Pokémon TCG Online – Virizion/Genesect Mirror Match!

Pokémon – 10 Trainers – 36 Energy – 14
3 Virizion EX 4 Professor Juniper 9 Grass Energy
3 Genesect EX 4 N 4 Plasma Energy
2 Deoxys EX 4 Skyla 1 Psychic Energy
1 Mr. Mime 2 Colress
1 Bouffalant 1 Shadow Triad
1 Tropical Beach
3 Colress Machine
3 Hypnotoxic Laser
2 Energy Switch
2 Escape Rope
2 Switch
2 Ultra Ball
1 Team Plasma Ball
1 Energy Search
1 Team Plasma Badge
1 Super Rod
1 Virbank City Gym
1 G Booster

6 responses to “Pokémon TCG Online – Virizion/Genesect Mirror Match!”

  1. Fabien Garnier

    You forgot to write down 1 Virbank City Gym in the list :-)

    Good game, I think your opponent could have won if he just killed your Mr. Mime instead of inviting your Genesect ? I don’t know.

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Thanks! I knew I forgot something.

      1. Aionn44

        Hey Pooka, Love all the great content you put out and have really inspired me to become more competitive with Pokemon. Would really appreciate it if you could give this deck a go and give some feedback on how to better it for meta. Feel free to change anything. The idea is to set up a Keldeo/Float Stone and then switch around pokemon and energy as you wish but always Rush In and Shift Gears a Keldeo and one shot things.

        Thanks for your time and look forward to more content!


        4 Klink (3 retreat)
        2/2 Klinklang
        2 Cobalion EX
        2 Cobalion
        2 Keldeo EX

        4 N
        3 Colress
        3 Professor Juniper
        3 Skyla
        4 Pokemon Catcher
        4 Rare Candy
        3 Float Stone
        2 Switch
        2 Heavy Ball
        2 Ultra Ball
        1 Tool Scrapper
        1 Max Potion
        1 Energy Search
        1 Computer Search

        4 Prism
        4 Blend (metal)
        4 Metal

        1. Kyle Sucevich

          Sorry, I don’t do individual deck help. However, I just wanted to say that the Shift Gear Klinklang is not legal for tournament play.

  2. Jared Dodds

    Should you include a tool scrapper or two in this deck? To deal with darkrai/garbodor and the mirror match?

  3. Andy Lai

    No tool scrappers? D: