Pokémon TCG Beginner Decks: Garchomp/Altaria

Pokémon – 20 Trainers – 30 Energy – 10
4 Gible 4 Professor Juniper 6 Fighting Energy
4 Gabite 4 N 4 Blend WLFM Energy
4 Garchomp 3 Skyla
3 Swablu 3 Colress
3 Altaria 1 Computer Search
1 Mr. Mime 4 Level Ball
1 Jirachi EX 3 Rare Candy
2 Switch
2 Escape Rope
2 Super Rod
2 Silver Bangle

8 responses to “Pokémon TCG Beginner Decks: Garchomp/Altaria”

  1. Deathbydragon

    I don’t really like the jirachi in this deck, as I didn’t like giving up 2 prizes for a supporter, instead I used a single Emolga, to get out pokemon quicker

    1. C-Dub

      With the catcher nerf, Jirachi is much safer now and will rarely give up 2 prizes with Mr. Mime also protecting the bench. I don’t think thats much of a worry unless you are playing against a Genesect deck that can drag it out with a plasma energy attachment.

      1. F0NTAINE

        Don’t play Jirachi down against Dusknoir. I took 6 prizes in one turn when I had a lot of damage on the field and a well placed Hammerhead.

  2. Ryan Putnam

    hey i love this deck and its a great list but i only have one question. Where is the tool scrapper? seeing how most decks use float stone and Garbador is still around to block abilitys wouldn’t you want atleast one and if more what would you drop?

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Keep in mind this deck is made for beginners. It is meant to be as simple as possible so players can learn how to execute a competitive strategy; tech cards like Tool Scrapper won’t be included.

  3. Roger Lallathin Jr

    I Took this deck to cities today only changed a few things…Dowsing over Comp Search (either way works), -2 Escape Rope +1 Catcher +1 Bangle -1 Fighting +1 Tool Scrapper (not needed)….But I ended up Top 4. It has great matchups in decks that run 170 HP Ex’s! Thanks!

  4. Nate

    What can you use instead of jirachi?

  5. Jum

    We’re do you buy the deck