowered effect of Hypnotoxic Laser if you have a Grass Energy attached to any of your Pokémon. Then Darkrai EX with a Dark Claw on it is only doing 110 damage, which is still huge, but most Virizion EX decks run Mr. Mime, so that extra 20 damage usually doesn’t do much. These reasons make Darkrai a riskier play as there is Mr. Mime in mostly every deck in this format.

Plus, there are some decks that run healing (Potion and Max Potion), Blastoise decks have a favorable matchup versus it, and lastly this deck was going to be played a lot as it won back-to-back Regional Championships in the Masters Division. So, you had to worry about mirror as well. I would also like to say that there wasn’t much to help out with the Darkrai mirror match as everyone was already running Mr. Mime in the deck, and some people were running Max Potion.

Victini EX/Attackers – I also tested this deck a decent amount with many different attackers. Zebstrika and Terrakion EX were the attackers that I was testing with Victini EX. Their advantages and disadvantages are simple; they both have decent matchups around the board but have unfavorable matchups versus Blastoise decks and Big Basic variants (Landorus EX, Mewtwo EX, and Tornadus EX). Also, Terrakion EX’s Plasma matchup is also slightly unfavorable because of how much pressure they put on and the fact that Victini EX has a weakness to Kyurem.

Flareon Variants – Flareon decks also have great matchups across the board if you run the correct attackers to go with it. I can’t say much about this deck as I didn’t test it a lot but I see some problems with the deck itself. The first problem is even thought you have Landorus EX and Terrakion, Darkrai players can purposely knock out Pokémon with Poison so that Retaliate can’t one shot a Darkrai EX. Also, Darkrai EX with a Dark Claw, Virbank City Gym, and Hypnotoxic Laser can one shot a Terrakion. On top of that Landorus EX isn’t always the greatest as it’s only doing 60 damage, unless you get three Energies on it. Another problem I see is this deck’s early game against Plasma decks; even though you have Drifblim and Enhanced Hammer, Plasma can donk you or put on a lot of early game pressure. Other than these problems this deck seems very good.

Big Basic Variants – The first way to run this deck is without Garbodor, meaning straight Landorus EX/Mewtwo EX/Tornadus EX. I don’t like this version of the deck as it has an unfavorable matchup versus Blastoise Decks, Plasma decks, and certain Virizion EX variants. The second way to run this deck is in fact with Garbodor. This deck was my Klaczynski Open deck, and I discovered some major flaws in the deck itself. Even though you hit for Weakness against all of the Pokémon in the Plasma deck, you also have to remember they hit you for Weakness right back. Landorus EX gets wrecked by Plasma Kyurem and a Silver Bangle on it; it’s so hard to deal with.

Also, you have a slightly unfavorable matchup versus Blastoise because if they run Scrapper they can use it and then Catcher out the Garbador and knock it out; this gives the Blastoise deck one more turn to attack. Darkrai/Garbador decks have a favorable matchup because they have Super Rod and Sableye to keep on getting back Trubbish and Garbodor, but Big Basic Garbodor decks don’t have the ability to do this.

Virizon Variants – And finally on this list are Virizion EX variants. Now there are a lot of ways to run this deck, with Drifblim, Genesect EX, Mewtwo EX, etc. Starting with Drifblim variants, Virizion/Genesect/Drifblim is a great deck that saw an increase in play after the Klaczynski Open. This deck is one that I really liked but it has a few problems. First of all the deck has a bunch a dead cards in one matchup and they just fill up your hand. For example, Drifblim with Enhanced Hammer is great versus Plasma decks and sometimes versus other Virizion EX decks, but is dead versus Blastoise and Darkrai EX variants which were both seeing an increase in play. Second of all the deck has no real answer to decks with Victini EX + Victory Piece and Flareon. This is because once your attacker gets knocked out all you have is a Virizion EX and a useless Drifblim line.


Next up is straight Virizion EX, Genesect EX. This deck is very powerful but has similar weaknesses as the Drifblim version. For one, if you are running Team Plasma Badge and a heavy Colress Machine line, your set up could become faster, but could also be a little bit slower as you have four dead Team Plasma Badges in your deck/field after the first turn of the game. This deck also fizzles out after their only Genesect EX is knocked out as you have to Emerald Slash again, hoping that the new Genesect EX that you just Emerald Slashed onto isn’t going to get knocked out. Also, this deck always seems to run short on Energy, so in the late game you can easily miss crucial Eergy attachments. Finally, this Virizion EX variant also has no response to Flareon decks or Victini EX + Victory Piece.

The last Virizion variant I want to talk about is Virizion/Mewtwo. This deck was the safest play at Regionals in my opinion because it had an answer to every deck in the metagame. I didn’t see any weaknesses for this deck other than the fact that it has a slightly unfavorable Blastoise matchup, but with the right cards and an ideal setup you make the matchup 50-50. My only other problem was that the mirror match was very dumb and I mean VERY dumb, but I wasn’t expecting too many people to run this deck. Unlike the other Virizion EX variants this deck could deal with Victini EX + Victory Piece and Flareon decks. This is because Bouffalant one shots Victini EX so you do have an immediate response, and you can X-Ball a Flareon with a Mewtwo EX for a knockout easily thanks to Hypnotoxic Laser and Virbank City Gym.

Day 1 of the Regional Championships

My friends and I get there in the morning write our decklists and wait for the players meeting. Here is what my decklist was.

Pokémon – 9 Trainers – 38 Energy – 13
3 Mewtwo EX 4 Professor Juniper 9 Grass Energy
2 Virizion EX 4 N 4 Double Colorless Energy
2 Bouffalant 4 Skyla
1 Genesect EX 2 Colress
1 Mr. Mime 1 Tropical Beach
1 Computer Search
4 Pokémon Catcher
4 Hypnotoxic Laser
3 Ultra Ball
2 Switch
2 Float Stone
2 Virbank City Gym
1 Town Map
1 Energy Search
1 Max Potion
1 Super Rod
1 Tool Scrapper

1 Genesect Ex – This was a questionable card that I ran. Many people took this card out of Virizion/Mewtwo decks, but I put it back in for the Blastoise matchup. Against Blastoise decks I can use Emerald Slash and knockout a Squirtle by using Pokémon Catcher, putting the energy on the Genesect EX. Later in the game I can use that Genesect and play another Pokémon Catcher to KO their Blastoise with Megalo Cannon.

1 Town Map – This card was the MVP of the tournament for me. The reason I ran this card was so I could take useful cards from my prizes such as Double Colorless Energy and Hypnotoxic Laser. Town Map also allowed me to take a crucial knockout on a Pokémon by using Skyla and then from my prize card I would take a Supporter to give me options for the next turn.

1 Tropical Beach – I ran Tropical Beach because my deck can only X-Ball with Mewtwo EX on the first turn, and a majority of the time you don’t want to do that. On the first turn of the game I could Skyla for the Tropical Beach and play my hand down; this gave me so many options on the second turn of the game.

1 Max Potion/1 Energy Search/1 Tool Scrapper/1 Super Rod – Many people would think why am I running so many one of cards. Don’t they have your deck inconsistent? The answer is simple. I run four Skyla so I can easily search out for these tech cards when I need them. Virizion EX decks have always had a tendency to run out of Energy, and that’s why I run one Super Rod to retrieve Energy. Also it can get back my Pokémon when I need them back in my deck.

One Tool Scrapper made its way in this deck for many reasons. With the increase of tools such as Silver Bangle, G-Booster, and Dark Claw, it is really important to have an out of getting rid of them. Also, there are always Darkrai/Garbodor decks, and Tool Scrapper can get rid of the Poison and Sleep conditions for one turn.

One Energy Search was in this deck just in case I needed to Skyla for an Energy, I actually did that a lot! I put a Max Potion in this deck for situational uses in which healing damage would be important. For example, against Darkrai decks if I can Max Potion my active Pokémon with a Mr. Mime in play I can undo an entire Night Spear!

2 Switch/2 Float Stone – I picked this switching line so I could effectively move my Pokémon. With 4 switching outs and some of your Pokémon having 1 retreat costs, retreating was never a problem for me.

Tournament Report

Round 1 vs. Sydney Morisoli (Plasma)

Plasma LandorusGame 1 – She wins the coin flip and decides to go first. Turn 1 she starts Thundurus EX and I start Bouffalant. She top decks into the Promo Landorus and benches it. Then she puts a Prism Energy onto it and Colress Machines onto it. She plays a Team Plasma Ball and searches out for Deoxys EX; at this point I’m really scared because if she has a Professor Juniper all she has to do is hit a switching card as my hand is already 6. As I expect she has the Professor Juniper but doesn’t hit the switching out and has to simply pass!

Then it’s my turn, I get the usual setup by getting a Mewtwo EX and putting a Grass Energy on it. Then she knocks out my Bouffalant on her second turn with the Promo Landorus without playing a Supporter card. On my second turn I knock out her Landorus with my Mewtwo EX. She has a Supporter drought for the remainder of the game and I load up multiple Mewtwo EXs to take Game 1.

Game 2 – She goes first and gets a turn 1 Frost Spear to get 50 damage on my Active Genesect EX, putting an Energy on her benched Kyurem as well. I basically sacrifice the Genesect EX so that I could power up my Mewtwo EX with a Double Colorless Energy on the bench as I didn’t want to put another one of my Pokémon in harm’s way. Next turn she knocks out the Genesect EX as I expected and she draws 2 prize cards.

On my turn I promote my Mewtwo EX with the Double Colorless Energy on it and I put down my Virbank City Gym and my Hypnotoxic Laser, then I use N to reduce her hand size to 4. I managed to draw an Energy Search off my N to 6 so I was able to knock out her Kyurem. On her turn she just promotes Thundurus EX and uses Raiden Knuckle to put an Energy onto her other Kyurem; she doesn’t have a Supporter again! On my next turn I was able Pokemon Catcher up her Kyurem, putting it to Sleep and using X-Ball with Mewtwo EX. The Kyurem fails to wake up, and she doesn’t have a way to attack.

After this everything goes downhill for her as she doesn’t draw a Supporter and all she can do is use Raiden Knuckle and put energy onto a Deoxys EX. When she finally draws a Supporter it’s too late because I have 2 Mewtwo EXs powered up with a Bouffalant and only 2 prize cards remaining.

Record – 1/0/0

Round 2 vs. Dexter (Virizion/Genesect/Drifblim)

Game 1 – In this game I remember getting really unlucky as I have to Juniper away 2 Double Colorless Energy to prevent getting benched out. After this Juniper I hit several Basics but no Supporter. He then uses Genesect EX to finish off my Bouffalant. After that I promote my Mewtwo EX and X-Ball the Genesect EX. He then Emerald Slashes the Mewtwo EX, and there was already 20 damage on it because of the Megalo Cannon the turn before, so he puts the Energies on a new Genesect EX.

11-genesect-exThen I use Pokémon Catcher to bring out the new Genesect EX and X-Ball it for 100 damage. I still have no Supporter. He then knocks out my active Mewtwo EX with his Genesect EX. I respond with another Mewtwo EX, knocking out his Genesect EX, and then he knocks my Mewtwo EXout with a Shadow Steal from his Drifblim. I use Hypnotoxic Laser and put the Drifblim to sleep; this worked because he had a Plasma energy on it and not a Grass Energy. He stays Asleep and is forced to pass back to me. I’m able to knock out the Drifblim with a Gold Breaker from my Bouffalant.

After that he puts a G-Booster on his other Genesect (the other one I used X-Ball on) and knocks out my Bouffalant, leaving him with 2 prizes and me at 3 prizes. I am then able to X-Ball this Genesect for the KO, going down to one prize. He promotes Virizion and Emerald Slashes with 0 cards in hand, putting one Energy on a Drifloon. I got a Professor Juniper off the two prize cards I drew and I played it, but missed one of the remaining Pokémon Catchers in my deck for the win, so I X-Ball his active Virizion for 80 damage.

He draws, and it’s a Professor Juniper, and he draws Super Rod and Ultra Ball, allowing him to use Shadow Steal on my Mewtwo for the win.

Game 2 – In this game we both get the ideal setup, but he is slow playing a lot. He gets turn 2 Emerald Slash and I respond with a turn 2 Gold Breaker. From here he continues to slow play and I have to call a judge to watch our match. I am able to power up 2 Mewtwos from here and the early game Gold Breakers allowed me to X-Ball right through him unanswered, as he prized his G-Booster.

Game 3 – We both get set up and on his first turn time gets called. We both shake hands and this match ends in a tie as we both knew that neither of us could take all 6 prizes in 3 turns.

Record- 1/0/1

Round 3 vs. ??? (Trubbish/Masquerain/Sigilyph)

Game 1 – He goes first and attaches a Double Colorless Energy onto the Tool Sigilyph; he runs Double Colorless Energy for the Safeguard Sigilyph. Then he Junipers and then puts two Silver Mirrors on the Sigilyph. After that he has to pass the turn. On my turn I bench Mewtwo, play a Hypnotoxic Laser and Juniper into Switch and a Double Colorless Energy for the win!

Game 2 – In this game he doesn’t get a very good setup. On his first turn he gets Trubbish with an Energy, but with my Mewtwo start I am able to use Pokémon Catcher on it and attach a Double Colorless Energy and use X-Ball for the KO. I go up 3 prizes until he finally gets going but I knock out his Active Trubbish and Skyla for a Tool Scrapper, getting rid of the other Trubbish’s Exp. Share, leaving him with no Energy on the board. I am able to take my last 2 prizes with Mewtwo EX using X-Ball for a quick 2-0 victory.

Record- 2/0/1

Round 4 vs. Michael Mirabile (Straight Darkrai)

Game 1 – He goes first and attaches to Sableye, plays Juniper and uses Confuse Ray to get a Tails on the flip. I started Mewtwo EX and I have the Double Colorless along with a Skyla for a Hypnotoxic Laser and I bench him out.

Game 2 – On the first turn of the game he has to bench 3 Darkrai so that he doesn’t have to discard any of them because of Professor Juniper. He doesn’t get the first turn Energy attachment and has to pass the turn. On my turn I get an attachment on my Bouffalant and pass the turn because my hand is perfect, so I don’t want to play a Supporter. On his turn he plays Skyla to get a Juniper and then Junk Hunts. On my turn I have a Double Colorless Energy, Pokémon Catcher, Hypnotoxic Laser, and a Professor Juniper. I get a Virbank City Gym off this Professor Juniper, play it down and use Gold Breaker.

He stays Asleep on the flip and fails to hit a Switch so he has to pass the turn, resulting in the Darkrai getting knocked out. I use Skyla to get another Pokémon Catcher and use it to bring up the Darkrai which has 2 Energy on it; he was able to manually attach and Dark Patch the previous turn. Again I play Hypnotoxic Laser and put him to sleep, using Gold Breaker afterwards. This time he does have a Switch to get out of Poison and he has a Dark Energy, which he puts on that Darkrai. Then he puts a Dark Claw on the Darkrai with 3 Energy and Night Spears for the KO because he used Hypnotoxic Laser on it earlier in the game.

But I am able to X-Ball that Darkrai for the KO and this leaves him with one Energy on a Sabeleye, no Energy on a Darkrai, and 4 Dark Patches in the discard pile. Then he has to Junk Hunt for 2 Dark Patches, but I am able to get another Bouffalant down with an Energy, and at this point he really can’t win because this is his last attacker. I have 2 clean attackers that 2 shot that Darkrai, and I don’t think he runs healing cards.

Record- 3/0/1

Round 5 vs. Gary (Straight Darkrai)

Game 1 – He goes first in this game and gets 2 Dark Energy on a Darkrai and 1 Dark Energy on a Sabeleye. He uses Junk Hunt, getting back 2 Lasers which he used earlier in that turn with a Virbank in play. On my turn I attach an Energy on my benched Mewtwo and just pass! Then he gets a third Energy on his Darkrai and Night Spears me, which knocks me out after the Poison damage. I draw, attach an Energy to my Mewtwo, and use X-Ball. He has the Dark Claw for the win on his turn because of the two 30 damage snipes to the bench.

Game 2 – I get a decent turn one, getting a Grass Energy on my Virizion with a Supporter in my hand for next turn. He gets a good setup by getting a Darkrai with 1 Energy on the bench and a Sabeleye active with 1 Energy. He uses Junk Hunt to get back Ultra Ball and Dark Patch, threatening a turn two Night Spear. I am able to use N to get rid of that amazing hand and attach to Virizion, getting rid of Poison. He is still able to pull off the turn two Night Spear and bring my Virizion up to 120 but doesn’t get the bench damage due to me having Mr. Mime on my bench.

On my turn I Emerald Slash and put two Grass Energy on my Bouffalant. He benches another Darkrai and puts an Energy on it. After that he has to knock out the active Virzion without a Supporter. I play Hypnotoxic Laser and attach an Energy to knock out the Darkrai that had been previously Emerald Slashed. He has all the cards to get another Night Spear off with a Dark Claw, which brings my Bouffalant up to 90 damage. This is why Virizion/Mewtwo has such a big advantage versus darkrai; you shut off Laser, bench damage, and your clean Bouffalant can only be hit for 90 damage, and you can Max Potion that damage off.

Getting back to the game, I am able to use Hypnotoxic Laser on this new Darkrai, putting it to sleep and then using Gold Breaker on it. He stays Asleep and has to pass and promote a Sabeleye with an Energy on it; it’s his only Pokémon left in play after the Darkrai EX gets knocked out by Poison in-between turns. After that I Skyla for a Hypnotoxic Laser and Gold Breaker. The Poison knocks him out and I win game 2 because he can’t promote another Pokémon.

Game 3 – He goes first and has a dead hand, so he uses Confuse Ray with no Benched Pokémon and Confuses my Mewtwo EX. Unfortunately for him I did have the win in hand and I got Heads on the Confusion flip. He showed me the top card of the deck and it was another Dark Energy so I would have won even if that Confusion flip didn’t go my way.

Record- 4/0/1

Round 6 vs. Jonathan Eng (Thundurus EX/Deoxys EX/Lugia EX/Snorlax)

Game 1 – This game is very uneventful as I am able to get a turn two Gold Breaker, and he never has a response. My one Bouffalant goes the entire way and takes 6 prizes.

108-lugia-exGame 2 – In this game he gets a quick set up with Thundurus EX’s Raiden Knuckle, getting energy on a Lugia EX. He’s about to knock out one of my Pokémon EXs with Plasma Gale, but he accidentally gets the wrong Pokémon off his Team Plasma Ball. I let him take it back and take the correct Pokémon as we are pretty good friends. I am then able to knockout his Lugia with Mewtwo EX’s X-Ball, due to previous X-Ball damage.

After this Lugia goes down he has no Plasma Energy left, which allows my Bouffalant to take two prizes on his Thundurus EX without my Bouffalant getting knocked out. Then he’s able to knockout my Bouffalant with his Deoxys; he attached one Plasma Energy onto this Deoxys with Raiden Knuckle. But I have the Double Colorless Energy and the Hypnotoxic Laser to KO the Deoxys for game.

Record- 5/0/1

Round 7 vs. Victor Aung (Landorus EX/Mewtwo EX/Garbodor)

Landorus EXGame 1 – In this game I got a turn 2 Gold Breaker on a Landorus EX with Virbank City Gym in play and a Hypnotoxic Laser, bringing him up to 150 damage in-between turns. He benches a Mewtwo EX and puts an Energy on it, and then he uses Hammerhead on my Bouffalant with a Hypnotoxic Laser; this puts my Bouffalant up to 70 in-between turns, and his Landorus gets knocked out. Then I use a Switch to switch to my Virizion EX on the bench with a Float Stone, and then I retreated back to that Bouffalant.

After that I use Pokémon Catcher to bring up the other Landorus EX and play Hypnotoxic Laser, using Gold Breaker after this. He plays a Switch to bring his Mewtwo active and uses X-Ball to knock out my Bouffalant. I use my Mewtwo EX to knock out his, and I use N on that turn before I KO that Mewtwo. On his turn he draws Landorus EX and a Fighting Energy, so he retreats and uses Hammerhead. On my turn I have the Pokémon Catcher to bring up that Landorus EX with 150 damage on it and use X-Ball for the win.

Game 2 – In this game we both start Mewtwo EX, and he puts a Double Colorless Energy on his and plays Hypnotoxic Laser. Then he uses X-Ball which puts me up to 90 damage after Poison damage is added. He has another Mewtwo EX and another Double Colorless Energy to knockout my Mewtwo. I promote my Mewtwo and put a Double Colorless Energy on it, play Hypnotoxic Laser and then use N, bringing both of us down to 4 cards.

After that he uses Landorus EX to Hammerhead on my Mewtwo and uses his own N on the same turn, bringing me down to 2 cards. I use Pokémon Catcher and bring up his clean Mewtwo and play Hypnotoxic Laser. My third card was a Professor Juniper, so I play it and hit the Double Colorless Energy for the win.

Record- 6/0/1

Top 8 vs. Beau LeBlond (Straight Darkrai)

Darkrai EX

Game 1 – He goes first and he puts 10 damage on a Bouffalant with Hypnotoxic Laser, which is huge as I have said earlier in the article. He is able to get a Dark Patch on the Darkrai, and then he uses Junk Hunt. I use Ultra Ball to get a Mewtwo, switching to it, play Hypnotoxic Laser, and then use Professor Juniper. I manage to draw a Double Colorless Energy, attach it to Mewtwo, and then use X-Ball to knock out his Sableye. He promotes Absol and uses Ghetsis to lower my hand to 1 Skyla. He runs 2 Float Stone so he’s able to put one on his Keldeo, Dark Patch, and attach onto his Darkrai. Then he uses Rush In and retreats to his Darkrai EX, using Night Spear.

Then I use X-Ball with a Hypnotoxic Laser, bringing his Darkrai EX up to 90 damage after the Poison. Then he benches another Darkrai and starts to power that one up, but he had to Night Spear my Mewtwo for the KO with his damaged Darkrai EX. I am able to pull off another X-Ball to knock out his active Darkrai with a clean Mewtwo EX. He is able to Night Spear this Mewtwo with a new Darkrai but he doesn’t get the bench damage as I have Mr. Mime on the field.

On my turn I Switch to my bench Bouffalant, put a Double Colorless Energy on it, Tool Scrapper the Float Stone on his benched Keldeo EX, and then I N him to 4 and me to 3. I draw a Hypnotoxic Laser and put him to sleep! He fails to wake up and doesn’t draw his second Float Stone so he has to simply pass, resulting in his Darkrai getting knocked out. On my turn I play a Pokémon Catcher on his Sableye and play a Hypnotoxic Laser, and then use Gold Breaker for the win.

Game 2 – This game he gets a much slower setup but does manage to get a turn one Junk Hunt. Unfortunately for him I did start Mewtwo EX and, I do have all the cards to KO the Sableye. He gets 2 Energy on the Darkrai and has to pass on his turn without a Supporter. I play a Pokémon Catcher on that Darkrai EX, attaching an Energy to my benched Bouffalant afterwards. Then I play a Hypnotoxic Laser (Virbank City Gym is already in play) and use X-Ball, so the Darkrai EX has 90 damage on it after Poison. He wakes up and Night Spears my Mewtwo EX for 110 damage thanks to Dark Claw, and he attaches to his benched Absol on the same turn. I use X-Ball to knock him out and attach to my benched Mewtwo EX on that turn.

He uses Absol’s attack Mind Jack on his turn to KO my Mewtwo EX. I attach a Double Colorless Energy to my Mewtwo that had a Grass on it. I play Hypnotoxic Laser, using X-Ball for the KO afterwards. He finally draws a Supporter, but it’s Ghetsis, and he plays it to draw 3 cards. Still no other Basic Pokémon. I put another Grass on my benched Bouffalant and then X-Ball the active Keldeo EX for 60 damage. On his next turn he doesn’t have an N, and I have the Energy and Skyla for Pokémon Catcher in my hand.

Top 4 vs. Henry Ross-Clunis (Virizion/Mewtwo/Bouffalant)


Game 1 – This mirror matchup has to be one of the most luck-based I have ever played. The person going first usually wins unless they miss their Energy attachment. So in this game he goes first; I haven’t gone first in the first game so far. We both start Virizion EX, but he misses the turn one Energy attachment and has to pass the turn. On the other hand I get my turn one Energy attachment on Virizion EX. Then I hold my hand so he doesn’t think I have much, but I actually have everything in my hand.

On his turn he uses Professor Juniper and discards an N (so my plan worked), and then he attaches to his Virizion and passes the turn. On my turn I attach a Grass Energy to my Virizion EX and then Ultra Ball for a Bouffalant, putting two Grass Energy on it because of Emerald Slash. He mirrors my exact set up by using Emerald Slash to get energy on his Bouffalant.

BouffalantOn my turn I retreat the Virizion and play Max Potion to get rid of the 50 damage on it. I bench 2 Mewtwo EX as I know the Mewtwo war will eventually start. After this I use Gold Breaker to KO the Virizion EX that I did 50 damage to the turn before. On his turn he promotes Bouffalant and simply decides to Gold Breaker my Bouffalant for 40 damage, as he didn’t have a Pokémon Catcher to deal 120 damage to one of my Pokémon EXs. On my turn I play a Pokémon Catcher to bring up one of his Mewtwo EXs and deal 120 damage to it, attaching a Double Colorless Energy to my benched Mewtwo on the same turn.

He has all the cards to KO my Bouffalant with his Mewtwo EX using X-Ball, with Virbank City Gym in play and a Hypnotoxic Laser. On my turn I promote my Mewtwo EX that has a Double Colorless Energy on it and use X-Ball for the KO as his Mewtwo already had 120 damage on it. On his turn he Gold Breakers my Mewtwo for 120 damage. My hand was way too big and I had the DCE, Catcher, and Laser to KO his clean benched Mewtwo EX for the game.

Game 2 – In this game he goes first and he gets the first turn Energy attachment this time. This game played out very similar to the last one except for the fact that he didn’t have Max Potion. This means that the trade off changed by 2 prize cards as I was able to KO his Virizion EX with my Bouffalant. I don’t remember all the trade offs for this game but both of us have one prize card left, meaning that both of us knocked out 2 Pokémon-EX and 1 non-EX Pokémon (Bouffalant or Mr. Mime).

At this point we both have a win out if we draw a Pokémon Catcher. He N’s both of us to 1, and whoever draws Catcher first wins. It comes to a point where I have to X-Ball hoping he doesn’t have an Energy because I am out of Pokémon Catcher. He is able to topdeck the energy to X-Ball my Mewtwo EX with his. I was expecting him to draw it as I counted his deck and I knew that out of the 7 cards in his deck, 6 of them were Energy cards. I knew this because he used Super Rod to shuffle back in the Grass, and he had shown me his hand previously.

Game 3 – We both had been playing pretty slow because things get quite intense when you are continuously using N and hoping your opponent doesn’t have 1 card. The judges tell us to speed up over and over again, which means we are running low on time. Knowing this my goal is to take quick prizes with Bouffalant. I go first and attach to my Virizion and pass the turn, and on his turn he does the exact same thing. On my next turn I get an Emerald Slash off, putting 50 on Henry’s Virizion EX, and I put 2 Grass Energy on my Bouffalant.

Right as I announce Emerald Slash time is called, leaving me as turn zero of time. On his turn he uses Emerald Slash and puts 2 Grass on his benched Mewtwo EX. I retreat to my Bouffalant and attach an Energy to it, then I use Max Potion on my Virizion EX, leaving him with one out. On his turn he needs to have a Double Colorless Energy, Pokémon Catcher, and Hypnotoxic Laser to KO my benched Mewtwo EX so that he could tie the game, making the game go to sudden death.

He is not able to get all of that and I win the match on time.

Top 2 vs. Sydney Morisoli (Plasma)


Game 1 – We both get a good setup in the early game, trading early knockouts. But once I KO her Kyurem, she goes on a Supporter drought and is unable to draw out of it. Since she has no Supporters I power up multiple attackers, taking over the game with Mewtwo EXs.

Game 2 – In this game she gets an early hit on my Genesect EX. Later in the game she is able to get 2 Kyurems powered up. The early damage on my Genesect EX made the trade-off go in her favor, giving her 2 additional prize cards. This left her to take 4 prizes which were easy to get with her 2 Kyurems.

Deoxys EX PlasmaGame 3 – I get an amazing setup in this game, getting a turn 2 Gold Breaker on her Deoxys while she has to discard multiple Energies. I am able to knock out that Deoxys later, and then she is able to use Kyurem later in the game. I am able to knock out that Kyurem thanks to Mewtwo EX and Hypnotoxic Laser, taking a Double Colorless Energy off my prize (I can see them thanks to Town Map) as I am expecting Sydney to knock out my Mewtwo with her Deoxys EX.

As I expected she knocks out my Mewtwo EX with her Deoxys EX. I then promote my other Mewtwo and attach that Double Colorless, playing Hypnotoxic Laser directly afterwards and using X-Ball to knock out her Deoxys EX, leaving me with 1 prize card left. Sydney gets another Kyurem on board, putting a Silver Bangle on it and using Colress Machine to put a Plasma Energy. Then she uses N to bring me down to 1 card and then she uses Raiden Knuckle to put a Water Energy on that same Kyurem.

On my turn I play a Pokémon Catcher to bring up that Kyurem, and then I play Professor Juniper, getting an Energy, Virbank City Gym, and a Hypnotoxic Laser for the win!

Special Thanks

Team Wreckface – This is the team that I am on and they are very helpful. They are the reason that I’m where I am as they help me test a lot.

Jeremy Gibson, Robby Weidemann, and Rob Weidemann – These guys stayed at my house and they helped me a ton. I was testing a lot of wacky decks leading up to Regionals but these guys convinced me to run Virizion/Mewtwo and even gave me a list!

Sydney Morisoli – She helped me test a lot leading up to Regionals and we tested very hard. We played about 5 games a day for about 2 weeks until we knew all of the matchups. Sydney got 2nd at her first tournament as a Senior and that makes me very proud so congrats to Sydney!

Lex D’Andrea – As you all know he was the winner of the Klaczynski Open and is a very good player. He has helped me test a lot and has been a great supporter and friend. I hope he has a great season and gets his Worlds invite as he deserves it!

Doug Morisoli – Although everyone has helped me a lot Mr. Morisoli has to be the person I would like to thank the most. He took me in when I wasn’t a good player and helped me in every way possible. He has also made me a better person outside of Pokémon by teaching me important life lessons. He gave me a testing group (Team Wreckface), decklists, cards to borrow, and has been VERY VERY nice to me. No matter how many times I say thank you it will never make up to what you have done for me so thank you a lot!

Others who have helped – Jonathan and Alex Croxton, Rahul Reddy, Henry Ross-Clunis, Henry Prior, Jimmy O’Brien, Frank Diaz, Sam Hough, Cal Connor, Koichi Nishida, etc. I’m sorry if I missed you.

That’s my Senior Division Philly Regionals Report. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Kyle Sucevich

    Great report, Ishaan! Looking forward to seeing how you do for the rest of the season!

  2. Stephan Deshazo

    Great Job you are the future of pokemon great personality and technique. I am very proud of you.

  3. Beau LeBlond

    In our game 1 you said you used boufalant but you used genesect to KO my keldeo that you catchered for the win. Game two you had n and a dead card and top decked catcher for the win. Great article other than that. Interesting to see how your other match ups were played.

  4. Ishaan Jagiasi

    Thanks guys!

  5. Henry Ross-Clunis

    Im sad you didnt mention the rice crispies :( Good article though!

  6. Abudoggie

    Well done Ishaan! Thank you for the nice words (blush). It has been great watching you grow up in the game and sharing adventures with you and your family over the years. Now… when Syd N’d you down to one card… which did you top deck off the N.. the Catcher or the Juniper? lol. That was an exciting finish. I might add that you and Syd both had a very long day playing into the late evening Saturday and then played your finals at 8am the next morning on Sunday. With the Bo3 Swiss, that was a Pokemon endurance feat for sure. Congrats to you on the win and thank you for being a solid friend and competitor with Sydney. Wreck face!

    1. Ishaan Jagiasi

      Haha I topdecked the catcher thats why I was so excited when she said Raiden Knuckle:). Go Wreckface!

  7. Vince Krekeler

    Great report and congrats!!!

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    K don’t add me, I see how it is haha
    No but seriously, nice job. I was rooting for you once you made cut, and dang, please stop winning and give us other seniors a chance lol. It was nice hanging with you and good luck at any other tournaments that I’m not at haha.
    -Arjun K.

  9. Samzilla33

    Nice article Ishaan, and congrats on winning! Don’t you just love it when you face your best match-up 50%+ of the time? lol. I’m surprised you remembered all your matches so well, especially in Bo3, and facing the same deck so many times. When I make my video reports I forget like every other match, even when I was in seniors.

    Hope to see you at the Cities coming up!