Pokémon TCG Online – RayBoar vs. Blastoise!

Pokémon – 14 Trainers – 34 Energy – 12
4 Tepig 4 Professor Juniper 9 Fire Energy
3 Emboar 4 Skyla 3 Lightning Energy
3 Rayquaza EX 3 N
1 Rayquaza 2 Tropical Beach
1 Mewtwo EX 1 Colress
1 Reshiram 1 Computer Search
1 Exeggcute 4 Superior Energy Retrieval
4 Rare Candy
3 Ultra Ball
2 Tool Scrapper
1 Energy Search
1 Heavy Ball
1 Level Ball
1 Float Stone
1 Switch
1 Escape Rope

15 responses to “Pokémon TCG Online – RayBoar vs. Blastoise!”


    I was just telling my buddy that I’m terrified of this deck as Blastoise (because lack of experience playing against it), and that I was considering replacing my lone Energy Retrieval for an Eviolite to help this match up and VirGen.

  2. Monly

    Will you stop using tropical beach??? This videos would be more helpful if you don’t force down our troughs the most expensive card in the game that it’s so rare that only 1.5k exist in the world right now. Seriously. I come here for deck ideas an most of your decks depend on the dam beach. What’s the point? Congrats on owning them, don’t get me wrong. But more than 98% dare I say 99% of the TCG players don’t own or can’t own that card. So please take this as constructive criticism.

    1. Joshua Jacob Prince

      ill agree that most of us dont have access to tropical beach, it doesn,t hinder this deck as much. you could do what some blastoise players are doing and play a small electrode line here to boost consistency. but if he has tropical beach the deck does so so much better and you can hardly blame him for playing. also, the deck list and video provided are really just a crash course on how to pilot the deck. you don,t need to copy this list exactly to make the deck efficient. try battle city, the above mentioned electrode line up or other techs. its what makes the game fun

    2. Kyle Sucevich

      Sorry, the reality is that Tropical Beach is an important card in the current metagame. Certain decks (like this one) require it to function optimally. Even though it’s a very difficult card to obtain, I would be showing an inferior version of the deck without it. Plenty of decks work without Tropical Beach, but this isn’t one of them.

      Keep in mind you don’t have to use my exact decks. The great thing about Pokémon is that you can be creative when it comes to building decks. Maybe you can take my ideas and change them into something better.

      1. James

        Pooka, Can you help me out with a Ho-oh decklist? if you can i was wondering what deck i should play for cities Plasma or Ho-oh? Thanks

      2. alex

        i was thinking of a variant involving skyarrow for free retreat. idk if that will be anywhere near as good, but money is an important factor for me too. ^.^

      3. Justin Green

        Tropical isnt bad but when you are trying to play a deck like this or blastoise for like citys or something its hard to make a list cause theyre all around tropical. But keep playin pooka.

      4. RamTurmoil

        I think you should continue to make the strongest decks you can.

        Also I think it would be a great resource for the site to have a series about very competitive decks that don’t rely on TB. After all: “Our goal in the end is to make the Pokémon TCG … more accessible to everyone…”

    3. oeo

      You’re trying to say that this is constructive critisism but still you bash on pooka. If you don’t understamd the power of the card and the importance of it in some decks, then you don’t understand how competitive play works. the card is expensive and all but it is really really good. Now if you want different decklists, go on forums or search up decklists on google. Some people use electrode instead of beach, and in the coming x&y packs, people will be using delphox.
      The channel’s competitve decks are made for competitive play, not for you complain about what cards you want and don’t want to see.

    4. RamTurmoil

      The “Red Card” card will be with us in February. Opponent has to shuffle their hand into the deck and draw only four cards. This will help to reduce the power of Tropical Beach.

      1. AutoPilot.deck

        its not worth the space in a deck where u can use that space for more consistency i mean it wouldnt hurt to tech in one but still i wouldnt play more than 2

        1. C-Dub

          Well the point of red card is to disrupt your opponents. Yeah, it doesn’t help the consistency of your deck but gives you a way to slow down your opponent’s set up. He does have a point in saying that it will hurt tropical beaches. A combination that will be even more effective will be red card, then Ghetsis. I plan on using this to throw a wrench into my opponents strategy. I do agree with you about it being a tech and only playing two. Its all I plan on using because my stage 1 deck has the space. Any stage two deck will have a hard time finding the space for it.

  3. John Seiler

    Cool! I never thought about using Requaza.

    I’ve been running an Emboar, Chandelure (Flair Navigate), Entei deck. It’s fine, but I was looking for something that could pack a bit more umph then Entei.

    I should do a slight retool and give Requaza a try.

  4. Shecky

    Great video! I have been playing this for weeks and long live emboar, the new art is begging for the card to be played. I would say too, way more than 2 percent of the competive scene have trop beaches. I mean just in my weekly league with 15 masters there are at least 15 beaches between them. I don’t use beach in my deck but have an electrode line which works great!

  5. :P

    thanks you some much for the deck list